Listening to the Constant Prayer of the Soul

Listening to the Constant Prayer of the SoulHow to integrate meditation into Jewish prayer. BY HILLEL BRODER My Jewish Learning is a not-for-profit and relies on your helpThe mishnah in Brachot 5:1 states that the original pietists, the chasidim harishonim, would wait an hour before they began prayer. The Talmud in Berakhot 30b expands on this to say that while the duration of each of … Continue reading Listening to the Constant Prayer of the Soul

The Aliya in Torah

The Aliya in Torah  by the Chazon Ish zt’l The Chazon Ish, Rabbi Avraham Yeshaya Karelitz (1878-1953), one of the greatest Torah luminaries of recent times, lived in Israel from 1933 until his passing. His views, actions, halachic rulings and writings continue to have a major influence on the fabric of Torah life everywhere.from “Maase Ish part 4”:see the end for the original hebrew  “The sweetness of … Continue reading The Aliya in Torah

Speech Lashon Ha-Ra

When non-observant people talk about how difficult it is to observe Jewish law, they usually mention the difficulty of observing Shabbat or keeping kosher or other similarly detailed ritual laws. Yet the laws that are most difficult to keep, which are most commonly violated even by observant Jews (unintentionally, of course!), are the laws regarding improper speech. This is a very important area of Jewish … Continue reading Speech Lashon Ha-Ra

The Nash Papyrus – An Ancient Witness

The Nash Papyrus –An Ancient Witness Several years ago I heard about a most remarkable document. This ancient document, known as the Nash Papyrus has survived as an ancient witness to some of Israel’s most important words relating to religious life and conduct for humanity. The document is a single page consisting of four precious fragments of text written in Hebrew Script. It was acquired … Continue reading The Nash Papyrus – An Ancient Witness

The Apostle Paul Lived and Died as a Dedicated Jew

But what about Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles? It’s generally accepted that Paul was the true founder of a new religion called Christianity. Biblical scholar Gerd Ludemann, author of several books about Jesus and Paul including “Paul: Founder of Christianity,” affirms that “Without Paul there would be no church and no Christianity.” Ludemann adds, “He’s the most decisive person that shaped Christianity as it … Continue reading The Apostle Paul Lived and Died as a Dedicated Jew


“For Zion sake I will not be silent, and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not be still, until her righteousness emanates like a bright light, and her salvation blazes like a torch (lapid).” Isaiah 62:1 The word “Lapid” is a title of Messiah with many deep meanings. Concerning the “lapid” of salvation, Radak (Rabbi David Kamichi 12th century) wrote: “Just as light is visible at … Continue reading WHAT IS LAPID?

“The Way of G-d”

Ramchal “The Way of G-d” Part 1: “The Fundamental Principles of Reality” Ch 5: The Different Realms and Their Specific Situations Paragraph 4 According to what we’d said, everything begins up above and streams down below. But there’s one exception to that which touches on man’s place in all of this. Since G-d wanted man to have free will 1 He enabled him to circumvent … Continue reading “The Way of G-d”