Sefer Limudah

ARTICLE 1 THERE ARE TWO ROADS AND ORDER FIRST Lim 1: 1 There are Two Paths, ONE WAY ONE WAY OF LIFE and DEATH; but there is certainly a big difference between these two roads. Lim 1: 2 WAY OF LIFE, then, the Way of Life, namely: First, you shall love Alaha who created you; second, love your neighbor as yourself; and you should never do to others … Continue reading Sefer Limudah

Brief Introductory Note to the Limuda

Acts 15:25-29, is called the “Limuda”, commonly referred to in the West as the Didache, translated from the Aramaic manuscripts of the Assembly of Jerusalem. This is the Apostolic Letter that was composed by the First Apostolic Council around 50 CE under the direction of Mar Ya’aqub ha’Tzadik (St. James the Righteous). It was sent through Mar Shaul (St. Paul) to the gentile Believers as … Continue reading Brief Introductory Note to the Limuda