Who Is Moshiach?


Moshiach is Mogen Yisheinu,
the Shield of our Salvation Shmuel Bais 22:36

Moshiach is Ben Dovid
Melech Gibbor, Son of David
the Mighty King, Melachim
Alef 2:12

Moshiach is Melech
Hamelachim, Melachim Bais 18:5

Moshiach is Zera Dovid,
the Seed of David, Divrey
HaYamim Alef 17:11

Moshiach is Boneh Beis
Hamikdash, the Builder of the
Beis Hamikdash, Divrei
HaYamim Bais 2:5

Moshiach is Boneh Chomat
Yerushalayim, Builder of the
Wall of Jerusalem,
Nechemyah 2:17

Moshiach is revach
v’hatzalah laYehudim,
relief and deliverance for the
Jews, Esther 4:14

Moshiach is Go’ali chai, my
living Redeemer, Job 19:25

Moshiach is chasid beli
shachat, chasid without
corruption, Ps 16:10

Moshiach is chochmat
Hashem, HaBen HaElohim,
Mishle, Wisdom of Adonoi,
Son of G-d, 8:12,30; 30:4

Moshiach is chochmah asher
techayyeh, wisdom that keeps
alive, Kohelet 7:12

Moshiach is dodi nafshi
(My Lover of my Soul); Shir
Hashirim 1:1

Moshiach is Sar Shalom,
Prince of Peace, Isaiah 9:5(6);53:5

Moshiach is tzemach tzaddik
Adonoi tzidkeinu, the
Righteous Branch of Dovid,
Adonoi our Righteousness,
Jeremiah 23:5-6

Moshiach is hu asher lo al
kisse l’olam, he on the throne
forever, Ekhah 5:19

Moshiach is hu asher nasa
avonoteinu, he which carried
away our iniquities as the sa’ir
l’Azazel Yom Kippur kappore
who takes the onesh
(punishment) for our sins.
Moshiach yikaret v’ein lo,
Moshiach will be cut off and
not for himself Daniel 9:26

Moshiach hu kam litechiyyah
bYom HaShelishi, the one
raised to life on the third day,
Hoshea 6:2

Moshiach hu asher yishpoch
Ruach Hakodesh
al kol basar–Yoel
Moshiach meshovev sukkat
Dovid hanofelet, the restorer
of Dovid’s fallen tent–Amos
Moshiach hu ba im
ha’ananim b’Yom Adonoi, he
who comes with the clouds on
the Day of Adonoi, Ovadyah
1:15; Daniel 7:13

Moshiach hu navi mavet
v’yyake, the prophet death
disgorges, Yonah 2:10

Moshiach is Moshel miBeitLechem, The Ruler from BeitLechem–Michoh
Moshiach is mevaser
mashmia shalom, the one
bringing good news, who
proclaims peace, Nachum 2:1

Moshiach is dat kavod
Adonoi yada’ti b’emunah, the
knowledge of the glory of
Adonoi I know by faith,
Chabakuk 2:14

Moshiach is Adonoi tzaddik
Tzefanyah 3:5

Moshiach is chemdat kol
haGoyim, the Desired of all
nations, Haggai 2:7

Moshiach is Yehoshua
tzemach shemo, branch (of
Dovid), that is Moshiach is his
name, Zecharyah 6:11-12

Moshiach is HaAdon asher
atem mevakeshim, the L-rd
whom you seek, Malachi 3:1,

i.e. HaAdon kol HaAretz, the
L-rd of All the Earth,
Zecharyah 4:14

Moshiach is Yehoshua,
Yeshua. Yeshua is the Aramaic
form (see Nehemiah 8:17) of
the Hebrew name Yehoshua,
the Post Eilic Kohen Gadol
building the Beis Hamikdash,
the Man (Zech 3:8) from
Eile’s death springing up
alive, who, according to
Zecharyah 6:11-12 is the
prophetic Name Sake of the
coming Moshiach

האשם = הרוח הקודש = תורה = ישוע = לפיד

Hashem=Haruach Hakodesh=Torah=Yeshua=Lapid