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Speech Lashon Ha-Ra

When non-observant people talk about how difficult it is to observe Jewish law, they usually mention the difficulty of observing Shabbat or keeping kosher or other similarly detailed ritual laws. Yet the laws that are most difficult to keep, which are most commonly violated even by observant Jews […]

The Nash Papyrus – An Ancient Witness

The Nash Papyrus –An Ancient Witness Several years ago I heard about a most remarkable document. This ancient document, known as the Nash Papyrus has survived as an ancient witness to some of Israel’s most important words relating to religious life and conduct for humanity. The document is […]


“For Zion sake I will not be silent, and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not be still, until her righteousness emanates like a bright light, and her salvation blazes like a torch (lapid).” Isaiah 62:1 The word “Lapid” is a title of Messiah with many deep meanings. Concerning […]

“The Way of G-d”

Ramchal “The Way of G-d” Part 1: “The Fundamental Principles of Reality” Ch 5: The Different Realms and Their Specific Situations Paragraph 4 According to what we’d said, everything begins up above and streams down below. But there’s one exception to that which touches on man’s place in […]