Bereishit/Genesis 1‫א‬ ‫בראשית‬‫תישארב‬Bereishit 1 1When Hashem began to create heavenand earth—b’-ray-SHEET ba-RA e-lo-HEEM AYT ha-sha-MA-yim v’-AYT ha-A-retz 1:1 When Hashem began The first wordin the Torah is Bereishit (‫)בראשית‬, whichbegins with the letter bet (‫)ב‬, while the lastword in the Torah is Yisrael (‫)ישראל‬, ‘Israel,’which ends with the letter lamed (‫)ל‬. Together,these two letters spell the word lev (‫)לב‬, whichmeans ‘heart’ in Hebrew. The first … Continue reading Bereishit/Genesis