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Lesson 33

Parashah 33: Bechukotai ( by my regulations) 26:3-27:34 26:3 (LY:i) Im-bechukotai telekhu (תלכו) ve’et-mitzvotay ti shomeru va’asitem otam. (If you walk in My statutes, and keep My mitzvah, and do them;) 26:4 Ve natati gishem ey chem be’itam(season) ve natenah (yield) ha’eretz yevulah(increase) ve’etz (tree) ha sadeh(field) yiten(their) piryo(fruit). (Then I will give you rain […]

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The Diatessaron

The first harmony of the Gospels tr. Hope W. Hogg modified by Alan Humm The underlying English translation was done by Hope W. Hogg, (see citation below), as part of the monumental Ante-Nicene Fathers series and turned into electronic form by the Christian Classics Etherial Library whose efforts have gone so far to extend the […]

featured Lesson of Moshe post

Lesson 32

Parashah 32: Behar (On Mount) 25:1-26:2 (In regular read with Parashah 33 – 25:1-27:34, in leap years read separately) RY: 1st Portion | 2nd Portion | 3rd Portion | 4th Portion | 5th Portion | 6th Portion | 7th Portion | Maftir | Tehillim 112 | LY: 1st Portion | 2nd Portion | 3rd Portion […]