Is the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife a Fake?

Coptic papyrus mentioning Jesus’ wife is a forgery, according to Coptic manuscripts experts Ellen White   •  04/27/2015 On September 18, 2012, the world was introduced to two women: Jesus’ wife and Karen L. King. The first woman, from antiquity, has been much speculated about; the second woman, from modernity, has already been venerated by the academy. Karen King, the Hollis Professor of Divinity at … Continue reading Is the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife a Fake?


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(CYNECHIZETAI) This is a notebook Newton acquired while he was an undergraduate at Trinity College and used from about 1661 to 1665 .It includes many notes from his studies and, increasingly, his own explorations into mathematics, physics and metaphysics. It was judged ‘Not fit to be printed’ by Newton’s executor and was presented… Continue reading QUAESTIONES QUAEDAM PHILOSOPHIAE (I)

Parashat Achrei Mot-Kedoshim / פרשת אחרי

ACHAREY AND the Lord spake with Mosheh after the two sons of Aharon were dead, who offered the strange fire before the Lord, and died; and the Lord said unto Mosheh, Speak with Aharon thy brother, that he may not enter at any time into the Holy Place within the veil before the mercy‑seat which is upon the ark, that he die not; for in … Continue reading Parashat Achrei Mot-Kedoshim / פרשת אחרי

Parshios Tazria & Metzorah

D’var Torah Parshios Tazria & Metzorah 100% By Rabbi Label Lam And the person with “Tzaraas” in whom there is the affliction- his garments shall be torn, the hair of his head shall be shaved, and he should cover himself up to his lips; he is to call out, “Tame’!-Tame’!”(Contaminated! Contaminated!) All the days that that the affliction is upon him he shall remain contaminated; … Continue reading Parshios Tazria & Metzorah

The first Netzarim community of Jerusalem

Act 2:36 “Let all the house of Yisroel therefore know certainly that Allaha has made him both MarYah  and Meshikha, this Eashoa whom  you crucified.” Act 2:37 Now when they heard this, they were cut to the heart, and said to Kipha and the rest of the apostles, “Brothers, what  shall we do?” Act 2:38 Kipha said to them, “Repent, and be baptized,  every one … Continue reading The first Netzarim community of Jerusalem

Parshas Tazria-Metzorah

Note: The Shabbos Torah Reading is divided into 7 sections. Each section is called an Aliya [literally: Go up] since for each Aliya, one person “goes up” to make a bracha [blessing] on the Torah Reading. 1st Aliya: The laws of purity and impurity as they pertain to child-birth are discussed. The basic laws of Tzaraat involving the diagnosis of the Kohain and possible quarantine, … Continue reading Parshas Tazria-Metzorah

Pirkei Avos

Is Torah a Burden? Part II Chapter 6, Mishna 2(b) By Rabbi Dovid Rosenfeld “Rabbi Yehoshua ben (son of) Levi said, on every day a heavenly voice emanates from Mount Horeb, announcing: ‘Woe to them, the people, because of the affront to the Torah.’ For anyone who does not study is called ‘rebuked,’ as the verse says ‘As a golden ring in a swine’s snout, … Continue reading Pirkei Avos

Be Cautious of the Burning Coals of the Sages

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Today, Yom Ha’Atzma’ut (Israeli Independence Day) is celebrated. According to Maran Rabbeinu Ovadia Yosef zt”l, although we must certainly offer much praise and thanks to Hashem for removing the rule of the British Mandate and allowing for the establishment of the State of Israel, since our Sages have not established anything special for this day, one should not act… Continue reading Be Cautious of the Burning Coals of the Sages

Any Assembly Which Is For the Sake of Heaven Shall Last

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When Hagaon Harav Yisrael Meir Ha’Kohen of Radin, the saintly author of such works as “Chafetz Chaim” and “Mishnah Berura”, was about ninety years old, he called for a gathering of all rabbis and Roshei Yeshiva in the vicinity of Vilna, Grodno, and Sobalk on the third of Sivan, 5690 (1930), to discuss ways to maintain the Torah institutions… Continue reading Any Assembly Which Is For the Sake of Heaven Shall Last