Parashat Chukat / פרשת חקת

Numbers Chapter 19


And the LORD spoke unto Moses and unto Aaron, saying:


This is the statute of the law which the LORD hath commanded, saying: Speak unto the children of Israel, that they bring thee a red heifer, faultless, wherein is no blemish, and upon which never came yoke.


And ye shall give her unto Eleazar the priest, and she shall be brought forth without the camp, and she shall be slain before his face.


And Eleazar the priest shall take of her blood with his finger, and sprinkle of her blood toward the front of the tent of meeting seven times.


And the heifer shall be burnt in his sight; her skin, and her flesh, and her blood, with her dung, shall be burnt.


And the priest shall take cedar-wood, and hyssop, and scarlet, and cast it into the midst of the burning of the heifer.


Then the priest shall wash his clothes, and he shall bathe his flesh in water, and afterward he may come into the camp, and the priest shall be unclean until the even.


And he that burneth her shall wash his clothes in water, and bathe his flesh in water, and shall be unclean until the even.


And a man that is clean shall gather up the ashes of the heifer, and lay them up without the camp in a clean place, and it shall be kept for the congregation of the children of Israel for a water of sprinkling; it is a purification from sin.


And he that gathereth the ashes of the heifer shall wash his clothes, and be unclean until the even; and it shall be unto the children of Israel, and unto the stranger that sojourneth among them, for a statute for ever.


He that toucheth the dead, even any man’s dead body, shall be unclean seven days;


the same shall purify himself therewith on the third day and on the seventh day, and he shall be clean; but if he purify not himself the third day and the seventh day, he shall not be clean.


Whosoever toucheth the dead, even the body of any man that is dead, and purifieth not himself-he hath defiled the tabernacle of the LORD-that soul shall be cut off from Israel; because the water of sprinkling was not dashed against him, he shall be unclean; his uncleanness is yet upon him.


This is the law: when a man dieth in a tent, every one that cometh into the tent, and every thing that is in the tent, shall be unclean seven days.


And every open vessel, which hath no covering close-bound upon it, is unclean.


And whosoever in the open field toucheth one that is slain with a sword, or one that dieth of himself, or a bone of a man, or a grave, shall be unclean seven days.


And for the unclean they shall take of the ashes of the burning of the purification from sin, and running water shall be put thereto in a vessel.



And a clean person shall take hyssop, and dip it in the water, and sprinkle it upon the tent, and upon all the vessels, and upon the persons that were there, and upon him that touched the bone, or the slain, or the dead, or the grave.


And the clean person shall sprinkle upon the unclean on the third day, and on the seventh day; and on the seventh day he shall purify him; and he shall wash his clothes, and bathe himself in water, and shall be clean at even.


But the man that shall be unclean, and shall not purify himself, that soul shall be cut off from the midst of the assembly, because he hath defiled the sanctuary of the LORD; the water of sprinkling hath not been dashed against him: he is unclean.


And it shall be a perpetual statute unto unto them; and he that sprinkleth the water of sprinkling shall wash his clothes; and he that toucheth the water of sprinkling shall be unclean until even.


And whatsoever the unclean person toucheth shall be unclean; and the soul that toucheth him shall be unclean until even.

Mishnah Parah: The person who burns the red cow (of Numbers 19: 1-22) or the bulls (That are Burned Pursuant to Leviticus 4: 3-21 or 16:27) and the person who Leads aw … Targum Jonathan on Numbers : AND the Lord spake with Mosheh and Aharon, saying: Haamek Davar: God spoke and Gu. Are clear Baqara been said. After purification of the Levites that spelling them who sinned. The urban landscape and Tanya first tabernacle was built in Nissan burned in two violations. If so per … Onkelos Numbers: and Mlil Ii with Msh Am Aaron Lmimr and Akeidat Yitzchak: Similarly, we say to G’d “You have Predetermined our death, since it says in Your Torah, Which Had been written prior to the creation of man … Sforno: ‘This is the ordinance of the law which the Lord commanded, When the Torah in Nuimbers 8,7 Had spoken of the need to Sprinkle the waters of “Chatat” on the Levites in order to pur … Targum Jonathan on Numbers: This is the decree, the publication of the law which the Lord hath commanded, saying; Speak to the sons of Israel, That They bring to thee from the se … Sefer HaChinukh: We are commanded to burn the red Heifer so That its ashes will be ready for Anyone who needs to be purified after contact with the dead as it is Writt … Bemidbar Rabbah: This is the Ordinance – As it is said verse (Job 14): Who Gave (Brought forth) purity to one who is impure? , Such as Abraham from Terah, Hezekiah fro … Mekhilta: (Exodus 12:43) “And the L-rd said to Moses and Aaron:” There are some sections (in the Torah) Which are generic in the beginning and specif … Bemidbar Rabbah : This is the Ordinance of the Torah – (Psalms 12: 6) The sayings of Gd are pure (Purify). R. Hanan Ben Pazzi elucidated this verse [of psalms with the … Sefer HaChinukh: From the Laws of the mitzvah: The Sages Taught the Heifer Had to be three or four years old, Though older is Also Acceptable. They Would not take ac … Rashbam: This statute of the law, in verse 14 the Torah Already Explains the purpose of the red Heifer, ie Which statute of the Torah is being Introduced here. Bemidbar Rabbah: bring you a red heifer – Rabbi Yossi Rabbi Hanina : Gd said to Moses: you, I find the taste a cow, but the Haka. For Rav Huna: It is written (Psalm Ah) that will take time … Bemidbar Rabbah: A Rabbi Yochanan Gentile Asked ben Zakkai, “These Rituals you do, They Seem like Witchcraft! You bring a Heifer, burn it, crush it up, and take i … Ramban on Leviticus: Command the children of Israel to the portion of matzah candles affair and you Tetzaveh (Exodus AA) as was said, but the order of the sanctuary interpreted as having the lamp so mean and you’re your end to order the children of Israel … Ramban: This statute of the law under Satan and the gentiles to Israel to say what this command therefore wrote in Echo cutting it before and you have no right to question her Rashi remarks … Kitzur Baal Haturim: This statute of the law based on the Constitution of the Torah Lbhrimcm Hint milked from the Torah was given only to those who eat manna second to be able to contribute and another clue holders of the theory of the ‘have-course … Rashi: This statute of the law. According to the devil and die World Moonyeen Israel to say what this commandment And why is it Echo therefore wrote it, cut it before and you have no right to question her: Ibn Ezra: This is the statute. This is also a provision in the Sinai desert was made ​​when God commanded and sent out of the camp and the Passover were Tamayo die. And it relied provision for it to serve Ikar Siftei Hachamim: Dk”l why spelling word word of the statute and the statute of the Torah for certainly both individually or Torah Rashi is not difficult for surely many times as it is written in the Torah and the statute of the Passover as if Bechukotai f … Bemidbar Rabbah: This is the statute Torah etc. – Rabbi Yitzhak opened (Ecclesiastes) all that I tried I will be wise wisdom is far from me. Written (I Kings D): and God gave Solomon wisdom. What is blue? Raban … Midrash Tanchuma: and you shall take on the first day. This is what the Scripture said, he heard people say take (Proverbs Discussion), and my commandments Ttzfon there in a). Heard people take, a lot of tricks I have commanded you to win you. I said to … Haamek Davar: This statute of the law and Gu nothing to RCD. The Ramban writes that he was neutered as this thing to RCD statute of the law which the Lord commanded, saying: And they took and Gu. Nothing is blank turn. And we were in front of us will be explained … Or HaChaim: This statute of the law. Need to know why this mitzvah called there whole of the Torah, he had to say it Haka etc. This is the statute or the statute of purity or impurity way to utter it (Exodus XII) break a bone … Kli Yakar: This statute of the law which the Lord commanded saying. Literally saying, what I have already said that God spoke to Moses and Aaron, saying and it seems that the United Moonyeen according to the Israel this commandment actually sailing … Rashi: they bring to you. She never called your name, a cow made ​​Moses in the wilderness: Kli Yakar on Deuteronomy: and said see I have taught you statutes and judgments, etc. “. Statutes of Unleavened Bread that tastes are revealed and justice of the educated and they told BF that gives flavor to any one by itself … Rashbam: red heifer; this animal is required so That its ashes can be used to Purify Had people who become ritually Defiled through direct or indirect contact w … Meshech Hochma: who does not have a blemish that has no defect. Books of what was said Z Not if you tell Bmokdsin reproducing purity Z impurity [Interpretation Tbo”i] Accordingly, we have a defect which invalidates the Passover prove Goa … Onkelos Numbers: dab Gzirt Aorita Dee Fkid Ii Lmimr Mlil with the children of Israel and Isbon Lc Torta Smokta Slmta Dee Lit Bh Moma Dla cache Alh Nira Midrash Tanchuma: and you shall take on the first day. This is what the Scripture said, he heard people say take (Proverbs Discussion), and my commandments Ttzfon there in a). Heard people take, a lot of tricks I have commanded you to win you. … I said to Ibn Ezra: red heifer, faultless. There would be little. Said that genius who shook like honey adversely owner of converting the red and helpful owner of damp and there is no need Ikar Siftei Hachamim: if you say what took Rashi alliteration what this command and what the point of it and more difficult to why Moonyeen the Israel this commandment more than the other matzos for some matzo There they have no taste some … Ramban: The reason this statute of the law which the Lord commanded – the flavor and Moses said up to God (Ex A), or is as castrated, Speak unto the children of Israel this statute of the law which the Lord commanded … Haamek Davar : bring you. Rashi will be named. And that is because there is a cow act also advantageous that it is precisely Deputy actions. And future Kii”l also trained laity. And other texts have been interpreted in … Kli Yakar: and MS in particular, and beg (D.o) that is your wisdom and your understanding before the eyes of the nations, which shall hear all these statutes. And this means that contrary Bonino on statutes Answer speak that there are laws … Kitzur Baal Haturim: not desecrate and thick Lia Constitution Torah scholar sinner is blasphemy: Kitzur Baal Haturim: and you will die and thick Lia statute of the law it is written, The Tree of Life is its holders: Rashi: Earth innocent. It may be an innocent blush, if there were two black hairs unacceptable: Ikar Siftei Hachamim: according as Moses did this cow were persons should be allowed from the desert to Mount anointing priests and other cows from Cdfrs”i near our temples heaven forbid all cows have to involve breaches … Kli Yakar: Then answered that it this statute of the law and said the statute violated, HS Torah and the violation one thing they like the Torah is named after Moses said (Malachi Gcb) Remember the law of Moses my servant, … Ramban: and he said, have given – nor did you give, put Aaron his honor that Both order them to Eleazar slaughter before him. Or he said, “and gave” many, now and for generations to come, and the point that Lazarus butcher who … Kli Yakar: and at the binding cites a Midrash that says the cow seven if Solomon will read and interpret it what he interpreted to say I’m just a mother reigns over a son that violated its own in any wise Solomon that he could not representative at the end … Kitzur Baal Haturim: not mounted her on the text without Shafi ‘not attracted worldwide but increased her own wrongful: Avodah Zarah 23b: (Numbers S., b) Speak to the children of Israel, that they bring the children of Israel take no idolatrous take Rashi: Cow land. White slave polluting than a king’s palace said she came to his mother and Tknh stool, so she came cow and calf would redeem: Rashi: innocent. The name of Israel were innocent and were made ​​with Mumin, she came to this and redeem them and return Ltmotm: Bemidbar Rabbah: Rabbi Yehoshua Dscnin, the name of Rabbi Levi said: Four things evil inclination responds to them, as it is written in which Echo: brother’s wife, and complete, and scapegoat, and a red cow . Brother’s wife, it is written (Leviticus): … Ikar Siftei Hachamim: if you say lest even one goal Nami. And say for surely even when passion red text only innocent but passion Idana Dtzric that will be all red, even if it was only one gate chess … Kli Yakar: C) and gave it to Lazarus. And by Aaron because he was turned to the calf and Mdmtzino Eliezer Moses prayed that requires law violation will loins, and here also regarded Eleazar said that & qu … Rashi: It did not occur to her. Just unloaded them the yoke of heaven: Sotah 46a: I can only burden the burden of other jobs where TL (Desert Jet, b) that it could not burden any case Netzach Yisrael: and when you look at those four, you’ll find them something that smart; That Joe moves, ie the kingdom of Babylon Persian kingdom kingdom of Greece, the three of them they have to join up with Israel, and because there were so-aircraft … Shabbat 52a: SD Msaoi failure is (Desert Jet, b) that it had not said yoke heaven Sotah 46a; I Cow Dilfinn (things here, c) burden (Numbers S., b) the burden of wagon Ramban: The reason you – should they desert their time, and then (the verse): commands to be children of Israel and for the stranger that you’ve deleted the world, who will do their generations. And bring you pure olive oil etc. (name … Avodah Zarah 23a: (Numbers S., b) Speak to the children of Israel, that they bring to you the people of Israel will take no idolatrous take Ikar Siftei Hachamim: Herzl what text you Dalic Moses heard mess cow and nearby text and gave it to Lazarus. But my back and they bring thee olive oil that explains Scripture who had messed have to say there … Kli Yakar: bring you a cow et cetera. Rashi world is called your name Z which is expensive and large gave Moses it read breach His name, and one closer to me to say that there’s no command is called … Rashi: they bring to you. their own as they unloaded golden earrings round off their own that will bring this atonement of their own: Shemot Rabbah: anything else: it is the statute of the Passover, who said the Bible (Ps, D): May my innocent Bhkic. David said: Master of the world! When I deal Bhkic, it will not be optional to the evil inclination to peer at me, said (… Ikar Siftei Hachamim: if you say and whether there is no accusation that became an advocate Dchai Goona Nami we say that on clothes Gold Dasor to work them inside because Dabirh Gold was the best by Nami was a violation of the hand … Kli Yakar: This deeply respects and were broken and showed fable Lord of the golden calf, because he made ​​uncleanness of the dead according to the JAC became Israel’s freedom to freedom from the angel of death Tablets (WR since) and … Menachot 19a: (Numbers S., b) That the Constitution of the Torah Kitzur Baal Haturim: which equals red heifer calf on iniquity: Ikar Siftei Hachamim: heaven forbid what is written innocent it may be naive to say that without God Bhdia spelling defect that no defect: Rashi: land. The name (Isaiah A, R) If you turn red worm, called red sin: Kli Yakar: Red Cow innocent. Than white slave sullying Retail King said she came to the mother and Tknh feces built (Tanhuma statute of millions.) According to all who wants to cancel a growing evil is not enough Drunkenness branches all g … Yoma 2a: spelling Ahacha Lord commanded to do and spelling innocent (Desert Jet, b) it statute of the law which the Lord commanded, saying: What follows here too Cow Cow And here even below retirement retirement Targum Jonathan on Numbers: And thou shalt give unto Her Elazar, the chief of the Priests, who shall lead Her alone without the camp, and set round Her about a Railing (border) o … Mishnah Parah: If the Heifer did not want to leave, They Could not lead it with a black [cow], lest [the public] say, “They Slaughtered the black one.” Nor … Ikar Siftei Hachamim: means Dk”l write and gave to the priest, but heaven forbid Mtzoth Deputy Lieutenant of Priest Eleazar and that is named deputy if he was a high priest was unclean work-places … Haamek Davar: And you gave her. Was a commandment that Aaron will join in this business to make up by his son: Ramban: to Eleazar the priest Mtzoth Lieutenant Rashi does not mean to say there will be a more commanding lieutenant serving large or regular priest but a temporary order was the first cow to be Elazar … Rashi: outside camp. Apart triple camps: Chullin 11a: (Numbers S, C), and slaughtered and burned what slaughtering it when it was intact even unnerved when she Solomon Yoma 42b: (Numbers S, C), and gave it to Eleazar the priest, that Lazarus and generations Lazarus Ikar Siftei Hachamim: Dilfinn outside the camp Dhca camping outside the camp as it is written leper and innocent affair proven Bhdia Dmhotz Airy is written to three camps sat alone outside the camp etc. RL sitting alone in that … Haamek Davar: and slit its throat. Rashi Trade Shohat. And this opinion but went rabbi Shmuel cow wreath Dshitt unacceptable. And Fi’ him not to distract him. Most meaningful provision is written and burns it shall wash his clothes and … Onkelos Numbers: and Ttnon Ith Lalazr Chna and Ifk Ith Lmbra Lmsrita and Icos Ith Kdmohi Ikar Siftei Hachamim: it is written before him Dhl”l and slaughtered it before him what to do but then Shohat and Real interpreted Scripture who is the butcher means even wreath valid: Zevachim 105b: (Numbers S, C) outside the camp what follows except G. camps even here except G. Camps Yoma 42a: and Samuel who said that Peru is unacceptable in May hated Pro is written Aaron and constitution cow Nami whether written Lazarus and the Constitution I simpleton as it is written (Numbers S, C), and slaughtered it in front of him having to Trade Shohat and Eleazar see Zevachim 113a: (Numbers S, C), and slaughtered and that what Hzath against Fatah even slaughtering it against the opening Yoma 42b: Not the name is, but because it is written (Numbers S, c) it alone Rashi: to Eleazar the priest. Just who’ve Aharon, he Cohn, do calf and according to Aaron made ​​the calf is not done this work by him, no categories Nashsnigor: Yoma 43a: (Numbers S, C), and slaughtered her not to slaughter one another with Meshech Hochma: And you gave it and gave it to Eleazar Z ‘. This means you have given to Moses and Aaron, Dlgbi Israel speaks hidden, only here also mentioned Aaron, because Dbn must respectfully father, just taking permission from his father Aaron. Chullin 32a: (Numbers S, C), and slaughtered it said, Heaven and her Hbirth and just as a fee Rashi: Lazarus . Mtzoth Lieutenant Rashi: And he shall kill you in front of him. Trade Shohat and Eleazar see: Yoma 68a: It says here outside the camp and told below (Numbers S, C) outside the camp except what triple camps here even below except G. Camps Or HaChaim: And you gave her. Said it according to what they told the Sages (pre PD) hearsay learned that the other cows are made ​​from high priest among ordinary priest Dyke said it to … Zevachim 113a: kosher (Numbers S, C) outside the camp and slaughtered Ibn Ezra: and took it out . Publisher or orders as well as slaughtering that he would not slaughter and witness to him Targum Jonathan on Numbers: And Elazar, in His Priestly dress, shall take of Her blood with the finger of His right hand, without (first) containing it in a vessel, and shall spr … Ikar Siftei Hachamim: RL for surely read text Dtzric foreign cow slaughter G. Camps Cdfrisit above and it took Kai and Eleazar etc. This means that foreign rave Duff G. camps to hallucinate … Haamek Davar: Eleazar the priest. Demanded the books of the priesthood. And Bgm’ Yoma most demanding biblical Dm”g nearby and it is not about the meaning of the Bible. While Fi’ priesthood has to explain the purpose of the provision. Here Rashi clothes … Rashi: to the front of the tent of meeting. Going to the east of Jerusalem and the recipe and see the opening of Hall during the sprinkling of blood: Yoma 2a: Since Dhtat she and sin charged to the north and spelling it (Numbers S, D) to the front of the tent of meeting, she had her Rabbis lodge north east that just as a Dlhoi her Hicira Rashi: and burned violation. Just burned the calf: Onkelos Numbers: and Isb Alazr Chna Mdmh Batzbaih and Idi Lkbl Afi Mscn Zmna Mdmh Sba Zmnin Haamek Davar: simulates seven times. The island was more like. And required all books having to dip a finger sprinkling. And On the face for the resumption of having to blood cow is nothing but breaches of the house consumed sprinkling before the tent from … Menachot 27b: the surface of the atonement necessarily (Numbers S, d) and that to the present Nami specifically Targum Jonathan on Numbers: And They shall bring Her out from the Midst of the Railing and another Priest, while Elazar looketh on, shall burn the Heifer, Her skin, flesh, and bl … Onkelos Numbers: and Iokd It Torta Lainohi It Msch and It Bsrh and It Dmh upon Aclh Iokid Haamek Davar: the cow and Gu skin and Gu. A. Schach Bess H. Leviticus XVI and XVII Twenty-seventh: Meshech Hochma; and burned the cow and the cow resin sheet. Tell v Kc”d was law and what a cow that is done inside a workshop reject incinerator Z and disqualify Bshittn and the law gives Z Angel … Kitzur Baal Haturim: and burnt the cow before his eyes verse begins and ends in the fire say that many of the trees torching: Rashbam: eyes, in the presence of Eleazar. Zevachim 93b: (Numbers S, E) and burned the cow before his eyes but his May wiping Yoma 42a: irrelevant Lia (Numbers S, E) Musharraf cow eyes Shadal on Genesis: before Terah: summer Terah, died and his father see, As the father of Aaron (Numbers Jed) (paths of peace). And PP that he wanted to be a brother in saying that X Ra … Ramban on Leviticus: and the bull and the skin and flesh and retired shall include in particular the fight which is not even his own flesh and tendons and ligaments and the horns and hooves are besides skin and flesh and retired or will Hoa”o from Hmsmsin in … Or HaChaim: and burnt the cow before his eyes the skin. Article stopped his eyes from memory to memory the details they violated her skin etc., will be explained by way of what is said in Tractate cow (PD), and wrote … Menachot 7b: (Numbers S, E) and burnt the cow before his eyes but did not finish wiping May finger wiping Ibn Ezra : and burned the cow. Burns and witness his eyes Zevachim 113a: kosher (Desert Jet, e) case will burn anywhere Porsche death there will be plundering Targum Jonathan on Numbers: And another Priest shall take a piece of cedar wood and Hyssop, and (wool) Whose color hath been changed to scarlet, and throw unto them into the Midst of … Ibn Ezra: cedar. Like a leper where I alluded secret Haamek Davar: into the burning cow. Proponents of the point of the fire and the fire: Chullin 62b: (Numbers S, F) and moss moss and moss Wellesley Greece and Rome and desert moss and moss that has every borrower there Metzudat Zion on Song of Songs: thread. Thread dyed red as scarlet (Desert Jet F): Rashi: cedar wood and hyssop and scarlet. Three species are taken against the three thousand people who fell calf and cedar is the highest of all trees and moss low Mecheles, high marks we will be proud and sinful, would lower the p … Onkelos Numbers: and Isb Chna Aaa Darza and Azoba and Tzba rayon and Irmi a holy Ikidt Torta Yoma 43a: (Numbers S, F) And the priest shall take cedar wood and hyssop and scarlet, Samuel Duffy ‘ordinary priest rabbi Atztric Salqa mind Amina Akeidat Yitzchak: Had the whole procedure of the burning of the red Heifer and the the subsequent Sprinkling of its ash contained in Springwater, been Performed on Moses an … Targum Jonathan On Numbers: And the Priest who slew the Heifer shall wash His dress in forty Satas of water, and Afterwards he may go into the camp; But the Priest Before His Abl … Rashi: the camp. Camp called, no unclean occupations apart into two camps, but oozing with a curry and a leper: Onkelos Numbers: and Itzba Lbosohi Chna and Ishi Bsrih Bmia and Btr yes Iiaol Lmsrita and Ihi Msab Chna until Rmsa Ikar Siftei Hachamim: even the unclean dead are allowed in the funeral let alone the provision itself is permitted in Loya After Joseph’s bones were Moses and Moses in the Loya was because Levi was for those who defiled the cow that … Ibn Ezra: and he shall wash his clothes. The priest who burns Haamek Davar: and then came to the camp. Rashi Dezso’s camp called Camp Lazarus. But the camp of Israel, and certainly ministers unclean dead Radar On the face was the sense Dmiiri Afi’ in Israel as the language of muddy … Yoma 43a: (Numbers S, G) and wash his clothes, the priest Bcihono Meshech Hochma: and he shall wash his clothes and wash his clothes, and then would come to the camp and impure Kohen up tonight. Suggests Dhotrh impurity in public, when he jews water dip dip, and will only Tbo”i, and as we both Yerushalmi … Rashi: and the priest is unclean till evening. Sarasa, demanding, and be unclean until the evening and then will come to the camp: Ikar Siftei Hachamim: Dk”l Dbkra means another she washed clothes are allowed to the next camp called but still is unclean until evening that belongs to it having to allowed to the next camp called at impurity him and whether even … Ibn Ezra: unclean the priest. And was already the unclean and say ‘be unclean until the evening, he shall not eat of Holies Targum Jonathan on Numbers: And the Priest who Was employed in the burning shall wash His dress in forty Satas of water, and his flesh in forty Satas, and Before His ablution sha … Onkelos Numbers: and Dmokd Ith Itzba Lbosohi Bmia and Ishi Bsrih Bmia and Ihi Msab until Rmsa Meshech Hochma; and burned it shall wash his clothes in water and burned it shall wash his clothes in water. Here are all over the place as it is written laundering is not mentioned in the Torah clothes in water, alone Hacha. And perhaps because Dkii”l, Medellin Mcbsin priestly garments disgusted, Medellin poor … Mishnah Eduyot: Rabbi Yehoshua and Rabbi Yakim, leader of Hadar, testified about an [Earthenware] That jar contained [ashes of the red Heifer, biblically Referred to … Targum Jonathan On Numbers: And a man, a Priest who is clean, shall gather up the ashes of the Heifer in an Earthenware Receptacle, its opening covered round about with clay; and … Sefer HaChinukh: We are commanded to burn the red Heifer so That its ashes will be ready for Anyone who needs to be purified after contact with the dead as it is Writt … Ibn Ezra: a pure man. Is not the priest who burns Haamek Davar: pure. I’i pure Yoma Dm”g including the woman. Note how he hinted box one woman. Dasha is because it has no sanctity of Torah and labor. But purity leads to other … bowed to Baal Kitzur Haturim: gathering Tuesday. Hacha and on the other, and gathered the leper, and gathered the dispersed of Israel leper Aitks dead and as such purifies violation Shaffer prayer of the righteous as well purifier. And gathered the dispersed of Israel to the future then picked a … Rashi: and placed outside the camp. Three parts department, the one given on the Mount of paste, and one is divisible by all shifts, and one gave a corps of guards had foreign help Tul away from his hometown and all balm … Netzach Yisrael: and here also you will find in the country, which is internal, and while the basics everyone, and instructs it on the face. And because it can extract dirt divine from that proper interest dust exhaust. That the minutes of that … Kli Yakar on Numbers: and there was no water for the congregation. On the side of the penalty lacked water under that Hsfidoh correctly, that Moses and Aaron said and wept them the children of Israel and this is not said and wept her and said and died there and was buried there, … Ikar Siftei Hachamim: mishna states in Chapter C Dfrh page etc. Tosfot interpreted jazz pieces like Sfirsm Rashi blessed memory. And HaRe’em wrote me share that seems to divide … Haamek Davar: and there was a congregation of RCD custody. Means any violations have devoted every city Sanhedrin and canned pure place. Cow Knob Maimonides explains further that all Fi”g Israel Raoin preserve. But even there … Ikar Siftei Hachamim: if you say wrong were declaring it pure and that it should be forbidden to say this with pleasure Force. And interpret it as planks in the absence of ashes comes atonement to cleanse those who need and no other benefit from it. Found: Metzudat Zion on II Samuel: conjugated. Connected, like (Numbers S i): bracelet thread: Ibn Ezra: and be unclean until the evening.

“And a spirit of Gd” – It juxtaposed “spirit” with the Name [of Gd] since it was an agent regarding the Divine will to dry the land. Water is plural … Meshech Hochma: that those Wanda did not throw him unclean will be another agenda that those who did not throw him unclean will further impurity in it. According annotated books (not before us, only a school satchel, and brought him to the ancients) because I mean if preceded by sprinkling baptism out of & … Makkot 14b: punishment as it is written (Numbers S, M), the abode of the Lord unclean and cut off warning (Numbers Welcome, c) not defile the Mhnihm Sifra: Talmud say “impurity on it” – “impurity” “impurity” (Numbers S, M) Cutting par. What contamination below – the defilement of body speaks and spoke … Meshech Hochma: be unclean, impure will, including Tbo”i, another impurity in it, including Mho”c. This means, Dihih he will, by the evening impure and is unable to remove impurity from it, and we unwittingly Shlaatid May & a … Orot, Lights from Darkness, Land of Israel: On the other hand, all made ​​in Israel in the Land of Israel canceled the general form in which about a form of self-especially Israel, This is a great happiness to Israel and to the world. Sins are the cause of exile … Shevuot 7b: (Numbers S, M) impure will further impurity in what follows Uncleanness Here Uncleanness Temple Temple Nazir 45a: (Numbers S, M) will be unclean soaked day long including impurity therein, including the lack of atonement: Meshech Hochma : soul shall be cut off that soul shall be cut off from Israel. Books from which Helen was punished and made ​​to study here was that she cut and cut it to death. Although everywhere said, choroid is made, we as interpreted in … Chullin 72a: (Numbers S, M) relating to the stage of soul Who is dead in the soul of man Shevuot 16b: (Numbers S, M) the abode of the Lord unclean and it says Onkelos Numbers : Cl Dikrb Bmita Bnfsa Dansa Dee Imot and La Idi Alohi It Mscna Dii Sab and Isttzi Ansa that one Misr … Meshech Hochma: impure will be more impure it will be another impurity. It is possible to interpret seemingly Oh Amina Hica Dzb or shaking, impure impurity of body serious and attack the foreign heart ‘camps, so seven Hu contamination, and that touched … Makkot 14b: Mateo impurity impurity spelling Hacha and impurity him and cut off and spelling innocent (Numbers S, M) impure will More impurity in what follows a punishment and a warning Here punishment and warning Ein Yaakov (Glick Edition): R. Nachman b. Isaac said: “The above passage refers to scholars who are ready to die for the sake of the Torah, as R. Simon b. Lakish said: & apo … Ein Yaakov (Glick Edition) (Fol. 83b) We are Taught: And They made ​​Baal-B’rith for a god unto Themselves (Jud. 8, 33). This refers to Zebub, the idol of Ekron. We learn fro … Berakhot 63b: Whence is it Learnt That the words of Torah endure only with Him who Would suffer death on its Behalf? As it is said, “This is the law: when am … Zohar: Part Page Glow Keys / in holes, in the name of female Dnkbih open to receive, WH and HA AV, seven Atoon Delia’ll look at seven of our limbs from below, Dainon Tkona Dgofa, d … Mishnah Eduyot: Beit Shammai says: “A quater of bones from Any bones, Whether from two or from three [limbs can render Same things under its roof-space impure] …. Ein Yaakov (Glick Edition): R. Juda again opened in honor of the Torah and expounded Be attentive, and hearken, O Israel, this day art thou become a people. (Deu. 27, 9). “W … Akeidat Yitzchak: Similarly, the Torah in our parshah. Concerning death also, two choices are offered. 1) There is death due to physical pain, disability etc. 2) There … Sukkah 21a: It is written here (Numbers 19:14), “This is the law, When a man dies in a tent,” and it is written there (Exodus 40:19), “And he Sprea … Targum Jonathan on Numbers: This is the indication of the law Concerning a man When he hath Died under the outspread tent every one who entereth into the tent by the way of the d … Onkelos Numbers: dab Aorita Ans Ari Imot Bmscna Cl Dall Lmscna and Cl Dee Bmscna Ihi Msab Sbaa-honored Shabbat 28a: (Numbers S, N) This is the law that a person will die in the tent and the simple spelling Haamek Davar: This is the law of Adam and Gu. Other more serious impurity interpreted the dead were concerning the whole stage. Interpreted the Torah is the Torah Dzat easiest ways that also regarded as will be explained. And here is the language of the radiating … Gittin 57b: (Numbers S, N) This is the Torah that person dies tent etc. Yevamot 61a: wailing Dmatinho called Matmoii tent is written (Numbers S, N) a person that dies tent dealings who Matinho read: Rashi on Numbers: purify yourselves. Who shook, duly rest Tamayo die, even according to those who say the graves of nations are impure tent, it is written (Ezekiel Led, not) and let sheep flock person you are, you Kroiin person … Shabbat 83b: (Numbers S, N) This is the Torah that person dies tent Effie ‘in death will be studied Torah Ibn Ezra: Tent. And the house as people just mentioned written Tent for Israel as tents and who slaughters an ox or a sheep and a goat in Ikar Siftei Hachamim: Epoch not say Mahal defiles never even left it dead Dsbra is Dmmai defile God does not concern and the subject of any impurity Granted if the dead tent was getting all the Tent Full impurity, etc. … Ramban on Deuteronomy: and hang him “Our rabbis said (Sanhedrin Ma a):” All Hnsklin – We hung “. And it was said “that dumb depends” – his disdain for the king, a person may own blood … Or HaChaim: This is the law that a person will die. Saying this Law, will be explained as well by way I interpreted the verse this statute of the law, and he along with painstaking say a man die, etc. and asked Raz “… Pele Yoetz: So the good man, who pardoned the ‘ten-respect and many assets and many foods, to Weargil his children grow and pleasures people that did not know what the next day. The Torah wor … Or HaChaim on Exodus: And you Tetzaveh. Need to know what you had to say and another with whom he spoke, another Lama said Tetzaveh and order, as long as what he said an imperative language. And our rabbis of blessed memory said it Sermons what … Sifra: can be defiles the tent as Rabbi Hanina? Therefore, the verse (Numbers S, N) “So …”. Ramban: The reason people die, tent person that dies and is now a tent or something written in the present and the same is true if you die outside and threw him into a tent all next to the tent, and all that is in the tent tools within Oha … Rashi: Next to each tent. While the dead inside: Ramban: all next to the tent and all that is in the tent – and tent tools within this general himself, as he said (v R) and that the tent and all the vessels and persons who were there. Reminding written tent … Haamek Davar: Tent. And is written in as impurity of Ahl itself. Msa”c house is not CN: Sefer HaChinukh: unleavened bread of the dead impure – we are commanded to act regarding unclean dead as he Stzoth us the Torah, it is written (Numbers S n) This is the law that a person dies every tent next to the tent, and all that is in the tent shall be unclean seven days; . Or HaChaim on Exodus: And they journeyed from Rephidim. Why difficult early late that this verse was ahead of him in front of said first verse came to Sinai, and maybe it on the way from them (Sanhedrin CH 🙂 loved … Bekhorot 45a: (Numbers S, N) This is the Torah Ohel person that dies every thing cf. Adam Sefer HaChinukh: interesting and commanding what they said Sages (Kiddushin to, a) how far man must teach his son Torah, Rav Yehuda said Shmuel such as Zvulun Ben Dan, laid out a man who was their generation, that … Ibn Ezra: and all that is in the tent. My clothes Sforno on Genesis: God Naftali Naftali, the word twists is a variant of the word thread as a thread in a bracelet, a tightly fitted lid (Numbers 19,15) Rachel Meant That Her Cleavin … Radak on Genesis: And Ftilc, your outer garment, cloak, as per Onkelos, Sosifc. Or, what is meant is the turban, ie a status symbol. In Numbers 19,15 the expression bracelet … Mishnah Eduyot: A vessel of Earthenware [with a lid] Protects everything [in it from contracting impurity] According to the words of Beit Hillel. Beit Shammai BUT sa … Targum Jonathan on Numbers: Every earthen vessel And Which hath no covering Fastened upon its mouth, Which Would have Kept separate it from the Uncleanness, is Defiled by the unc … Rashi: every open vessel. Earthenware Scripture speaks, there is no getting impure from behind but which, therefore, if there is no body of Tzmidto twist it pretty Habor, is unclean, whether if it has a thread bracelet pure: Ibn Ezra: Bracelet thread. Years cords Metzudat Zion on II Samuel: and pair. Couple, named walking suite and essays together, and the language (Numbers S o): bracelet thread: Chullin 25a: (Numbers S, o) every open vessel which has no bracelet thread it is unclean Island is Surging no bracelet thread it unclean whether there Bracelet Pure thread about Rashi on Genesis: God twists. Menachem Ben Scan retired notebook (Numbers S o) bracelet thread, Essays, from where he wrote it with my sister to win the boys and I sail language (Deuteronomy note e) insistent and mindless twists … Daat Zkenim on Genesis: the twists and turns of God Naphtali with my sister, “I have wrestled mightily with my sister; “Rachel Meant That She Had managed to put up with a great deal of pain in her … Sifra: Talmud say (Numbers S, o) “every open vessel which has no thread bracelet on him unclean” – whether it has a thread bracelet, Pure. Metzudat on Zion I Kings: Bracelets. Also called a pair of cattle that go connected together, and the language (Numbers S o) bracelet thread: Ikar Siftei Hachamim: Because we find in the portion of Shemini Dcli clay is defiling his back but Conditioning Thus etc.: Kitzur Baal Haturim: Open Wed delivered in every open vessel . Roots of open water to me. An open grave throats. Quiver open grave. We Damar Wednesday earthenware Sizes punctured receiver Mlkds disqualified him drink from … Rashi: thread. Language author of the Hebrew language, and (Genesis, h) twists God Naphtali, he wrote it with my sister: Onkelos Numbers: and Cl Mn Dhsf foreword Dlit Mgoft Siia Mkf Alohi Msab Hoa Ikar Siftei Hachamim: if you say Oha above the affair and went interpreted twists of God Naphtali Menahem Ben Scan interpreted notebook Essays by thread bracelet place was composed etc and I sail insistent and mindless tongue twisting … Metzudat Zion on II Kings: Bracelets. Essays together, like (Numbers S o): bracelet thread: Chullin 25a: (Numbers S, o) every open vessel which has no thread bracelet about which tool to develop it earlier impurity Shabbat 84b: Madras pure pottery from here (Desert S, O) and all open vessel, which has no bracelet thread about whether there Bracelet thread about pure He who is not dealing with Dihdinho his wife Wanda and Comer heaven pure: Rashbam: all that touches on the field, if one enters a closed area, roofed area in which the remains of the deceased are present one becomes ritually unclean, where … Targum Jonathan on Numbers: And Whoever shall touch not one who hath Died in His mother’s Womb, But who hath been slain with the sword on the face of the field, or the sword … Avodah Zarah 37b: (Numbers S, P) all that touches on the field in a sword or the dead, etc. Onkelos Numbers: and Cl Dee Ikrb upon Afi Hkla Bktl Hrba Ao Bmita Ao Bgrma Dansa Ao Bkbra Ihi Msab Sbaa-honored Pesachim 14b: (Numbers S, P) space the sword is the sword of space and the Via Julia father impurity and Ksbr Chullin 72a: (Numbers S, P) all that touches across the field to remove a fetus inside a woman R. Ishmael Haamek Davar: all that touches on the field. It also scraps the defilement of Ahl. But in a different way. The dead man shading. And accidental contact Ahl B Dei Hulin Dkc”h: Haamek Davar: space sword. Chazal Dhrb it is in space. And Aa”g Nachmanides and how our rabbis of blessed memory CL Dhrb Htos’ is defiles the tent. We were in the tent extension. But Ahl contact person, shading me … Nazir 53b: (Numbers S, P) all that touches on the field in a sword or stage Shabbat 101b: (Numbers S, P) space sword is the sword, but no space for the purposes of Saturday because the demon can set it (recognition Alma is) even spinal overalls: Rashi: across the field. Our teachers demanded including scrolls and literally knocks down the field, there is not Ohel, where the dead defiles touch: Ibn Ezra; or the grave. Person Nazir 54a: (Numbers S, P) (and) when it comes to actually or space Pesachim 79a: does not change but the knife defiled impure died Drhmna said (Numbers S, P) space sword is the sword Luca defiles space potency Ramban: across the field Our Sages said (mundane UFO), including scrolls and literally knocks over a field that does not name the dead defiles Tent touch Rashi and no rolling and knock the Sages is required from … Ikar Siftei Hachamim: most of the times they are on the field. He rolled the coffin provided top cover and the same sidewall Kerry Hu pulse (Rashi Sanhedrin chapter finished law). He rolled sails and headstone … Niddah 55a: (Numbers S, P) or very grave person or person Romeo Datzm which dry very dry here too Haamek Davar: or rather someone. Most Mibai write. Or the dead, or rather a person or a tomb. But does not teach us Datzm defiles the tent but in having to significant bone shape of a person he is. And we Quarter tree … Chullin 2b: Ailima Daitmi stage (Numbers S, P) said in a sword heaven Ramban: and he said in a sword – that nothing is written in the present, and the same space stone or fist. Space reminding died, against cattle slaughter pure and impure carcass. And our rabbis (Monk Zheng b): Make at … Targum Jonathan on Numbers: And for Him who is unclean, They shall take of the ashes of the burnt sin offering, and put spring water upon unto them in an earthen vessel. Daat Zkenim: Living Water to the vessel, “fresh water into a vessel.” The word here is interpreted tools as the respective first letters in the words: Cohen, Levy, Israel, ie whe … Sukkah 37b: Did not the Torah say, “And They shall take of the ashes. . . and he shall put “(Numbers 19:18)? Haamek Davar: and they took. Beit Din tenth ashes they canned Cms”c above T: Ramban: and gave him the water of life to the tool no case to give the ashes in beginning and give water Our Rabbis taught that this ash (P deviant) gives beginning and then ash waste water painstaking ” From … Bereishit Rabbah: “and Ian Abraham and Iamr Behold, behold Hoalti [and a holy, and Anci dust and ashes],” Kill me Amrafel said these would not have dirt and non Srfni Nimrod … Ibn Ezra: and. Took defile. Here’s how Ithta means Chullin 88b: (Numbers S, Q) and took defile dust burning [etc.] Kitzur Baal Haturim: Tool B to pass it. And gave him the water of life to the tool and the other not Horak tool to tool this must be vitality in and Siorikom tool to tool:
Temurah 12b: Minor read writable (Numbers S, Q) and gave him Alma ash at the beginning and citrus spelling of living water to the vessel Sotah 16b: From ” I Rabbi Shimon is written (Numbers S, Q) and took defile dust burning sin and Tanya said Lance Bemidbar Rabbah: (name) who Chhcm who knows what it might be. Who Chhcm, this God, for it is written (Proverbs c): the ‘wisdom founded the earth. Who knows what it might be, that Holy One who interpreted the Torah … Onkelos Numbers: and Isbon Ldmsab Mafr Ikidt Htata and Itn Alohi eau fountain Lmn Haamek Davar: defile. For impure. Dhnosa ash impure sin unnecessarily. It defiles. And then it invalidates the ashes. SH mainly for taking the necessary sprinkling the unclean: Yoma 43a: for it is written (Numbers S, Q) and took defile dust burning sin You Dfsli you meeting your sanctification and sculptures You Dacsri you have a qualification meeting the sanctification Haamek Davar: and let him. Taking some ashes immediately the Beit Din. Give him. We live for the impure water to the vessel. So Htos’ Yoma Dm”g. And the island and gave Atroiiho Kai excluding this item and Aafr would give the ashes … Yevamot 72b: Because it is called rabbinic it is written (Numbers S, Q) and took defile dust burning sin You Dfsli meeting Fsolin Kiddush You Dcsrin meeting kosher Kiddush Temurah 12b: (Numbers S, Q) and took defile dust Burning of sin and gave him water of life and Tanya, Rabbi Shimon says Pesachim 34b: Although Annan Nami Tinyana (Numbers S, Q) and gave him the water of life to the tool that will be vitality in Sukkah 37a: Did not the Torah say, “And he shall take Hyssop and dip ? “(Numbers 19:18). Targum Jonathan on Numbers: And let a man, a Priest, who is clean, take three branches of Hyssop bound. together, and dip (unto them) in the water at the time of receiving the unclean … Sukkah 37b: Did not the Torah say, “And They shall take of the ashes. . . and he shall put “(Numbers 19:18)? Haamek Davar: and concerning. Right: Menachot 7b: (Numbers S, R) and dipped in water Ahacha Nami dictated Arakhin 3a: (Numbers S, R) and persons who were there Ibn Ezra: a pure man. And close to being Cohen Zevachim 93b: (Numbers S, R) and dipped in water Parachute spelling Niddah 44a: for it is written (Numbers S, R) and persons who have been out there at all faded Haamek Davar: basically. No person really misunderstood. Dmga really defiles PW skin even when we were not evident from himself. But radar is unaffected really knowing the person and of the carcass. And we Dmfrs financial … Onkelos Numbers: and Isb Azoba and Itbol Bmia Gbr Dci and Idi upon Mscna and Al Cl Mnia and Al Nfsta Dee Hoo Tmn and Al Dikrb Bgrm … Akeidat Yitzchak: “Moses Was the most humble person.”
Midrash Rabbah Numbers 19, Writes “the man Moses Was more humble than Any other human being. & …
Sefer Kuzari: 53. The Rabbi: In this case the whole law is inefficient in thy opinion. Dost thou Consider the release of money, property, persons, and slaves valid … Mekhilta: (Exodus 12:43) “And the L-rd said to Moses and Aaron:” There are some sections (in the Torah) Which are generic in the beginning and specif … Ein Yaakov (Glick Edition) (Fol. 28) R. Ami said: “Why has the Torah Arranged the incident of Miriam’s death near the instructions Concerning the Red cow (Num. 19)? T … Targum Jonathan on Numbers: And the Priest who is clean shall Sprinkle upon the unclean on the man, the third day, and on the seventh day, and shall make Him clean on the seventh day … Mishnah Megillah: When the new moon of Adar happens on a Sabbath, the section Shekalim (Exod. 30:11), is to be read; if it happen on Any other day, That he … Must section Akeidat Yitzchak: Midrash Rabbah Numbers 19, Explains the Following two Verses in Psalms. Psalm 37,3 reads “trust in the Lord, do good, rest on earth and Nourish … Megillah 20a: Neither one should immerse [in a Mikveh] nor Sprinkle. As it is written, “And the clean person shall sprinkle on the unclean. . . And on the seventh … Rashi on Zevachim: If you saved – divider stage donkey tent of the dead partition Holding and tools at two Thorin is written (Numbers S) everything in the tent shall be unclean and Henny not that guy Ahl Nina: Rashi on Chagigah: exempt from the evidence – there are obligated to send immigrants their evidence by courier: the unclean does not (have to) results that can not enter the temple is written (the temple) of God defiled and cut off (Numbers S): Rashi on Pesachim: tomb lets him – all the grave defiles the tent and even illiterate when it is written (Numbers S) or Tomb : Rashi on Bava Kamma: unclean dead – who touched a dead Oh Father impurity Say Previous himself impurity he touches it oh master of impurity and defiles a person and tools for surely written all who touched it unclean shall be unclean etc. (b … Tosafot on Eruvin: Out of pottery that sired impurity. interpreted pamphlet Dlmdrs not my chest and my back Tumas text (Numbers S) and sin on the seventh and earthenware not bar disinfection is what is written (Leviticus) and it will break: Rashi on Shabbat: Every day mikvah – the whole doctrine of hope and have no theory of a spring and what Between spring spring kosher mikvah dip this filthy bloody leper bird life and sanctify those who are sin Dbcolho living water … Rashi on Yoma: meeting of après – and collected a clean man, etc. “(Numbers S): Metzudat Zion on Psalms: not snap. Interested splice as bracelet thread (Numbers S): Rashi on Chullin: Emei pure – non This Ohel finished and the main tent of the said turn it is next to the tent (Numbers S) house shading him and died as: Kohelet Rabbah: everything else: Who Chhcm It Moshe. Scripture says Bea: Smart City rose heroes. Who knows what it might be the meaning of the Torah to Israel. R. Mene Dsab name of Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi said about anything … Rashi on Chullin: Seeds – not became a master of impurity world and even touched the stage he was the father of all and not became a father defile a man and tools Dmhica irrelevant Dnoga stage defiles a man from the island called as it is written (Numbers the … Jerusalem Talmud Nazir 37b: Taman Tninn years impurify stage of unclean unclean for seven days and one impure impurity of Tmiai evening three unclean stage years unclean unclean for seven days and E. impure impurity of Saudi D. unclean Stage C & a … Tosafot on Yevamot: dealings who Matinho. Oaa ” C is written all that touches on the field etc. or rather a man (Numbers S) ha Drsinn Benazir Chapter Kaf (Ng page. Vashem) For the purposes Wahl and A. … Bartenura on Mishnah Chullin: voice any object that has a voice called brain. And the dead voice concerning which the nominal obscure the unclean, for surely object when the stage defiling skin contact and negotiation, as it is written (Numbers nineteenth) or indeed a man: Bartenura on Mishnah Oholot: to get out of his soul as it is written (Numbers nineteenth) all relating to the stage of the human soul that dies. Lmdc text does not unclean until he dies: Rashi on Yoma: two languages ​​I heard – the two languages ​​of rayon heard divide between one of the red cow that says (Numbers S) and the priest shall take cedar wood and hyssop and scarlet: Rashi on Chullin: sin Kriya heaven – ( desert, S) to whom Wanda sin is: Rashi on Zevachim: burning red cow and bulls burning impure clothes – Pre Bhdia spelling it (Numbers S) bulls bull Cohen Messiah woofer community woofer Yom Kippur called in Itira Dhtat sin at Shiloh … Rashi on Psalms: not snap fraud. Exercise Jeremiah talk bad about you, not hold Agota”s foreign language, like (Numbers nineteenth) thread bracelet (Sa”a): Tosafot on Niddah: and defiles lesions. Because Dbngaim spelling (Leviticus M) man or woman and impurity dead Nami text (Numbers S) and a man who shall be unclean and Ithta Aitztric called Ho guarantees but for the purposes of distilled Liv … Bartenura on Mishnah Chullin: flabby man pure Dadm that die in text (Numbers nineteenth) : Rashi on Shabbat: impurify stage – Tent dead as it is written (Numbers S) every open vessel: Rashi on Bava Metzia: No impurify – Dgbi Ahl spelling person (Desert S) a person that dies in the tent: Bartenura on Mishnah Oholot: bone when her skin defiles dealings . As it is written (Numbers nineteenth) and concerning etc., there is not a person actually said. Teach the very contact with skin defiles that they do not … Haamek Davar: and sin on the seventh day. Change the text to purify mitzvah Yoma at the time and responsible! PDES. And M. This is only the seventh then completely cleared. And on Tuesday he was ahead of his time: Rashi on Yoma: Since Dhtat is – sin is called as it is written (Numbers S) to whom Wanda sin is: Ein Yaakov: M Tnia: passage mono- Aomr (Numbers S) “At Mscn God Tma”. And Ctob mono- Aomr: (name) “For At Mkds Lord T … Bartenura on Mishnah Temurah: there is no one who sinned sin done but with the provision that gives the ash at the ash become who sin, and therefore unaffected will be water first and then in ash. But let ashes first pho … Tosefta Demai: Treasure of Israel and chisels Mtilin into it if the majority of chisels and certainly if most Israeli D’mai septum on the septum and certainly Dr. Meyer and CCC even all gentiles and Israel one casts into … Kiddushin 25a; and Troiiho Bhai called Kmiflgi ( Desert S, S) and pure that the impure etc. Tosafot on Yoma: Rabbi Yossi believed contamination rest is public. I wonder if so on cow Emei insufficient in The God and the seventh victim of the public is not put off Saturday and impurity and YL Dcion Dtbol the … Rashi on Yevamot: Taking Soul – Next to the temple impure familiarity with hated ‘(Numbers S) and cut off that the temple of the Lord unclean: Zevachim 17b: (Numbers S, S) and this rule is pure impure taught that as a cow soaked day Bemidbar Rabbah: On the second day Nathanael sacrificed etc. – what it says sacrificed? According to Reuben came and juniper, said: Dye Kadmonites Judah trips, I will sacrifice History!Defiles dealings and defiles the tent Dbmga is written (Numbers nineteenth) [and] when it comes to actually, means the meat has properly no meat properly. And impurity tent spelling … Shir HaShirim Rabbah: [k] these Solomon had a vineyard Israel, as it is written (Isaiah Thursday) that the vineyard of the Lord of hosts the house of Israel. King Solomon had his peace. Holder loads and loads a buzzing after ownership … Rashi on Sotah: since there are unique master of impurity – whether it was about the tool or platform that person becomes master of impurity and tools defile a man who does not tell the food was made ​​master of impurity epic ‘is written by the dead (in … Jerusalem Talmud Nazir 35b; coagulation and it will contain a tiny bit would be defiling committed Tninn Rabbi Yossi says dead meat is dry and can not soak in and return the amount that was pure Because it is called Rabbi Yossi and the wilting learned from Nabil … Rashi on Niddah: well, those who sin – to sanctify him who takes away the sin Drhmna said (Numbers S) living water to the vessel and the island Lau tool is: Rashi on Gittin: Who sinned – Dfrh red and cow itself Nfslin work is written (Numbers S) which could not carry the burden and who sinned spelling custody whom Wanda Tanya books of what is written: could no to … Midrash Tanchuma: and Joseph down to Egypt, Zs”h God go predicted Alila Social Project on people (Psalm far) IR Joshua son Korha terrible though you bring us the plot that brought me … Rashi on Zevachim: and stated below – Red Heifer (Numbers S) and took her out: Rashi on Shabbat: mean Z – certainly not workable kind of craft first pure and Crhic not Itamar Dr. John but for the purposes of broken and Taharot Cdfrisit Dlica Lfrosa that it Dmdrsot and who … Ikar Siftei Hachamim: Churchill “and that is precisely purity of day G but no more than a day can cleanse seventh and certainly contrary is real and comes Lasmainn sail but Dagmar purity called on Jean nose … Bartenura on Mishnah Kelim: the garment unclean because five names Cdmfrs and consumable. Because the vessel, because a seat, because tents, because Terry, because three on three. And each of them strange rate each other. How, clothes … Rashi on Zevachim: face the wall – is written in Jerusalem (Numbers S) and took it etc.: Tosefta Parah: given them until they set on fire a rifle or light ash on becoming unacceptable. Took a bone or black and Kadesh which it is not doing anything if there is dust all about it if her body exhausted and its temple and kosher. Ou … Rashi: and sin on the seventh day. He finished his purity: Kiddushin 62a: (Numbers S, S) and sin on the seventh day why I Jerusalem Talmud Pesachim 37b: it says (in the desert heat) but the firstborn ox or the firstborn of a sheep, or the firstborn of a goat not redeem Kadesh they and their blood throw on the altar and write one say (things a) blood Zbhic spilled on the altar of the & apo … Rashi on Menachot: punish cut – talking at the time did not bring atonement did not come out every impurity irrelevant Len biblically it was taught people (people) who shall be unclean and Ithta (Numbers S) in blood means that if those unclean is should … Bartenura on Mishnah Eduyot: Pottery saves everything surrounded by pottery thread bracelet saves everything inside the tent when dead, nor defile everything in it, as it is written (Numbers nineteenth) every open vessel which … Tosafot on Eruvin: it is merely dirt and void. And impurity arises pressing them to his tent and Industrial Zone and whether Rabbi Yossi Ksbr impurity lies not coming from Bep ‘skin and gravy (Hulin Page Kedah 🙂 d … Rashi on Yoma: Eleazar and constitution – Eleazar spelling it and gave it to Eleazar the priest, etc. (Numbers S) and text (name) This statute of the law and all Hica Dcti Constitution Aicoba is: Rashi on Yoma: all to immerse our baptism day – Dilip Tractate Megillah (approx.) Mohtao seventh day and bathe in water, etc. (Numbers S): Tosafot on Yoma: Mksinn sprinkling baptism. Theme Emei raid Ho dropper Dtbilh at the time mitzvah sprinkling has to say because it is written (Numbers S) and that the purest on the unclean on the third day and on the seventh day and disinfect biomedical … Bartenura on Mishnah Eduyot: tiny bit of meat retiring limb of a living organ interpreted the living person liable it defiles all time is whole, dealings and dead tent itself, for it is written (Numbers nineteenth) in a report … on Tosafot Sanhedrin: and the day that served Where did dipped. Theme Tifok Len it is written on soaked day came the sun and Purge all he defiled Cdnfka Len lack Kippur next to it is written and purity of which is impure and justified the & q … Rashi on Bava Batra: Dtzmd La Mia – like a bracelet thread (Numbers S) and stick on Baal Peor (Psalms) connected The water in it that did not go down, and this is like watering the field Romeo Dhors fixes the field and beautify irrigation this: Rashi on Niddah: Pottery – utilizing the tent of the dead as it is written (Numbers S) every open vessel which has no bracelet thread it defiled God has Bracelet thread about pure: Rashi on Chullin: If a rat could drink from it – mishna states (PT cow mg) all the vermin are legitimizing those who sin apart from the rat because it (vomit Gamaliel says even the snake) talking at a … Ein Yaakov: Atioh Laidc Lkmih Dkisr, Amro Lih: Flh Labodh Zrh! Amr Lho: Btorh verse (Exodus), “not Ihih to you A … Tosafot on Sanhedrin: Fsolin those who sin. And Industrial Zone Dbfrk the boat seller (Bava Batra page up 🙂 means they Ddrsinn rivers and rivers are automating D. Jordan Yarmouk rivers Krmion and Feige and … Tosefta Parah: the Temple was standing and boiled or flying or Sdhao fellow or dismissal wind came another and Kadesh it is unacceptable hated ‘(Numbers S) and took impure until he Mtcoin for fill and sprinkling holy. … Rashi on Menachot: Granted all hand finished blowing a cow’s body – for a cow in front of him burning after descending from the mountain as it is written (Numbers S) and burnt the cow before his eyes: Tosafot on Yevamot: Medellin sprinkling without immersion. Tam sail without prior immersion to sprinkling sprinkling who said that in four unemployed atonement (page resections i.) What our ancestors did not enter the alliance, but the word and … Rashi on Beitzah: pure dead tent – tent of the deceased intact Dlgbi pottery is written into every open vessel (Numbers S) means that Dish has opened and all uncleanness of contact: Rashi on Sotah: What defilement easy – to enter the defilement of the body is not a temple but a domesticated principle will not cut the written part of the Temple Mishkan red cow affair two verses that the temple of the Lord … Rashi on Sotah: If so, what is written in the ground that will bring out its reserves – and put into a Hall but from the bottom cancellation If there is no will, and lay there and then we canceled and which will be fulfilled N. … Bartenura on Mishnah Eruvin: and defiles because the scrolls if but making a roll If defiling grave never touched a man dead and tools as people, even taken away as it is written (Numbers S) and all that touches on the field and Drsinn including rolled and knocks. Scroll is covering the grave: Rashi on Chagigah: spend a rectangle of Tzdokin would say involvement sun was done – and Rabanan dipped Day as Minister in Dnfka Ho Mriboia Dkra and this pure on pure and impure rule is unclean taught … Rashi on Eruvin: must – sin inadvertently made ​​the Malicious since that the temple of the Lord unclean (Numbers S): Bartenura on Mishnah Shekalim: there will be blood Torah ashes were loaded were loaded no ashes, as it is written (Numbers nineteenth) sin is, which were loaded and there were loaded ashes., because Dhzo Dean snubbed Cut … Bartenura on Mishnah Eduyot: given on creep and violation Shaffer tool defiled it, for surely no pottery defile his back, nevertheless, ash unclean, because Dmonh unclean place, and the Torah states (Numbers E & … Metzudat Zion on Zechariah: sin. Who called who Apr cow that is the sin and impurity purifier is Ithta it is written (Numbers S): Haamek Davar: and he shall wash his clothes. the same day. And we have learned that SH Bible Dadm defiles clothing unclean for seven days. As they learned the books of F. Rods it is written and the defeat your clothes on the seventh day. Dclim and Adam and tools t … Rashi on Chagigah: not defile a man – for surely unclean running or not Father impurity is not defiles a person we have not found contamination to humans and tools Hnogain unclean received impurity other than defiling dead was said and mind with regard to defile until the evening (in the desert S): Bartenura on Mishnah Kelim: dark clothing contact ie motors clothes impurity non Aica touch without cargo, touching carrion or anyone Wanda is not their subject matter is defiling even the clothing which, as it is written (Leviticus E & a … Bartenura on Mishnah Oholot: a person comes to the stage, unclean Uncleanness Seven is written (Numbers nineteenth) relating to the stage of all human persons, and be unclean seven days, according to that he became a master of impurity, the dead impurity is: Rashi on Sotah: Hzato unacceptable – Dbainn intention of purity as it is written (Numbers S) and pure that the impure having to Mtcoin to him, Rashi on Yoma: and Mtcoin and see – above the head of the Wall through the gates ahead thereof opened the Hall when he that blood as it is written (Numbers S) and that to the face of the tent of meeting etc. And if there was the … Bartenura on Mishnah Oholot: an instrument of pure, holy and sin Dhmninho Rabbis ignorant about Scripture, in order not to be everyone goes and builds a platform for himself, Thus the tool pure holy saves everything, even to the … Jerusalem Talmud Nazir 36b: Meanwhile, what Rabbi Yochanan said in the meantime relieve Rabbi Shimon ben quiche said meanwhile exacerbate What Meanwhile, This limb of a dead limb of a living which no meat properly R. Yossi Ltd … Rashi on Shabbat: unclean unclean dead – that became a master of impurity by dead like all other tools Hraoiin get impurity if shade tent of the dead on them became master of impurity and with respect to other impurities WINE first Lett … Bartenura on Mishnah Oholot: impurify contact and the tent is written (Numbers nineteenth), and matters relating to or in space or dead, or the grave, which is dead defiles contact and even grave defiles the tent and the tent contact: David Metzudat on Zechariah: Wanda. RL for the purpose of baptism Handa even should not necessarily life or water coming is interesting fancy as those Wanda (Numbers S) and multiplication synonyms: Bartenura on Mishnah Kilayim: defiles the tent of a man as it is written (Numbers S) and everything that touches on the field, someone who grew up field: Bartenura on Mishnah Parah: whether Tshir not be voided if there were born unto her two black hairs unacceptable, as it is written (Numbers S) Red innocent, it may be an innocent blush. And she went, Dfrh Red Bat three years or four years old and … Jerusalem Talmud Kilayim 39a: Proto prohibited and permitted stallion Z. My mother named Rabbi Rabbi helpful Rmch Real Mallins. Some Dtimr (Esther H) members Hrmcim. [lord] animal field. Macy Arki … Bartenura on Mishnah Niddah: and shall be unclean dead as it is written (Numbers nineteenth) and persons who were there, all the people he: Jerusalem Talmud Megillah 21a: Chisda said softly General of consignment language here is Mtnita IR Llosa contrarian long Yoda Bethesda donations Dhia Dr. Ata R. Joseph Hanania named Chisda Dr. Jose hi … Bartenura on Mishnah Yadayim: do not fill filling water of life to sanctify them who takes away the sin of cow’s ashes. Dcli unchanged, as it is written (Numbers nineteenth) living water to vessels: Bartenura on Mishnah Horayot: Fcoorim court and that the provisions of the law dealing with them. And no fault was the provision of court: but there is a high priest to the temple and temples impurity of the words of Rabbi Shimon. The reason Derby there … Bartenura on Mishnah Pesachim: Banner defiled impure died island is metal candle. All tools except crockery have been touched impurity dead likewise, if the father father, mother, first things first, as it is written (Numbers nineteenth) in a report … Tosefta Makhshirin: all except Thorin dead drink his blood and all blood mirror the ones impurify said Rabbi Joshua ben Kbosai Every day I read that Bible (Numbers S) and pure that the impure and found … Shemot Rabbah: took a bullock – Training Camp (Psalm vomit): great acts of God needed all their belongings, when he wants it calls the female, hated ‘ (Numbers S): bring you a cow Edo … Bartenura on Mishnah Kelim: who takes away the sin that does not touch unclean fancy. And if they have to delirium, even impure negotiations, defile man defile clothes. As it is written (Numbers nineteenth) and that those who Handa wash his clothes … Bartenura on Mishnah Parah: against the Holy of Holies as it is written (Numbers nineteenth) and that to the face of the tent of meeting: Tanna Debei Eliyahu Rabbah: DA Auxiliary materials he preferred that honors the Torah Smcbdin the Torah all day always how city with idolaters and has ten houses of Israel Smscimin and Maribin Bbhc”n and Bubby … Bartenura on Mishnah Eduyot: organ meat that has not defiling organ properly unless there is flesh and sinew and bone, as it is written (Numbers Y. “i) or indeed a man, what a man that has flesh and sinew and bone, though … Bartenura on Mishnah Menachot: Seven red heifer hallucinations. As it is written (Numbers nineteenth) and that to the face of the tent of meeting seven times simulator: Tosefta Chagigah: R. Nehemiah why all Namnin the sanctuary and the contribution that will be every one says I am building [altar] I am burning myself Pre myself written (meter … Bartenura on Mishnah Oholot: no impure impurity tent under a tent or a person is not complete unless it is written (Numbers nineteenth) a person that dies in a tent, or organ as humans as it is written (there) actually man, what a … Yoma 43b : (Numbers S, S) and that the impure pure pure rule is unclean taught that as a cow soaked day on Mishnah Oholot Bartenura: limb of a dead animal organ is written (Numbers nineteenth) in a sword or stage, organ Shbdilto the sword of animal origin is dead: Tosefta Parah: were probably leaving in the women’s corps and weighting of stone were Kboain Wall degrees of Women’s and Csoiihn of stone looked Corps and ash content than cow and a cow were burning … Kiddushin 62a: (Numbers S, S) and that purely on the unclean on The third and seventh day why I Bemidbar Rabbah: and his parable, and said the Aleppo ‘He leads me – began: from the high I was and brought them down Black Beer hay.’ He leads me, how that Take That said, (Ezekiel heart) rested on a lot of Egypt and had carried him down. everything else: the … Yoma 14a: (Numbers S, S) and that the impure to pure pure impure impure and the pure words of Rabbi Akiva Vayikra Rabbah: Rabbi Yehuda called Rabbi Simeon ben Pazzi Open: (Proverbs D): heard people say take. A lot of tricks I have commanded you to your right. I told you (Numbers S): bring you a cow … Tosefta Mikvaot: cow bled periodically and slaughtered in from time to time it was made ​​and was Rabbi Yossi the Galilean purifier and RA defiles helped R”t Rabbi Yossi the Galilean. Help Constable Ben v … Targum Jonathan on Numbers: BUT the unclean man who will not be Sprinkled, That man shall be cut off from Among the Congregation, Because he hath Defiled the sanctuary of the Lor … Makkot 8a: From this [reasoning ], ‘When (asher) Anyone has become impure fails to Purify to himself [They will be cut off from Their people] “(Numbers 19: … Onkelos Numbers: and Gbr di Istab and La Idi Alohi and Istitzi Ansa that one Mgo Khla Ari It Mkdsa Dii Saib eau Adiota La Azdriko Alohi Msab Hoa Meshech Hochma; and amputated soul shall be cut off mind that out of the crowd that the temple D unclean. It is possible that recognition is that he was cut off from the public, such as dead meat from the human mind, that as the essential spirit it resides in the body and … Rashi: And the man that shall be unclean et cetera. If we say Lama Temple said the neighbor, etc. as written weeks (page P b): Haamek Davar: And a man who shall be unclean and Gu. above text punishment for defilement contact stage a complete donkey. And just returned interpreted Dh”h impurity such : Ibn Ezra: And the man that shall be unclean. And already mentioned all when it comes to the stage in life and cut off now warned the bone and the grave Shevuot 16b: (Numbers S, T) that the temple of the Lord unclean Horayot 9b: (Numbers S, T) and cut off the mind that out of the crowd Who we approached it on par audience that his victim went to the par Ikar Siftei Hachamim: heaven forbid if we say that should not enter the temple on impurity let alone the official residence of any person is anointed with the anointing oil, and explains which said seat and said the temple would mean the anointed Tabernacle is a must … Rashi: [no text available] Haamek Davar: from the crowd. While he was with the audience. Ie at helping inner vision. And we Dmsiim that the temple of the Lord unclean. And except for receipt of the Sages would seem that the sanctity of aircraft since it is an hour … Arakhin 3a: (Numbers S, T) which defile a man and a no man Ithta not Km”l Nazir 61b: Damar read (Numbers S, T) and one who shall be unclean and Ithta soul shall be cut off from among the congregation that he had an audience who left the audience it has no Sefer HaChinukh: and the sanctuary and uncleanness spelling temples or people who touch anything unclean et cetera. And disappeared from et cetera. And said everything at the end of the case and brought charges. Nor was the text positive difference tom … Mishneh Torah, Defilement by a Corpse: and rabbinic Shiho idolaters Czbin all their words and you have all sorts of people what defile and he is alive or defiles and lives apart from man alone and he will be Israel one big brother … Targum Jonathan On Numbers: And it shall be unto you an Everlasting statute. The Priest, Also, who Sprinkleth the water of Sprinkling shall Sprinkle His clothes, and he who touch … Onkelos Numbers: and Thi Lhon Lkim Alm and Didi eau Adiota Itzba Lbosohi and Dikrb Bmi Adiota Ihi Msab until Rmsa Rashi: And that those who Handa. Our teachers said than pure, and it came to teach the subject who takes away the sin unclean unclean serious taint clothing which is not so concerning which issued the language of it, to tell you, Sha … Ikar Siftei Hachamim: it is written, and this pure impure Obviously it is pure Dam is unclean, then defiles the water but say though is pure hallucinated: Kitzur Baal Haturim: the water be delivered. Handa water. But who shook Ithta. Who Merivat Kadesh. Jordan River. If snow water washed. This is what is demanded and Eleazar the priest said to the military rule that since Moses came about … Kli Yakar: and that those who Handa wash his clothes. Most commentators went compile and found sufficient reason why the cow purifying pure and impure defile your ear now ninth and audio that we find all the food is not competent to … Ibn Ezra: shall be unclean until the evening. And purify until the wash Haamek Davar: and that those Handa. Scripture is written provision Middle East from burning. The Collection. Regard. And here not only spelling and the Middle East and the fact that we really real, but remnants of the Middle East issue rate of delirium and Rashi. I heard: Kli Yakar: if you ask Ash if so tell me why, purify water without ash. Answer mention the need for throwing ashes on him that he could not purified until he knew the source of impurity and will endeavor to remove gave him … Rashi: And lesion etc. Ikar Siftei Hachamim: which is not about heaven forbid to make it difficult for me what Dfrisit Dkra and it and ends up coming to teach the subject unclean if the topic and whether as a proportion of it then comes to spelling and unclean water until evening Handa Dms … Bemidbar Rabbah: and the priest swore etc. – hence, if the charter was written before you receive the oath, unacceptable, initially written, and swore, and then: writing. During these weeks, here you are discussing all this week … Rashi: defile. And do not require laundering clothes: Ikar Siftei Hachamim: RL because Dmzh is an issue, then LL relating to the back and it Ddrc Bible contain touches and carries along and here some but not etc.: Yoma 14a; and spelling (Numbers S, U) and that those who Handa shall wash his clothes Kli Yakar: and the third clue place according to the words of me to say a binding of Isaac, who interpreted all matters of infringement on the ways the answer as explained in this book and how close to the Mental Health Medical hear that body … Niddah 9a: (Numbers S, U) and that those who Handa shall wash his clothes Kli Yakar: some say it is the intention of the Sages (place 🙂 Congratulations Led PW does not stand completely righteous can stand there, the husband answer should be in the place that was there first … Targum Jonathan on Numbers: And whatever the unclean person hath touched, though he carry it not, shall be unclean; and the clean man who Toucheth Him shall be unclean till evening. Ikar Siftei Hachamim: That is what defiled the word impure indicates mentioned is concerning those who sinned and it is not for surely no regard to who shook but impurity of dinner and how unclean person, and explains that abominable defiled stage defile … Rashi: And all who touch him. This impure defiled stage shall be unclean: Ibn Ezra: And all who touched it unclean shall be unclean. He is unclean dead or bone or a grave Rashbam: and mind with regard to, a third party who had had direct contact with someone had had direct contact with the deceased, defile until evening, will become ritually Defil … Avodah Zarah 37b: (Numbers S, V) and all who touched it unclean shall be unclean Haamek Davar: and all that it touches the unclean shall be unclean. Rabbi Vilna Gaon Bess FFA IR Dahl interprets that is T”m about the tool becomes a master tool impurity and unclean seven as impure Dcmo Dhrb Messrs space to be a father … Onkelos Numbers: and Cl Dee Ikrb Bih Msaba Ihi Msab and Ans Dikrb Bih Ihi Msab until Rmsa Rashi: And I touched the soul. It unclean dead: Ikar Siftei Hachamim: heaven forbid another person when it comes to a dead unclean until evening that defile and melons Rashi Granted tools can defile according to defile dead is second and tools contaminated Sunday, but other concerned person unclean to … Ibn Ezra: defile until evening. And wash Rashi: defile until evening. From this we learned that the dead patriarch of the impure and regard its parent unclean and defiles a person, it is laid out according to means and implications: the midrash legend copied founded Scheller Moshe preacher and that is:
Rashi: And A legend in the copied founded by Rabbi Moshe preacher and that “bring you” – their own as they Round unloaded their own golden earrings that this will bring their own atonement, “Per …

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