CHAPTER F OURTEENPRAYERPart one: Awakening to the importance of prayerand it’s details. In the gemarah in Brachot (6b) it says, “One of the Rabbissaid to R’ Bayvo Bar Abaye, and some say that it was R’ Bayvo toR’ Nachman Bar Yitzchok, ‘What thing is very elevated and yetdegraded by people?’ [Meaning that it says this in Tehillim (12)and they asked how to understand the verse]. … Continue reading DIVREY YA’AKOV Lesson 14


CHAPTER THIRTEENSACRIFICE FOR TORAH STUDY AND SURRENDER OFTHINGS WHICH PREVENTS VIGILANCE IN TORAHSTUDY The gemarah in massechet Brachot (71b) says, “Once thewicked ruling kingdom decreed that Yisrael may not involvethemselves with Torah. Rebi Akiva came, gathered groups ofpeople and publicly taught them Torah… it was but a few dayslater that they caught Rebi Akiva and imprisoned him. Whenthey brought out Rebi Akiva to kill him … Continue reading DIVREY YA’AKOV Lesson 13


CLOSENESS TO HASHEM CHAPTER TWELVETHE GREATNESS ACQUIRED THROUGH TORAH STUDYPart 1: A major feature of Torah study is that everyword one studies, one fulfils a positive mitzvah andmerits awesome reward. In the book ‘Shenot Eliyahu’ of the Vilna Gaon [which is anexplanation to the mishnayot, printed in at the back of someeditions] on massechet Peah (81:41) Chazal write, “A personmust love the Torah very much, … Continue reading DIVREY YA’AKOV Lesson12


CHAPTER ELEVENMITZVOT BETWEEN MAN AND HIS FELLOW Mitzvot between man and his fellow are of the basics ofJudaism. This means to endeavor to benefit another, and to takecare not to cause suffering to one’s fellow, as it says in thegemarah in massechet Yevamot that mercilessness and lovingkindnesses are the purpose of Yisreal – see inside for furtherdetail. Although it is obvious that every Jew wants … Continue reading DIVREY YA’AKOV Lesson 11


CHAPTER TENANY TORAH STUDY AND MITZVAH PERFORMANCEJOINS THE SOUL WITH HIS CREATOR AND BRINGS ASPIRITUAL AND HOLY BOUNTY FROM HASHEMAN ANSWER FOR THOSE WHO CLAIM THEY DON’TFEEL THIS It is written in numerous places in this work how for bit ofTorah that a person learns, and through every mitzvah that aperson performs, a spiritual bounty is created and pours fromHashem to the person’s soul, sanctifying … Continue reading DIVREY YA’AKOV Lesson 10


CHAPTER FIVETHE GIVING OF TORAH AT MT. SINAI.THE RESULTS OF EVERY HOUR A JEW LEARNS THEHOLY TORAH, AND FEELINGS OF CLOSENESS TOHASHEM RESULTING FROM TORAH STUDY[INCLUDING SOME ASPECTS OF BELIEF IN HASHEM] The giving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai is described at length inthe Torah in parshat Yitro – see the text inside for full detail. It isimpossible to elaborate here about this; however … Continue reading DIVREY YA’AKOV LESSON 5


THE ACHIEVEMENTS OF TORAH STUDY AND MITZVOTIN THE UPPER WORLDS, THE BENEFITS FOR THE JEWISHNATION AND HOW A PERSON MUST AWAKENHIMSELF TO SERVE HASHEM, THEREBY HELPING THEJEWISH PEOPLE It is clear from the holy Zohar and other Kabbalistic booksthat apart from our world, Hashem created many countlessmultitudes of worlds and higher spiritual energies. Through themitzvot and good deeds of the Jewish nation, these worlds arebuilt … Continue reading DIVREY YA’AKOV LESSON FOUR

Days of Chanukah- Days of Faith

The Days of Chanukah- Days of Faith As opposed to the other holidays and festivals which were already existent since Hashem gave the Torah to the Jewish nation, the holidays of Purim and Chanukah were brought about through two wicked men, Haman and Antiochus. Maran Rabbeinu Ovadia Yosef zt”l writes that Purim and Chanukah have resulted in tremendous things for the Jewish nation, for on … Continue reading Days of Chanukah- Days of Faith


CLOSENESS TO HASHEM CHAPTER THREEHOW HASHEM CONSTANTLY PERPETUATES THEWHOLE WORLD AND INTEGRATING THIS KNOWLEDGEINTO ONE’S SERVICE OF HASHEM “In the beginning the Lord created the heavens and theearth”. There are many fundamental differences betweenHashem creating the world and a person forming an item. Oneof these differences is that Hashem created the entire worldfrom absolutely nothing, whereas a person can only produce anitem from something that … Continue reading CLOSENESS TO HASHEM Class 3