The World Turned Upside Down – Ve’na’hafoch Hu

“What if the world suddenly flipped upside down?” asked a curious Quora contributor just over 4 years ago. This question was categorized as a “Hypothetical Planetary Science Scenario,” but last year alone has taught us that this is not a hypothetical scenario, nor is it strictly a physics question. In North America, just around the time we read from the Scroll of Esther on Purim … Continue reading The World Turned Upside Down – Ve’na’hafoch Hu


CHAPTER ELEVENMITZVOT BETWEEN MAN AND HIS FELLOW Mitzvot between man and his fellow are of the basics ofJudaism. This means to endeavor to benefit another, and to takecare not to cause suffering to one’s fellow, as it says in thegemarah in massechet Yevamot that mercilessness and lovingkindnesses are the purpose of Yisreal – see inside for furtherdetail. Although it is obvious that every Jew wants … Continue reading DIVREY YA’AKOV Lesson 11