Binding and Loosing, First-Century Style

By Pinchas Shir -September 13, 202011662 201In Matthew’s Gospel Yeshua said to his disciple Peter, “I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven and whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven” (Matt 16:19). A couple of chapters later he said very similar words to his other disciples … Continue reading Binding and Loosing, First-Century Style

Parashat Yitro / פרשת יתרו

YISRO Torah Reading: YISRO Exodus 18:1-20:23 WE ARE ALL CONVERTS It is fitting that the parashah which tells of the Giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai is named after Yisro (Jethro), Moses’ father-in-law — a convert. Indeed, all those who witnessed the Giving of the Torah were “converts”. Thus (as noted in the commentary on Parshas SHEMOS) the Covenant at Sinai was accompanied by … Continue reading Parashat Yitro / פרשת יתרו


CHAPTER TENANY TORAH STUDY AND MITZVAH PERFORMANCEJOINS THE SOUL WITH HIS CREATOR AND BRINGS ASPIRITUAL AND HOLY BOUNTY FROM HASHEMAN ANSWER FOR THOSE WHO CLAIM THEY DON’TFEEL THIS It is written in numerous places in this work how for bit ofTorah that a person learns, and through every mitzvah that aperson performs, a spiritual bounty is created and pours fromHashem to the person’s soul, sanctifying … Continue reading DIVREY YA’AKOV Lesson 10

ADV Parashat Beshalach

שבת שירה בשלח בס”ד The number of pesukim in בשלח is 116, the סימן being יד אמונה, based on the pasuk ויהי ידיו אמונה עד בא השמש. Moshe’s hands were spread out in ‘faith’. However there were still doubts in אמונה, by the Israel , as they were on the 49th level of טומאה in Egypt. Hashem took the Israel to the 50th level of … Continue reading ADV Parashat Beshalach

Parashat Beshalach / פרשת בשלח

Seven days after the Exodus from Egypt, which we read about last week, the nation stood on the shores of the Red Sea and expected redemption.  The sea blocked their route ahead of them and the Egyptian army with its speedy chariots threatened them from behind.  There was no escape.  And just when they felt utter despair, God instructed Moses: “Speak to the children of … Continue reading Parashat Beshalach / פרשת בשלח

ADV Parashat Bo 5781 / פרשת בֹּא

בס”ד בא The month of שבט is מסוגל for התחדשות in Torah, since Moshe began a new revelation of משנה תורה, beginning on ר”ח שבט, and preparing the yidden for their entry into א”י. In פרשת בא, the yidden become a nation, an independent entity, revealing בני בכורי ישראל, at the same time that the first born of the Egyptians are dying. Rav Tzadok among … Continue reading ADV Parashat Bo 5781 / פרשת בֹּא

Parashat Bo / פרשת בא

AND IT SHALL BE FOR A SIGN. The lessons of the Torah are not to remain in the mind. “And you shall know (VEYADAATA) today and bring it DOWN TO YOUR HEART that HaShem is the G-d in the heavens above and on the earth below, there is none other” (Deut. 4:39). The Exodus was the greatest ever revelation in history so far of DAAS … Continue reading Parashat Bo / פרשת בא


Jacob and ShemaVayigash (Genesis 44:18-47:27)Jacob goes to meet his long-lost son, Joseph. Their meeting is quite emotional, as we wouldhave expected.Genesis 46:29“Joseph harnessed his chariot and went up to meet his father, to Goshen, and he appearedbefore him, he fell on his neck, and he wept on his neck for a long time.”RASHIAnd he wept on his neck for a long time – RASHI: This … Continue reading WHAT IS RASHI SAYING?

ADV Parashat Va’era

בס”ד וארא ע”נ יהודה בן חזקיהו נלב”ע “ג שבט תשס”ה The first pasuk of וארא makes a switch from וידבר to ויאמר, and from אלה-ים to הויה. Rashi says that Hashem is speaking harshly- לשון קשה to Moshe, due to his complaining when he said למה הרעתה לעם הזה, after which Hashem’s compassion took over and a softer tone- לשון רכה, was used- ויאמר. The … Continue reading ADV Parashat Va’era

Parashat Vaera / פרשת וארא

Parashat Va’era פרשת וארא “And I appeared” “And God spoke to Moses…” (Exodus 6:2) Torah Portion: Exodus 6:2-9:35
 Haftarah: Ezekiel 28:25-29-21 B’rit Chadash/New Covenant: Romans 9:14-33 Shabbat |9 January 2016 | 28 Tevet 5776 THE PHARAOH WITHIN US “Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, and when he stumbles, let not your heart exult. Lest G-d will see and it will be bad in His … Continue reading Parashat Vaera / פרשת וארא