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The Diatessaron

The first harmony of the Gospels tr. Hope W. Hogg modified by Alan Humm The underlying English translation was done by Hope W. Hogg, (see citation below), as part of the monumental Ante-Nicene Fathers series and turned into electronic form by the Christian Classics Etherial Library whose efforts have gone so far to extend the […]

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An Aramaic Approach to the Church Epistles

An Aramaic Approach to the Church Epistles By Karen Masterson Commentaries and biographies almost unanimously regard the Apostle Paul as a Hellenistic Jew. They regard him as a Jew whose native language was Greek, who thought in terms of Greek ideas and culture. They compare him to men such as Philo, who explained Judaism in terms […]

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Terjemahan Didache (Sefer Limudah)

PASAL 1 ADA DUA JALAN DAN PERINTAH PERTAMA Lim 1:1 Ada Dua Jalan, SATU JALAN KEHIDUPAN dan SATU JALAN KEMATIAN; namun tentu ada perbedaan besar diantara kedua jalan ini.Lim 1:2 JALAN KEHIDUPAN, Kemudian, Jalan Kehidupan itu, yakni: pertama, hendaklah kamu mengasihi Alaha yang menciptakanmu; kedua, kasihilah sesamamu seperti dirimu sendiri; dan kamu jangan pernah melakukan […]