COMFORTING CONSOLATION (SINCE THIS SHABBOS IS “SHABBOS NACHAMU: THE SHABBOS OF CONSOLATION”) When I realized the similarities between these two uplifting stories, another connection occurred to me: and set into motion this chain of kindness ON TISHA B’AV, the anniversary of the day on which the Temple was destroyed. And according to our sages, what is the metaphysical cause that allowed the Temple to become … Continue reading SHABBOS NACHAMU

Shabbat “Chazon”

This coming Shabbat, which precedes Tisha Be’av, is referred to as Shabbat “Chazon” because of the Haftara read after the weekly Torah portion which begins with the words “Chazon Yeshayahu ben Amotz.” The three Shabbatot preceding Tisha Be’av are referred to as the “Three of Calamity” because the Haftarot of these three Shabbatot discuss the prophet’s rebuke of the Jewish nation, the destruction of the Bet Hamikdash, and the … Continue reading Shabbat “Chazon”

Eating Meat Following Rosh Av

The Mishnah in Masechet Ta’anit (26b) tells us that on Erev Tisha Be’av during the last meal one eats before the fast, one may not eat meat, drink wine, or eat two cooked foods, such as rice and an egg. Although the letter of the law dictates that the prohibition to eat meat only applies during the last meal one eats before the fast of … Continue reading Eating Meat Following Rosh Av

Tisha b-Av

“Tisha b-Av”The following blessing is said in place of the regular “Dwell within” blessing: “Have mercy O MAR’ YAH our ALLAHA, upon us and upon Israel Your people, and on Jerusalem Your city, the city of mourning and desolate destruction, which is given over to the hand of foreigners, sitting with her head veiled like a barren women who never gave birth. Legions have swallowed … Continue reading Tisha b-Av