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The Mysterious Prophecy of Isaiah 53

A Vision Given During Troubled Times…To The People Of Jerusalem Living Under The Imminent Threat Of Invasion.In 701, The King Of Assyria, Sennacherib, Sargon’s Son,Came Over With His Army And Invaded The Kingdom Of Judah.We Know From The Assyrian Sources That They Destroyed 46 Of The Cities Of Judah.Narrator: According To The Vision, The Lord […]

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A Pool of Fire

And G‑d said to Moses: … [a Kohen] shall not contaminate himself [through contact with] the dead of his people. Except for his closest kin—his mother, father, son, daughter or brother. Or for his virgin sister… who has not married a man—for her, he should contaminate himself… But the Kohen Gadol, the greater of his […]

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Who Is Moshiach?

האשם = הרוח הקודש = תורה = ישוע = לפיד Hashem=Haruach Hakodesh=Torah=Yeshua=Lapid