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The Mishna exists by itself but it is a part of the Talmud because the Gemara is commentary and exegesis on the Mishna.  That being the case, you could say that the Gemara is the Talmud but I’ve never seen a Talmud that didn’t also contain the Mishna.  […]


History of the Netzarim The Halaka of Eashoa’ Msheekha and the Set Apart Believers The history of the Netzarim (Nazarenes) dates to the days of Eashoa’ Msheekha (Christians refer to Him as Jesus) ministry on earth. Eashoa’ was Himself called a Nasraya. Yochanan (John) 18:5, “They said to him, “Y’shua the Nasraya. Eashoa’ said to them, ‘I am he’.” Andrew Roth’s […]