Is one prohibited to study Torah alone?

Question: Is one prohibited to study Torah alone? Must one always study with a partner? Answer: Our Sages (Ta’anit 7a) expound that one is liable for a punishment of death for studying Torah alone, without a study partner. Our Sages add that doing so causes one to become foolish and sin. It seems that according to the letter of the law, one may not study Torah … Continue reading Is one prohibited to study Torah alone?

May One Disagree With One’s Rabbi?

Who is Considered One’s “Rabbi”?The Gemara (Sanhedrin 110a) states that one who disagrees with one’s rabbi is tantamount to disagreeing with Hashem’s presence. We have already discussed in the Halacha Yomit that there are three categories of rabbis (Torah scholars) being discussed here: The first is one’s primary, i.e. the rabbi under whom one has studied most of one’s Torah knowledge or a Torah luminary … Continue reading May One Disagree With One’s Rabbi?

Haftorah – Parshas Pinchas

Parshas Pinchas Yirmiyahu 1:1 This week begins a series of haftorah readings which reflect the inner feelings of the Jewish people during their final months of the year.The series consists of moving visions of the prophets depicting the pending Jewish exile and destruction of the Bais Hamikdash and concludes with an ongoing exchange between Hashem and the Jewish people expressing a strong desire for reunification. … Continue reading Haftorah – Parshas Pinchas

The Ten Days of Repentance

  The Ten Days of Repentance The Gemara in Masechet Berachot (12b) states: “Rabba bar Chinena said in the name of Rav: Throughout the year, one recites (in the Amida prayer) ‘Ha’el Ha’Kadosh’ and ‘Melech Ohev Tzedakah U’Mishpat’ besides for the ten days beginning with Rosh Hashanah and ending with Yom Kippur when one recites ‘Ha’Melech Ha’Kadosh’ and ‘Ha’Melech Ha’Mishpat’.” This means that during the … Continue reading The Ten Days of Repentance

Daf Insight

The Gemara (Chagigah 4b) states: R. Eleazar, when he came to the [following] verse, wept: And Samuel said to Saul: Why hast thou disquieted me, to bring me up? Now if Samuel, the righteous, was afraid of the Judgment, how much more so should we be! How do we know this about Samuel? — For it is written: And the woman said unto Saul: I see … Continue reading Daf Insight

Daf for Shabbos – Chagigah 12

Daf Notes is currently being dedicated to the neshamah of Tzvi Gershon Ben Yoel (Harvey Felsen) o”h May the studying of the Daf Notes be a zechus for his neshamah and may his soul find peace in Gan Eden and be bound up in the Bond of life. Size of Adam   The Gemora asks: Why does the verse need to say “from the day … Continue reading Daf for Shabbos – Chagigah 12

Educating Children Regarding the Mitzvah of Prayer

  Question: Is there a halachic requirement for children to pray three times a day, namely, Shacharit, Mincha, and Arvit? Similarly, is it correct to bring children to the synagogue during the High Holidays? Answer: The Mishnah (Berachot 20b) tells us: “Women, slaves, and children are obligated to pray.” Rashi explains that since the purpose of prayer is to request mercy from Hashem, our Sages … Continue reading Educating Children Regarding the Mitzvah of Prayer