The Nazarenes as a Major Party with first century Judaism

Over the past decade there has become a progressive passion of many, Christian and Jews alike, to learn and understand the life and ministry of the first recognized congregation (ecclesia) of messianic followers of Yeshua.  Were they like us, did they believe like we do? If not, then why not?  It is recognized that the limited vision we have comes through the gospels of the … Continue reading The Nazarenes as a Major Party with first century Judaism

The Mysterious Prophecy of Isaiah 53

A Vision Given During Troubled Times…To The People Of Jerusalem Living Under The Imminent Threat Of Invasion.In 701, The King Of Assyria, Sennacherib, Sargon’s Son,Came Over With His Army And Invaded The Kingdom Of Judah.We Know From The Assyrian Sources That They Destroyed 46 Of The Cities Of Judah.Narrator: According To The Vision, The Lord Was Trying To Get The Attention…Of A Nation That Had … Continue reading The Mysterious Prophecy of Isaiah 53

The Diatessaron

The first harmony of the Gospels tr. Hope W. Hogg modified by Alan Humm The underlying English translation was done by Hope W. Hogg, (see citation below), as part of the monumental Ante-Nicene Fathers series and turned into electronic form by the Christian Classics Etherial Library whose efforts have gone so far to extend the world of on-line scholarship. I have made a few changes, … Continue reading The Diatessaron

Nazarene Then And Now

The word ‘Nazarene’ is one of the 2 Mshikaye communities (Indo: anointed followers) of the Jews in the 1st century. In addition to the Nazarene, there is an Ebionite community who are equally convinced that Yeshua is the long-awaited Jewish Messiah. Both communities are believed to be fragments of the Qumran Essents who are the descendants of the original Imam Zadokit. The Essenes chose to move … Continue reading Nazarene Then And Now

The situation of Nazareth

  The situation of Nazareth  from John The situation of Nazareth, according to Borchard, Breidenbach, and Saligniac, ought to be measured and determined from mount Thabor. For so they unanimously: “From Nazareth two leagues eastward is mount Thabor.” Nor is there any cause why, with respect to that region of Galilee in which they place this city, we should dissent from them, seeing there are … Continue reading The situation of Nazareth