ADV Parashat Tetzaveh / פרשת תצוה

תצוה    פרשת זכור   בס”ד     The Zohar says there are 53- גן Parshios in Chumash, but there are really fifty four. There are many opinions that זאת הברכה is not counted as a Parsha, since in חו”ל this Parsha is never read on שבת. There are other opinions that נצבים and וילך are considered one, and others hold the same with מטות ומסעי. The חידא says … Continue reading ADV Parashat Tetzaveh / פרשת תצוה

The Gospel of Peter

The Gospel of Peter – Patristic References The following is transcribed from M.R. James in The Apocryphal New Testament (Oxford: Clarendon Press 1924). Here I place the notices of it that are found in the Church wrtiers. There are but three. Origen on Matthew, x. 17. (They of Nazareth thought that Jesus) was the son of Joseph and Mary: but the brothers of Jesus some (founding on a … Continue reading The Gospel of Peter

ADV Parashat Terumah

Between שקלים שבתand זכור פרשת there is a הפסקה, so that Moshe could internalize what he already received. The main theme of the Parsha is ועשו לי מקדש ושכנתי בתוכם Hashem created this lowly world in order to have a דירה בתחתונים. This is Hashem’s desire, his רצון, which is above דעת. We have to make ourselves into a receptacle for the שכינה to dwell, and thus fulfilling the ושכנתי בתוכם, in the hearts of every yid. The … Continue reading ADV Parashat Terumah

ADV Parsha Mishpatim

שבת שקלים משפטים בס “ד Parshas משפטים is jammed packed, besides the many mitzvos that are written in it. This Parsha is the conclusion, the נעילה of the ימי השובבים, in a regular year. It is also the first of the four Parshios that are read surrounding the great י”ט of Purim- שקלים. It is also שבת מברכים אדר, that prepares us for פורים. At … Continue reading ADV Parsha Mishpatim

ADV Parashat YISRO

A world of knowledge and information to help you grow and share your faith. בס”ד יתרו The purpose of creation was for כלל ישראל to receive the Torah. The question is why is this momentous Parsha, named יתרו? And why was Yisro זוכה to have the Parsha of מתן תורה named after him? Parshas Yisro and פרשת משפטים are very connected as both speak of … Continue reading ADV Parashat YISRO

ADV Parashat Bo 5781 / פרשת בֹּא

בס”ד בא The month of שבט is מסוגל for התחדשות in Torah, since Moshe began a new revelation of משנה תורה, beginning on ר”ח שבט, and preparing the yidden for their entry into א”י. In פרשת בא, the yidden become a nation, an independent entity, revealing בני בכורי ישראל, at the same time that the first born of the Egyptians are dying. Rav Tzadok among … Continue reading ADV Parashat Bo 5781 / פרשת בֹּא


Jacob and ShemaVayigash (Genesis 44:18-47:27)Jacob goes to meet his long-lost son, Joseph. Their meeting is quite emotional, as we wouldhave expected.Genesis 46:29“Joseph harnessed his chariot and went up to meet his father, to Goshen, and he appearedbefore him, he fell on his neck, and he wept on his neck for a long time.”RASHIAnd he wept on his neck for a long time – RASHI: This … Continue reading WHAT IS RASHI SAYING?

ADV Parashat Va’era

בס”ד וארא ע”נ יהודה בן חזקיהו נלב”ע “ג שבט תשס”ה The first pasuk of וארא makes a switch from וידבר to ויאמר, and from אלה-ים to הויה. Rashi says that Hashem is speaking harshly- לשון קשה to Moshe, due to his complaining when he said למה הרעתה לעם הזה, after which Hashem’s compassion took over and a softer tone- לשון רכה, was used- ויאמר. The … Continue reading ADV Parashat Va’era

Adv Parashat Shemot / פרשת שמות

בס”ד שמות Sefer שמות begins the six week (or eight week, in a leap year) period, known as שובבים, which is the acronym of the six first פרשיות. This word comes from ירמיהו where it’s written, says the שלה הקדוש and others, שובו בנים שובבים. It’s written that ימי השובבים are equated with יה”כ- בעשור לחודש=926=תיקון שובבים.Similar to חנוכה, this מנהג of שובבים, was revealed … Continue reading Adv Parashat Shemot / פרשת שמות

ADV Parsha Vayechi

 ויחי  בס”ד Parshas ויחי completes ספר בראשית which is also called ספר הישר and the ספר יצירה. This is a פרשה סתומה  where Rashi gives two reasons why. When Yaakov was נפטר, the eyes and hearts of כלל ישראל were closed, and when יעקב wanted to מגלה the קץ, it was נסתם ממנו. The fact that יעקב wished to reveal the קץ, means that this … Continue reading ADV Parsha Vayechi

ADV Parsha Vayishlach

וישלח בס”ד In וישלח which is the eighth Parsha, the end of the Parsha speaks of the eight kings of אדום. After the reign of these eight kings, כלל ישראל had their eight kings כשזה קם זה נופל from the prophesy to Rivka ולאם מלאם יאמץ. Yaakov is working on a diplomatic solution to abate Esav’s hatred, and so he sent 550 or 580 animals … Continue reading ADV Parsha Vayishlach