The Coming Religious Purges

Now that SCOTUS has endorsed same-sex marriage as a human right and enshrined it as federal law, those individuals and communities of traditional faith will see their religious freedom curtailed in a series of multi-pronged assaults. It is vital to understand that the left is not really interested in marriage equality; they are playing a game of bait and switch. The objective of the radical … Continue reading The Coming Religious Purges

The Dust of their Feet

The Gemara discusses the harsh punishment that one incurs when he treats the laws of Shemittah lightly. The Gemara uses the term avak shel sheviis, the dust of Shemittah, to refer to the less stringent laws of Shemittah. We find elsewhere that the Gemara uses the term avak Lashon hara to describe slander that is rabbinically prohibited, and the term avak ribbis in describing rabbinically prohibited interest on a loan. … Continue reading The Dust of their Feet