Ancient Paths Purim

Likutey Tefilot FG for Purim 

  H“ 216 / GATE FIFTIETH THE (74, II (37 a is Purim Because Parah Parashat Read We Pesach for Preparation Torah the, Parah Parashat read we, Purim After to us reminds This. Heifer Red the describing portion .Pesach for preparation in ourselves purify and, Pesach from were beginnings all, Originally the of recollection a […]

Ancient Paths Esther featured Megillah Purim


BS”D KNOW YOUR BIBLE: Esther 7-8 Study Notes by Avraham ben Yaakov NOTE: This email contains commentary on FOUR chapters, Esther 7-10. No study emails will be sent tomorrow (March 1, Purim). The next email is scheduled for Friday, March 2 when we will G-d willing resume our studies of the prophets with Tzephaniah chapters […]

Ancient Paths featured Purim


BS”D KNOW YOUR BIBLE: Esther 5-6 Study Notes by Avraham ben Yaakov ESTHER CHAPTER 5 V 1: “And it was on the THIRD day…” – “Israel is not left in trouble for more than three days. Joseph put his brothers ‘into custody for THREE days’ (Genesis 42:17); Jonah was in the belly of the fish […]