Parsha – Tazria – defamation

From a Daily Halacha Written in the case: “A man that will his flesh or skin psoriasis or macula, and was skin of his flesh the plague of leprosy, and brought to Aaron the priest or to one of his sons the priests.” (Leviticus M b).That is, a person who saw firsthand touched all he had come to the priest, instructed how to act. Rebutino Midrash said, “because … Continue reading Parsha – Tazria – defamation

“Serve Hashem With Joy”

“Serve Hashem With Joy”-Maran zt”l’s Reply to Those Consoling Him Question: Is there an actual obligation to serve Hashem joyfully? Is one forbidden to fulfill the Mitzvot amid sadness? Answer: When delineating the punishments for the Jewish nation if they do not observe the Torah and Mitzvot, the Torah (Devarim 28) states that the Jewish nation will be exiled from their land and will be plagued with … Continue reading “Serve Hashem With Joy”