Today’s Mitzvah

Adar I 23, 5774 · February 23, 2014 Today’s Mitzvah A daily digest of Maimonides’ classic work “Sefer Hamitzvot” Listen Online | MP3 Download Positive Commandment 155 Sanctifying the Shabbat “Remember the Shabbat to keep it holy”—Exodus 20:8. We are commanded to honor the Shabbat when it enters and when it leaves by pronouncing words that proclaim the greatness and holiness of the day, and its distinctness … Continue reading Today’s Mitzvah

The RAMCHAL Mesillat Yesharim Path of the Just

“Fear of God” denotes fear of the Majesty of the Blessed One, fearing Him as one would a great and mighty king, and being ashamed at one’s every movement in consequence of His greatness, especially when speaking before Him in prayer or engaging in the study of His Torah.   “Walking in His ways” embodies the whole area of cultivation and correction of character traits. … Continue reading The RAMCHAL Mesillat Yesharim Path of the Just

Purim Katan

Purim Katan is a rare guest that deserves special attention. In the 19-year cycle of regular and leap years we have nineteen Purims, but only seven Purim Katans. We must truly utilize it for special activities.   There’s a strong connection between Purim and Purim Katan. The Mishnah teaches: “There is no difference between the first Adar and the second Adar, but the reading of … Continue reading Purim Katan

The sacrifice of Yom Kippur

The sacrifice of Yom Kippur is separate and distinct from all the other sacrifices offered during the year. While the others reconciled the sinner on a day to day basis with God, Yom Kippur is the day that God would forgive all the sins of all the people in every generation – in essence this was their salvation sacrifice. Yom Kippur is the only time … Continue reading The sacrifice of Yom Kippur

The Aramaic Solution to Jesus’ Conflicting Genealogies

The following article is invaluable in solving this centuries-old problem. This is yet more evidence of the superiority of the Aramaic Scriptures, the Peshitta. It answers the following questions: • Why are there only list 13 generations listed from the Captivity of Babylon to Jesus, in Matthew’s account? Doesn’t Matthew say there should be 14 generations? • Why does Luke list 20 generations in the second … Continue reading The Aramaic Solution to Jesus’ Conflicting Genealogies