A Torah Observant Believer

A Torah observant believer is one who understands that being Torah (Aurayta) observant is a very real and serious lifestyle. Torah observance is what we are, not what we do. It feeds our thoughts and all of our actions.

Those who claim to be Torah observant in the infancy of their faith may be mistaken about what that actually means, or they could be caught up in the “ritual” and the “imagery” of a community that is observant.

If you are not sure, then the Didache (Limudah) is something you should focus upon, and gradually begin acclimating yourself to what the Torah is and how it is to be observed in your current situation and culture.

It’s always best to never jump into something before having a better understanding of it. This isn’t to discourage those who are trying or struggling, but it’s more of a word of caution for newer believers, so they can study diligently, develop patience and finally, when the Holy Spirit says that it’s time, you will have a greater appreciation for the Torah, and by that time, it will have already become your lifestyle.