The Laws of Hearing Parashat Zachor- Coronavirus

Halacha Yomit The Halacha Yomit is distributed to 26,940 active daily recipientsThe Laws of Hearing Parashat Zachor- Coronavirus “Remember What Amalek Has Done to You”On the Shabbat preceding Purim, which is this coming Shabbat, after the opening of the Ark immediately following Shacharit prayers, two Sifrei Torah are removed; in the first one, we read the weekly Parasha (which is Parashat Vayikra this year, 5779) … Continue reading The Laws of Hearing Parashat Zachor- Coronavirus


CHAPTER THIRTEENSACRIFICE FOR TORAH STUDY AND SURRENDER OFTHINGS WHICH PREVENTS VIGILANCE IN TORAHSTUDY The gemarah in massechet Brachot (71b) says, “Once thewicked ruling kingdom decreed that Yisrael may not involvethemselves with Torah. Rebi Akiva came, gathered groups ofpeople and publicly taught them Torah… it was but a few dayslater that they caught Rebi Akiva and imprisoned him. Whenthey brought out Rebi Akiva to kill him … Continue reading DIVREY YA’AKOV Lesson 13

ADV Parashat Terumah

Between שקלים שבתand זכור פרשת there is a הפסקה, so that Moshe could internalize what he already received. The main theme of the Parsha is ועשו לי מקדש ושכנתי בתוכם Hashem created this lowly world in order to have a דירה בתחתונים. This is Hashem’s desire, his רצון, which is above דעת. We have to make ourselves into a receptacle for the שכינה to dwell, and thus fulfilling the ושכנתי בתוכם, in the hearts of every yid. The … Continue reading ADV Parashat Terumah

Shabbat Zachor / שבת זכור

Shabbat Zachor (“Sabbath [of] remembrance שבת זכור) is the Shabbat immediately preceding Purim. Deuteronomy 25:17-19, describing the attack by Amalek, is recounted. There is a tradition from the Talmud that Haman, the antagonist of the Purim story, was descended from Amalek. The portion that is read includes a commandment to remember the attack by Amalek, and therefore at this public reading both men and women … Continue reading Shabbat Zachor / שבת זכור

Parashat Terumah / פרשת תרומה

God spoke to Moses… Some say that this was said to Moses during the 40 days on the mountain (Tanna DeBei Eliahu Rabbah 17; Lekach Tov on Exodus 35:1; Ibn Ezra; Baaley Tosafoth; Zohar 2:194a, 224a). According to others, it was said after the Golden Calf, when Moses went up for the second set of tablets (Exodus 34:29; Seder Olam Rabbah 6 from Exodus 34:32; … Continue reading Parashat Terumah / פרשת תרומה

Visiting Coronavirus Patients

Question: Can one fulfill the Mitzvah of visiting the sick by calling the individual on the phone or must one physically go and visit the sick person? Answer: In the previous Halacha we have explained the primary ideas behind the Mitzvah of visiting the sick which is meant to assist the ill individual and to take care of all of his needs. Maran Rabbeinu Ovadia Yosef zt”l writes that … Continue reading Visiting Coronavirus Patients


CLOSENESS TO HASHEM CHAPTER TWELVETHE GREATNESS ACQUIRED THROUGH TORAH STUDYPart 1: A major feature of Torah study is that everyword one studies, one fulfils a positive mitzvah andmerits awesome reward. In the book ‘Shenot Eliyahu’ of the Vilna Gaon [which is anexplanation to the mishnayot, printed in at the back of someeditions] on massechet Peah (81:41) Chazal write, “A personmust love the Torah very much, … Continue reading DIVREY YA’AKOV Lesson12

Parashat Mishpatim / פרשת משפטים

There is a strange—little spoken about—law that my mind, particularly over the last few months, keeps re-visiting. The Talmud teaches that when one builds a synagogue or house of study the structure should preferably have windows (BT Berakhot 34b). Indeed, this idea is codified as law in the foundational legal code, the Shulhan Arukh (OH 90:2). The medieval commentaries offer differing reasons for this law. … Continue reading Parashat Mishpatim / פרשת משפטים

ADV Parsha Mishpatim

שבת שקלים משפטים בס “ד Parshas משפטים is jammed packed, besides the many mitzvos that are written in it. This Parsha is the conclusion, the נעילה of the ימי השובבים, in a regular year. It is also the first of the four Parshios that are read surrounding the great י”ט of Purim- שקלים. It is also שבת מברכים אדר, that prepares us for פורים. At … Continue reading ADV Parsha Mishpatim

Parashat Yitro – A Truly Correct Judgement

From HaGaon Rav Zevadia HaCohen Shlit”a, The Head of the Batei Din in Tel Aviv(translated by our dear friend Rav Daniel Levy Shlit”a, Leeds UK) This Shabbat we shall read about Yitro, Moshe Rabbeinu’s father-in-law, who saw his son-in-law Moshe Rabbeinu adjudicating the people’s cases from morning until evening. He advised him how best to manage the judicial process for the people. In the Torah’s … Continue reading Parashat Yitro – A Truly Correct Judgement