Who Wrote the Torah According to the Torah?

Who Wrote the Torah According to the Torah?Jewish and Christian tradition ascribes authorship of the Pentateuch to Moses in the 13th century B.C.E. Is this what the Pentateuch itself implies about who wrote it and when? Prof.Christopher A. RollstonWho Wrote the Torah According to the Torah?People participate in helping a scribe complete a Torah scroll. Wikimedia The first five books of the Bible, known as … Continue reading Who Wrote the Torah According to the Torah?

Method of Learning Torah

Method of Learning Torahby Rabbi Simcha Wasserman zt”lGuidance from one of the greatest sages of our time on how to learn Torah properly. (He was also the son of Rav Elchanan Wasserman, Hy”d a most profound talmud scholar and one of the main disciples of the Chafetz Chaim)Transcripted, with permission from the audio tape: Maimonide’s Book of Knowledge from ohr.edu Every Word Must Be Accounted … Continue reading Method of Learning Torah

Betrayal and Healing

BBH233 Betrayal and Healing: 1 and 2 Samuel An Online Course  Instructor: Dr. Jin Hee Han Course Web: http://nyts475.tripod.com/samuel.htm (Please do not add www after http://)   Class Notes   June 1-23, 2003   Course Description: The major focus of the course is on the two books of Samuel in the Hebrew Bible commonly known as the Old Testament.  These two books are replete with … Continue reading Betrayal and Healing