Pirkei Avot Torah

“Derech Eretz”

“Derech Eretz” Precedes the Torah The Mishnah in Pirkei Avot (3, 23) states: “Rabbi Elazar ben Azarya says: Without Torah there is not Derech Eretz (we shall define this term soon); without Derech Eretz, there is no Torah.” The simple definition of the term “Derech Eretz” is conducting business, hence the term “way of the […]

613 mitzvos Torah


Lev 26:1 BLESSING OF OBEDIENCE Ye shall make work you no idols nor graven image sculptile , neither rear you up raise a standing image monolith , neither shall ye set up give any image imagery of stone in your land, to bow down prostrate unto it: for I am the LORD I – Yah […]