Muktzeh Due to Monetary Loss

“Muktzeh Due to Monetary Loss” In the previous Halachot, we have discussed several laws regarding Muktzeh which are certain objects that our Sages prohibited moving on Shabbat. As of yet, we have discussed three types of Muktzeh: “Utensils used for work permitted on Shabbat”, such as forks, knives, and the like, which may be moved on Shabbat for any purpose, but may not be moved for … Continue reading Muktzeh Due to Monetary Loss

The Oral Law -Talmud & Mishna

The Oral Law is a legal commentary on the Torah, explaining how its commandments are to be carried out. Common sense suggests that some sort of oral tradition was always needed to accompany the Written Law, because the Torah alone, even with its 613 commandments, is an insufficient guide to Jewish life. For example, the fourth of the Ten Commandments, ordains, “Remember the Sabbath day … Continue reading The Oral Law -Talmud & Mishna

Parashat Noach / פרשת נח

STUDY GUIDE NOACH (CHAPTERS 6:9-11:32) SUMMARY OF THE TORAH PORTION Noah is deemed righteous enough to be spared from the impending destruction of the wicked world; God tells him about the upcoming flood and commands him to build an ark; Noah gathers his family and animals into the ark in accordance with God’s instructions; It rains for forty days, blotting out all existence; God promises … Continue reading Parashat Noach / פרשת נח

Cancellation of Debts

The Cancellation of Debts at the Conclusion of Shevi’it This year, 5775, is the Shemitta year, as we have discussed in the beginning of this year. There are therefore certain agricultural laws specific to the Land of Israel which apply during the Shemittayear. Besides for the Mitzvah of not working the land and the sanctity which rests upon the fruits of this year (only regarding … Continue reading Cancellation of Debts


LET’S STUDY ONKELOS      A Guide for Rabbis, Teachers and Torah Students to Study and Teach the Parashat Hashavua through the Eyes of its Most Important Translator By Stanley M. Wagner and Israel Drazin Based on the five volume, Onkelos on the Torah (Genesis-Deuteronomy), Understanding the Bible Text , by Israel Drazin and Stanley M. Wagner, published by Gefen Publishing House,Jerusalem/New York, 2006 –  2010.STUDY GUIDE BEHA’ALOTKHA (CHAPTER 8:1) – 12:16)SUMMARY OF THE TORAH … Continue reading LET’S STUDY ONKELOS

Pirkei Avos – Chapter 5, Mishna 18

The Gift of Selective Memory Chapter 5, Mishna 18 “There are four types of students (lit., among those who sit before the Sages) — a sponge, a funnel, a strainer, and a sifter. The sponge absorbs everything. The funnel brings in on this [side] and brings out on the other. The strainer lets out the wine and retains the lees. The sieve lets out the … Continue reading Pirkei Avos – Chapter 5, Mishna 18

Hoshana Rabbah

The following events occurred on Hoshana Rabbah: Hoshanah Rabbah – the Great Rejoicing. The last and greatest day of the feast. Gateway to Judaism Pg.342 A burnt offering of seven young bulls, two rams and fourteen male lambs a year old, all without defect. Bamidbar (Numbers) 29:32 Ritual of the water libation is performed. day 7. Sukkah 42b Zerubbabel is strengthened and told that a … Continue reading Hoshana Rabbah

Yevamos 5-15

Daf Digest wishes you a wonderful Sukkos! Yevamos 5 Yevamos 6 Yevamos 7 Yevamos 8 Yevamos 9 Yevamos 10 Yevamos 11 Yevamos 12 Yevamos 13 Yevamos 14 Yevamos 15 Daf Yomi Digest is compiled by members of the Ruben Shas Kollel, edited by Rabbi Ben-Zion Rand. Halachah Highlights is not intended to be relied upon for halacha l’maase. It is intended for interest and information. … Continue reading Yevamos 5-15