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Our Mission To Be A Light to the Nations

We have returned to the Ancient Paths of Mar-Yah, living unto Elohim as He writes His Torah upon our hearts (according to Jer. 31:31- 34; Heb. 8:8-10; Heb. 10:16). Heb. 8:10 But this is the covenant which I will give to the family of the house of Israel after those days, Says Hashem

For Zion's sake, I will not be silent, and for Jerusalem’s sake, I will not be still, until her righteousness emanates like a bright light, and her salvation blazes like a torch (lapid).Isaiah 62:1

Praise Hashem
Ya’akov, eved (servant) of Hashem and of Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach Adoneinu Yeshua; To the Shneym Asar HaShevatim (Twelve Tribes) in the Golus, Shalom!

Kol Nidrei

The declaration made before the recital of Kol Nidrei [We permit prayer with thosewho are transgressors] has its roots in the events that occurred at the time of theforced conversions imposed upon Spanish Jews. The Church subjected SpanishJewry to harsh and cruel persecution, forcing them to renounce Judaism […]

Erev Yom Kippur

Erev Yom Kippur Immersion in the MikvehIt is proper for men to immerse themselves in a Mikveh on Erev Yom Kippur. Even in his advanced years when Maran zt”l was weak and this proved difficult, he nevertheless made the effort to go and immerse in a Mikveh (located in the […]

The missing Chapter

The missing Chapter 29 of the Acts of the ApostlesWe have seen in our investigation, the persistent rumors of Joseph of Arimathea in Britain and how it is that we have been misdirected as to his burial place by the propaganda put out by Henry Blois. When we […]

Beginning of a New Beginning

  All beginnings are hard… Rashi I once asked a young Rosh HaYeshiva about a phenomenon that I found to be at odds with a famous statement by Rashi. “All beginnings are hard”. Clearly Rashi says “all” and that means every beginning is open for examination. “How come […]

Gabriels Revelation

The inscription dubbed “Gabriel’s Revelation” is from the collection of David Jeselsohn of Zurich and Jerusalem, who lent the stone to the Israel Museum for the temporary exhibition. We continue to be grateful to collectors who allow their artifacts and inscriptions to be studied by scholars and shared […]

Shofar Blowing 101

Shofar Blowing There is a positive Torah commandment to hear the Shofar blasts on Rosh Hashanah, as the Torah states, “A day of blasts shall it be for you.” It is forbidden to speak between the various sets of Shofar blasts and this is certainly the case during […]

Selichot for Yom Gimel

Please Wipe Out My Wickedness like a Cloud(Selichot for the house of IsraelRecite loudly:‫א‬ ָ‫ּנ‬ ‫א‬ ָ Please wipe out my wickedness like a cloud,and forgive my sins, for they are great.‫ה‬ ‫ׁשּוב‬Return the remnant of a shadowed people,And send a messenger [of good news]to inform them of […]