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Adv Zohar Eikev

             11. Meditation over a blessing We learn that it is a commandment to bless God, and that these blessings draw down the blessings from the supernal world – they draw life from the source of life. The blessing is like a gift to God […]

Matot Adv

11. The world is maintained by two colors only Rabbi Yehuda and Rabbi Yitzchak talk about the wise-hearted women that spin and work with their hands, and from this they derive that those women combine Judgment and Mercy. We hear that Rabbi Elazar said that every woman is […]


“Earth” is equivalent to the sefirah of Malkhut, which is associated with the earth. Therefore earth – like Malkhut – represents the Oral Law. And the Oral Law is the source of the spirit of every living being, as the verse states: “Let the earth bring forth living […]

39 – Shlach Lecha

1 “Send you men” Rabbi Chiya says that when the sun begins to set, the energy of the sun, Zeir Anpin, is less powerful, and that is when the left dominates and judgments pertain. At that time one must pray.1. “And Hashem spoke to Moses, saying, ‘Send you […]

Terumah Zohar

“Who is she that looks out like the dawn”This section opens with the verse, “And The Creator spoke to Moses, saying, ‘Speak to the children of Yisrael that they bring Me an offering, ofevery man whose heart prompts him…” Rabbi Chiya points out that The Creator put all […]

Parashat Mishpatim / פרשת משפטים

“And these are the judgments which you shall set before them”Rabbi Shimon says that the title verse refers to the rules concerning reincarnation – the judgments of souls that are to be sentenced according totheir punishable acts. Rabbi Shimon opened with the words, “And these are thejudgments which […]

Advanced Parsha Zohar18 – Yitro

1 “When Jethro…heard”Rabbi Chizkiyah begins a discussion to do with raising up the hands. It is important to raise them only in prayer and blessing, as the ten fingerscorrespond to the ten potentates who receive blessings, and to the ten sayings. The lesson turns to the King and […]

Advanced Parsha 08 – Vayetzei Zohar

1 “And Ya’akov went out from Be’er Sheva…”In this section of secret Torah teachings, Rabbi Chiya discusses the symbolism and meaning of Ecclesiastes’ resonant verse, “The sun also rises,and the sun goes down, and hastens to its place where it rises again.” The verse refers to Ya’akov, when […]


1. “And Ya’akov sent messengers” Rabbi Yehuda begins with a discussion of the Good Inclination and the Evil Inclination, two angels that constantly abide by man. When man is virtuous, the Good Inclination gains dominion over the Evil Inclination, and the right side prevails over the left. Rabbi Elazar then speaks […]