Praying Repeatedly-A Spark of Ruach Ha’Kodesh

Question: Is it correct for one to plead and beseech Hashem for the same thing every single day or is it more proper to pray for a certain matter only several times and if one sees that one has not been answered, one should cease praying for that specific matter? Answer: The Gemara (Berachot 32b) states: “Rabbi Chanin said in the name of Rabbi Chanina: … Continue reading Praying Repeatedly-A Spark of Ruach Ha’Kodesh

The Bedtime Keri’at Shema

Question: Is it obligatory to read the bedtime Keri’at Shema? Similarly, should the blessing of “Hamapil” printed in Siddurim be recited before Keri’at Shema including Hashem’s name? Answer: The Gemara (Berachot 60b) states: “One who goes into bed to sleep recites the blessing ‘Hamapil Chevlei Shena Al Einai.’” The Tosafot and Mordechi write that all of the blessings quoted in the final chapter of Masechet Berachot must … Continue reading The Bedtime Keri’at Shema


בס”ד במדבר   The Torah doesn’t say what exact date שבועות falls, implying that Shavuos- מתן תורה, being the 50th day of Sefira, is למעלה מן הזמן. It could fall on the fifth, sixth or seventh of Sivan, depending on whether Nisan and Iyar are מלא or חסר. Shavuos is called weeks since the great achievement one could accomplish, depends on the weeks that proceed. … Continue reading ADV Parsha BAMIDBAR

Parashat Bamidbar / פרשת בְּמִדְבַּר

This week we begin the book of Bamidbar, which means “in the desert” – which is where it all takes place. In English it’s called Numbers, as it begins with and contains a number of censuses of the Israelites. The Sforno comments on this divinely ordered counting of the Jewish people, and compares it to the one that takes place later, towards the end of … Continue reading Parashat Bamidbar / פרשת בְּמִדְבַּר

ADV Parsha Behar/Bechukosa

The מזל of the month of Iyar is שור, whereas the מזל of סיון is תאומים, twins -Gemini, which represents the שתי הלוחות or the תורה שבעל פה ותורה שבכתב, and the שתי הלחם. Behar is the 32nd Parsha, where בחוקתי is the 33rd . Parsha usually falling in the Shabbos after לג בעומר. There are thirty two teeth connected to the לב נתיבות החכמה, … Continue reading ADV Parsha Behar/Bechukosa


TO LOVE THE TORAHCHAPTER 5THE IMPORTANT ROLE OF PRAYER IN LEARNINGTORAH Another key to success in learning Torah is to ask Hashem forit – you can ask him that you should be able to learn, whether itis the time or the natural inclination you think you are lacking.You can also ask Him to help you understand a particularGemara that you are trying to learn. In … Continue reading TO LOVE THE TORAH 5

Parashat Behar / פרשת בהר

BEHAR, Leviticus 25:1-26:2 THE LAND BELONGS TO G-D “To G-d belongs the land and its fullness, the earth and its inhabitants.” (Psalms 24:1). “The heavens, the heavens belong to G-d, but the earth He GAVE TO THE SONS OF ADAM. The dead will not praise G-d nor all who go down to desolation. But we will praise G-d from now and forever! Halleluyah!” (Psalms 115:16-17). … Continue reading Parashat Behar / פרשת בהר


Let all that you do be done with love.1Corinthians 16:14 You shall not hate your brother in your heart. You shall surely rebuke your neighbor, and not bear sin because of him. You shall not take vengeance, nor bear any grudge against the children of your people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself: I am HaShem… The stranger [ger] who dwells among you shall be … Continue reading LESSON NINE: 1&2 CORINTHIANS

Who Wrote the Torah According to the Torah?

Who Wrote the Torah According to the Torah?Jewish and Christian tradition ascribes authorship of the Pentateuch to Moses in the 13th century B.C.E. Is this what the Pentateuch itself implies about who wrote it and when? Prof.Christopher A. RollstonWho Wrote the Torah According to the Torah?People participate in helping a scribe complete a Torah scroll. Wikimedia The first five books of the Bible, known as … Continue reading Who Wrote the Torah According to the Torah?

Lag BaOmer

Besides being the day on which the plague affecting Rabbi Akiva’s students ceased, Lag BaOmer is traditionally observed as marking the commemoration of the death (Yahrzeit in Yiddish) of Rebbi Shimon bar Yochai, a famous 1st-century Jewish sage in ancient Israel. After the death of Rabbi Akiva’s 24,000 students, Rabbi Akiva taught five students, among them Rebbi Shimon. The latter went on to become the … Continue reading Lag BaOmer

ADV Parashat Emor

1 בס”ד אמור בס”ד The fifth week of sefira is Hod, of which the Zohar says- תערין פתיחין, which means that the gates are open. This is the away it will be in the future- – יתקע בשופר גדול ובא האובדים=1288=תערין פתיחין. טהרין פתיחין. On the first day of the fifth week, or חסד שבהוד is פסח שני. On this day there was a second … Continue reading ADV Parashat Emor