Parashat Emor / פרשת אמור

According to Yemenite tradition

21 } 1 And he said to Moses, saying to Aaron the sons of Aaron; And he pretended to be a witness, to whom he did not want to be.  2, In God, come closer to her, to her mother and to her father, and to her daughters and to my brothers.  21: 3 And her brother came to her house, and brought her up, so that she might come up to her.  21: 4 Shall I not be drawn, if I am with her people, to her tents?  21 And he shall not be scribbled in the land of Risha, and he shall be bound to the land of the Lord; And basharon – not to be bound, to be bound.  21 And the Holy One, the Lord, is the God of the Lord , and he is not the one who prays, O God, the Son of the Korbanites, my Lord, I will bring them to God, and I will be near to them, and they will be sanctified.  21: 1 The earth is a wonder, and it is a sin not to be taken away, and it comes to an end, not to be swallowed up, but to be taken away: for it is holy, it is holy.  21, 8 And you shall be sanctified: for the children of Korban, your God, shall be brought near; Be holy, you shall be holy – I am a sanctuary.  21: 9 And thou shalt multiply the wine: for thou shalt begin to make mistakes: from the sanctity of the Father, it shall be fulfilled, in the light of the commandment. {S}  u, sand Chna Ditrba Mahohi Ditrk upon Risih Msha Drbota, and Dikrib It Krbnih, Lmlbs, It Lbosia – It Risih La Irbi Firoa, and Lbosohi La Ibza.  21 and over all the soul of Mattah, that he should not avail himself: to my father and to her mother, do not be drawn.  21: 12 And the holy place is holy, that is not spoken, and that he shall not pray: the house of the sanctuary of her gods: for all the men of the land of the LORD shall be raised up, O my God.  21, 13 And he,  The next step will be taken. 21 And the hand of Arama, and of Mtarka, and of Hila, of Mataiah, of Elin, he shall not come: God shall not come out of his people, he shall draw them.  21, 15 And he will notlet her seed be with her people: for I am the most precious of her things. 12  and 16, and the night of my life, with Moses, to Maimer.  21: 17 And God is with Aaron, to say: You shall raise up your son to Drayon, and the children of her house shall not be sacrificed, neither shall they come near unto the Korbana;  21 And all the men of their hearts shall be put to death, not to be near: a mighty man, or a mighty man, or a stranger or a sage.  21:19 Or, say, the words of her daughter shall be broken: or, thou shalt know.  21, as if you were a man or a woman, or a dreamer, or a gardener or a cantor,  Or a fool of fear. 21 And all her brethren were raised up, from Zaraa, Aaron, so that she should not come near to the house of Korbanai, and she said unto her, ‘Behold, thou shalt bring her unto the house of Korban, God shall not come near to Korba.  21 כ כרבן אלה, מקדשי קודשייא, וימן קודשייא, ייכוּל.  21:23 As for Pharaoh, he did not avail himself, and he did not come near to Me; And he shall not send a holy daughter, but I am a holy man. 21, and the vase of Moses, with Aaron, and with my son, and with all my sons, Israel. { 16 }
22, and a mile of my life, with Moses to the west.  22 And in the midst of Aaron, and with my son, and the children of Israel shall be scattered among the children of Israel, and they shall not be put to rest,  The name of my name is my sanctuary – I am a holy person, I am my God. V, CAimr Lhon, Ldricon Cl Gbr Dikrb Mcl Zracon Lkdsia Dikdson children of Israel Kdm Ii, and Saobtih, Alohi: and Istitzi Ansa that one, Mn Kdmi – Ana Ii.  כב, גבר גבר מאזראא דאהרורו ,ן, וְא סא סג אור או דדיביב – בְּּקששייא לא לא לה לא יייכוולל, ע דד דידֵי ;י; And every one of us, whether it be a dead person, or a man, speaks of us as the lying of Zar’a.  22, or he will overcome it, for all her inheritance shall be for her; Or if you want her, all her relatives.  22 And Adam was near to her, and they went out of the land of Ramsah; Do not be afraid of Kodesh, God will not send her in the water.  22: 7 And he shall be an addressee of the heavens, and he shall smite; And for the sake of the Kedusha, the mountains of its bread.  22: 8 And he said unto him, Yea, thou shalt not be astonished.  22 And Titron the mother of the sprinkler of the Amorite, and she shall not receive the burnt offering, and she shall be given to her, for the people of her wail: I am a sanctuary, a sanctuary.  22 And all my children are not worthy of kedusha; Tavtaa Dkana and Agrya, not to Kdasha.  22, and Kayin, the children of Nippon, bought a nest for its vessels; And the children of her houses, she will be covered with her bread.  22: 12 And thou shalt surely say, O my people, strengthen my cells: it is in the mouth of Kadeshite, not Thahel.  22, ” You shall return to the house of Abhu, as it is, and to the house of Abhu, as it is, and to the house of Abhu, as it is, and to the house of Abhu, And all my children, not to be humiliated.  22, and the hand of Ged, the people of Kiddushah, in his own flesh; and he added to Hamshei my burnt offering, and gave to Kena, the daughter of Kadesh.  22 And the children of Israel, the children of Kedashiah, the children of Israel, the children of Diphashon, and the children of Israel.  22: 16And Ophilon, Elohim, and Ehabin, were gathered together in the midst of Sava, the sanctuary of Kadeshion: Arijah, I am from Kadeshon. {P}
V, Q and Mlil Ii, with Msh Lmimr.  22 And he spoke with Aaron, and with my son, and with all the sons of Israel, and said,  He went up from the house of Israel and from Giora in Israel, and brought him near to all Nehreihon, and all the Nabhathonites, Dikarvan, and they went up to the land. 22: 19 : “Let us go to the land of the two nations: in the Torah, in Amaria and in Aziah.  22 And all their mouths shall not be sacrificed: neither shall they be sacrificed: for they are not for fear;  22, כ וּב וּב ,ר, א יר יריביב קדּדסשתת קדדששיי קא קי קדדםי יי, פָרשש נא נִדאר אוא or נדדבתת ,ה, בתוארי or באננ –א – שיםל יי יי לררואו ,א, כמואם ל יהיה בה בה.  22, as a goat or a thief, or a fish, or a harlot, or a gardener or a cantor – not to be sacrificed to anyone; And he did not receive a stipend from the prophet on the altar – he came to me.  22:23 And he said and said,  He will be free, and he will be lost, and he will be put to work, and he will not be afraid. V, pitcher and Dmris and Drsis and Dslif and Dgzir, La Tkrbon Kdm Ii; And in the ark, not worship.  Hon, far and Mid prairie Ammin, La Tkrbon It Krbn Alhcon – Mcl Alin: Ari Hblhon Bhon Moma Bhon, La Lraoa Ihon Lcon. { 2222 And he spoke to Moses, saying, “To Moses.” V, AA Tor Ao Amr Ao goat Ari Itilid, and Ihi Sbaa-honored Btr Amih; And Mioma Tminah, and Lhlah, Itrai, Lkrba Krbna Kdm Ii.  22, power and power , O Sitta – la lubera, not covered by the sea.  22, 29 And the pillars of the covering of the tabernacle of Tudatha,  It was a time to go, to be crowned, to be covered. V, to Bioma that one Itacil, La Tsaron Mnih until Tzfra: Ana, Ii.  22, not to be arrogant, arrogant, and enslaved, to be baptized: I am, my God.  Honorable heart , and La Thlon, It Sma Dkdsi, and Atkds, Bgo children of Israel: Ana Ii, Mkdscon.  22, to David of Yarkon of Arava of Egypt, to whom to speak to God: I am, my God. { 16 }
23, and a mile of my life, with Moses to the west.  23: 2 He is circumcised with the children of Israel, and it is said to John, “My Lord, I pray thee, Thou shalt go down from the side of the sanctuary, but I will not be my covenant.”  23: 3 The day shall be fulfilled, the worshiper shall be enslaved, And on the day of Shivai’a came Sheba from the Arava of Kadesh, all of Abidah, not to Atabdun: Shebaa, it is near, all the Mtavnichon. { 16 }
23, “ Do not come to me from my holy place, from the side of the sanctuary, to the wilderness of Yath’on, to Zemaneyon.”  23, in the city of Kedma, in the land of Esara to the west, between Simea: Pesahah, and Kedem.  23 And on the fifth day of the wilderness, the LORD shall come, and the feast of David shall be a holy day: a sabbath shall be a sabbath, a porter, a thyme.  23: 7 In Yumo, Kedemah, from the side of Kadesh, there shall be a covenant; All works are not to be worshiped.  23 And the sacrifice of Korbanah came to pass, and Shib’a was right; On the seventh day of the seventh day of the sanctuary, all the work of the plains, not the worship. { 14 }
23, and the night of my life, with Moses, to Mimmar.  23 And he murmured with the children of Israel, and said unto Jon, The men of the flock shall be gracious unto Jonah, and the son of Heshadah shall be divided: and he shall be numbered among the children of Heshdon, the LORD of the priests.  23:11 And the children of the people of Amorah, have come to me, to rejoice; From the left, the heavenly day, Jeremiah, as the Annunciation.  W, L and Tabdon, leaving on Armotcon It Amra, Amr Slim bar Stih Lalta, Kdm Ii.  23: 13 And her shepherds, Thirin, Esronon, and Sulta, were born in Mephassah, and they were brought to Me, to receive them in the land of Baarah; And the hypocrite, the quartet, is a shepherd.  23 And the hand , and the bread, and the linen, and the floss,  Until Crn Ioma Hdin – until Aitoaicon, It Krbna Dalhcon: Kim Alm Ldricon, Bcl Motbnicon. {S} W, O and Tmnon Lcon, Mbtr Ioma Tba, Miom Aitoaicon, It Amra Darmota: Sba Sboan, Slmn Ihoin.  23:16, until the seventh day of the seventh month, the eighth day of the fiftieth month; And the offering of a niche is one, and it is the same.  W, Q Mmotbnicon Titon Lhim Armota, Trtin Gritzn Trin Asronin – Slta Ihoin, Hmia Itafin: Bcorin, Kdm Ii.  W, R and Tkrbon upon Lhma, Sbaa Amrin Slmin children of Sna, and Tor bar Tori sharp, and Dcrin Trin: Ihon Alta, Kdm Ii, and Mnhthon and Nscihon,  He is a korban, who is in the midst of the earth. 23:19 And the worship of the horn of the righteous, the goat of the goat, for the harlot; And the mother of the children of Shana came to the sanctuary of Kodesh.  23 כי כורים כאנתהו על חמא דבכוריאא ארמא, קידם יי, עם תירן, אמרין; Kodesh Yahon is a Jew, a Canaanite.  23: 21 And you shall be naked in the sight of the holy day, from the side of the sanctuary, to the east: all the work of the plank, not the servant: there shall dwell in all the tabernacle, and to the way thereof.  23: 22 And on the east side of the land of Hazaadah is Darekon, so that you shall not stretch out your palm in your hand, and cut your hands, not to glean; To my eyes and to the generations I shall lay down the yawn, I am God. {
23 } 23 And he circumcised me, with Moses, to Mimmar.  23, as if he were circumcised with the children of Israel, to say: “On the seventh day of the seventh day, I will go to Yahya, the land of Nechah, the land of Kadesh.”  23: Thus is all work done, not worship; And Korbanna was near, and he was there. { 2326 And the night of my life, with Moses, to Mimmar.  23: 27 In the midst of the wilderness of Sheba, there is a certain day, and there is a wall of the holy land, to the east, and the land of Nafshathon; And Korbanna was near, and he was there.  23: 28 And theservant of Abedah was not a servant, but the priest of the Day of Judgment said: O mountains of David, he shall be the crown of the world, the Lord of the heavens.  23 And all the men of the world shall be astonished, in the sight of the day of the Judgment, and they shall be cut off, Blind. 23 And every man, all the servants of all the people of the land, the firstborn of the Lord, and the man of the people of the people of the land of Judah.  23: Not all of them are servants, not worshipers: there is a way for them to dwell in their midst, in every manner.  23: The heart ofSheba is the Sabbath, to be called, and the land of Naphtachton; In Tesha’a to Yerha, in Ramasha – from Ramasha until Ramshah, we will meet. { V }
23, to Gimil, with Moses to Mimmar.  23 And the Lord of the children of Israel is saying, “On the fifth day of the day of the wilderness, I will come to the seventh day of the day, the feast of the dead, the seventh day, the day of my life.”  23, to her in the city of Kedma, from the side of Kadesh; All works are not to be worshiped.  23, If it was a proper oath, the sacrifice of the korbanah would precede it; In the midst of the tithes of the holy land, there shall be closeness and closeness to the Korbana, as in the land of Canaan, all the works of the plains, not the worshipers.  23: “ Do not come to me from the land of my holy land, and you shall come to me from the depths of the sanctuary: to the Korbana, Korbana, I will come to you, and I will go up to the land of the sanctuary, and the land of the land of the holy land.”  23: for the house of the inhabitants of the towns of Dai; And it is better than you, and it is better than anything, and it is better than anything, and it is better than any other.  23 In the wilderness of Hamisha, the city of Jericho was seven, in the nest of the land of Atala, the celebration of the feast of the festival, the day of Shiva, the Day of Judgment; On the day of the holy day we will come, and we will come to the next day.  23 And they turned unto Jonah in Kedmaa, the mouths of Ilanu, Etrogin of Lubavin, and Hadasin, and Arbin of Danhal; And the Lord, the Lord of the heavens, shall be the Lord of the heavens.  23 And the celebration of her children is a solemn celebration, and Sheba is a day to day: there is a way for them to live in the wilderness, in the midst of the seven seasons, the feast of their children.  23: From the house of Mattaliah the Tabernacle, Shib’a the right; All in Israel, in Israel, in Ytivon, in Metalaya.  23, Megadil, Diodon of Derechon, in the mantles of the affliction of the Israelites and the sons of Israel, in my power I gave them from the land of Egypt: I am God, the God of Israel.  23 And Medallion Moses, the daughter of Sidre of Midaiah, and Eliphon for the children of Israel. {P}
pitcher, A word to me, to Moses to say.  24 And the children of Israel shall be numbered among the children of Israel, and they shall come to you from the land of Zeita, as it is, as a lamb, to Anahra: to Adlka, Boseena, Tidreira.  24: 3 He who created the land of Deschadotha in the tabernacle of Zemanah, his daughters shall dwell in Aron from Ramshah unto Zipporah, and they shall be there: Thyderah: there shall dwell upon them.  24: 4 On the authority of Manaratha Dacitah, the young woman of Bocinia was born, and she came to me, Tidreira. {פ} ם
, סולתא סולטא – ויפייי יתה, תראתא עסירי גריצ’ן; Thirteen, Eseronin, Thahei, Geritzta Chada.  24 And you shall dwell in the statute of the Lord, the Seder of the Seder, on the door of the Torah, of the Lord.  24: 7 And he gave to Sidra,  To the west; And you shall come to the land of Adakara, and bring it to you. Pitcher, H Bioma Bioma Dsbta Dsbta, Isdrnih Kdm Ii – Tdira: Mn children of Israel, Kim Alm.  Pitcher, T. and Thi Lahron and Lbnohi, and Iiclonih Batr Kdis: Ari Kds Kdsin Hoa Lih, Mkrbnia Dii – Kim Alm. {S}  pitcher, Y. and Nfk, bar Atta pupil of Israel, and the opening he bar Gbr Mtzrai, Bgo children of Israel; And in Israel, the daughter of Israel was born, and Gibra was the son of Israel.  24 And Shapira, the daughter of Israel, the daughter of Shema, and Argiz, and Ettaioth, the daughter of Moses; And the name of the mother of Solomon was the daughter of David, to the tribe of Din.  jug, 12 And I was arrested, in the house of Matara, until I was scattered on the border, and on the border of Meira, my father. {
14 } , and the night of my life, with Moses, to Mimmar.  24: The hand of the hand of the angel of Durgis, to the messenger of Israel, and all the hearing of the judgment of Judon, on the authority of her sheikhs; And her daughters shall be rejoice, all of them shall be saved.  24: 15 And among the children of Israel, thou shalt say: Thou hast raised up the mountains of Jerijiz, the God of her gods, and she hath received her servants.  24: 16 And David, the name of my name, shall be cut off, and every woman shall be stoned: a mighty woman, like a child, in her mouth, she shall be circumcised.  24: 17 And Gibor, every man shall take charge of a man – he shall be cut off, and he shall be stoned.  jug, 18 And Judicole was caught up in the city of Jerusalem, and he begged him, Nafsa, a replacement of Nappa.  24: 19 And Gibor, the daughter of Yamin, was numbered among her friends as if she were a servant so that she would be enslaved to her.  24, כ תּא ת תר תב תְּבאר ,ה, כ יּל תף תבבאר ,א, עאנ חא חף חףף עאיא שן, שׁנ חא חן חףף שננ –א – כְּא דא דא דא דא מוא מוה מּמ בא באנאש ,ה, כיןּי יי ביב בּּנ בה.  24: 21 And in the city of Jerusalem shall they be filled, And a man will be baptized.  24: 22 And behold, there is no god but a son, that is, as a mighty man: I am the God of God.  24, and as a man of Moses, with the children of Israel, and they brought the daughter of Durgis to the wilderness of Meshetaiah, and they slew her daughters, Abnaa; And the sons of Israel worshiped him, as if he were a scribe of the life of Moses. {P}