The Nash Papyrus – An Ancient Witness

The Nash Papyrus –An Ancient Witness Several years ago I heard about a most remarkable document. This ancient document, known as the Nash Papyrus has survived as an ancient witness to some of Israel’s most important words relating to religious life and conduct for humanity. The document is a single page consisting of four precious fragments of text written in Hebrew Script. It was acquired … Continue reading The Nash Papyrus – An Ancient Witness


DIASPORA TORAH READING FOR SHABBAT MAY 11: KEDOSHIM Universal Torah commentary By Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum Torah Reading: Parshas KEDOSHIM, Leviticus 19:1-20:27 Haftara: Amos 9.7-15 (Sephardi ritual: Ezekiel 20.2-20). BE HOLY FOR I AM HOLY This week’s parshah, KEDOSHIM TIHYU, “Be holy.”, was specifically addressed by G-d through His prophet Moses “to all of the assembly of the Children of Israel” (Leviticus 19:2). In the words … Continue reading KEDOSHIM