COMFORTING CONSOLATION (SINCE THIS SHABBOS IS “SHABBOS NACHAMU: THE SHABBOS OF CONSOLATION”) When I realized the similarities between these two uplifting stories, another connection occurred to me: and set into motion this chain of kindness ON TISHA B’AV, the anniversary of the day on which the Temple was destroyed. And according to our sages, what is the metaphysical cause that allowed the Temple to become … Continue reading SHABBOS NACHAMU

Laws of Torah Learning on Tisha B’av

• The study of Torah is prohibited on Tisha B’Av because Torah brings joy to those who study it. One may study Iyov, Eicha and the somber portions of Yirmiyahu (Ta’anit 30a). • It is also permissible to study the laws of mourning (Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chaim 554:2). • When studying the appropriate portions, one may also study the commentaries (Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chaim 554:2) … Continue reading Laws of Torah Learning on Tisha B’av

Kinah for Tisha B’Av Revised

D’var Torah The Three Weeks Kinah for Tisha B’Av Revised By Rabbi Label Lam 1 Woe to us on this bitter day! We have what to cry about! Woe for all the heads without Tefillin After 3700 years from Avraham Avinu After having survived Holocausts and Inquisitions… Jewish boys and girls blunder In the darkness that plagues our generation And go lost by the millions … Continue reading Kinah for Tisha B’Av Revised

Tisha Be’av

KINNOS FOR THE SIX MILLION KEDOSHIM (Holy Martyrs): The destruction of the Six Million is our own generation’s stark connection to the eternalTishah B’Av. Two great and inspiring spiritual leaders of our time, The Bobover Rebbe andRav Shimon Schwab composed Kinnos lamenting and memorializing the unspeakable tragedy. Adopted by many congregations worldwide, these painful laments are read on Tishah B’Av. Excerpted from the Schottenstein Edition … Continue reading Tisha Be’av

The Laws of Erev Tisha Be’av

The Sefer HaMinhagim, authored by Rabbeinu Eizik Tirna, states that one should not leisurely stroll around on Erev Tisha Be’av. The Rama, some great Acharonim, and seemingly Maran Ha’Chida as well, rule accordingly. On Erev Tisha Be’av during the “Seuda Ha’Mafseket,” last meal before the fast (which takes place following halachic midday, as we shall discuss), our Sages prohibited eating meat and drinking wine. It … Continue reading The Laws of Erev Tisha Be’av

Tishah B’Av Reading

Weekly Download: Tishah B’Av Reading POSTED ON JULY 31, 2014 BY MIRIAMP / Artscroll Blog With Tishah B’Av approaching, we want to help our readers prepare to have a meaningful fast. This week we are sharing two free downloads that will make your Tishah B’Av more meaningful. First, a portion of the Kinnos:  The destruction of the Six Million is our own generation’s stark connection to the … Continue reading Tishah B’Av Reading

Tisha Be’av Prohibition

The Prohibition to Launder Clothing and Wear Freshly-Laundered Clothing During the Week During Which Tisha Be’av Falls Out and the Law Regarding Garments Intended to Absorb Sweat The Mishnah in Masechet Ta’anit (26b) states: “During the week during which Tisha Be’av falls out, one may not take a haircut or launder clothing.” The Tur and Maran Ha’Shulchan Aruch rule accordingly. According to the Ashkenazi custom, … Continue reading Tisha Be’av Prohibition

Tisha B’Av (תשעה באב)

Tisha B’Av (תשעה באב) (Audio, Video and PDF) 07/17/2013 Deuteronomy 4:25-40, Exodus 32:11-14,  34:1-10; Jeremiah 8:13- 9:23, Isaiah 55:6-56:8, Matthew 24:1-3     To Download Right Click Button and hit “Save As” “Save Target As” “Save Link As” or “Save File As” Download HD Version Download Mobile Version Audio Version /Tisha B’Av ( ) – Christopher Fredrickson tisha_bav__.mp3 Download File Continue reading Tisha B’Av (תשעה באב)