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The Cure for Envy

You must not desire your fellow’s house. (Exodus 20:14) G-d provides each of us with all the resources–possessions, talents, and strengths–that we require to fulfill our unique mission in life. We each achieve our ultimate fulfillment by dedicating these resources to our Divine mission and utilizing them to […]


Synopsis of VAYEILECH SIXTH READING Deuteronomy 31: 20-24   G-d then addressed Joshua from the cloud at the entrance to the Tabernacle, charging him with the mission of leading the Jewish people into the Land of Israel.     The Purpose of Effort   [G-d told Joshua,] “Be strong […]


  SPIRITUAL ASCENT TO YERUSHALAYIM   The Gemora cites a verse in Shir HaShirim that states mah yafu peomayich baneolim bas nadiv, how lovely are your steps in sandals, O daughter of the noble? The Gemora explains that this verse refers to the lovely steps of the Jewish […]

“Daily Wisdom”

Synopsis of  RE’EH, FOURTH READING Moses instructs the Jewish people regarding how they must distinguish themselves from other peoples in order to remain true to their Divine mission. These instructions included the laws regarding bodily mutilation and the laws of permitted vs. forbidden types of food.   * G-d’s Only […]

Channeling Moses

EIKEV Devarim 10:12-11:9   Moses then told the Jewish people that G-d’s demands on them are not excessive, and certainly not disproportionate to the great mercy that G-d continues to show them.   ____________   INSIGHT  Channeling Moses   This “reverence” is the fear that G-d would see […]


VA’ETCHANAN Devarim 4:5-40   Moses describes the revelation of G-d at the Giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai.   ____________ INSIGHT Overcoming the Limits of Creation Moses told the Jewish people that at Mount Sinai, “You were shown in order to know that G-d is the only […]

Constructive Rebuke

 Constructive Rebuke The Book of Deuteronomy, the fifth and final book of the Torah, is devoted chiefly to Moses’ farewell addresses, which he delivered to the Jewish people shortly before his death and their entry into the Land of Israel. The first section of the book records his […]

Parshas Mas’ei

 Journeys The tenth and last section of the book of Numbers begins by reviewing the journeys (Mas’ei, in Hebrew) of the Jewish people from Egypt until the threshold of the Land of Israel. It continues with G-d’s instructions regarding the Jews’ imminent entry and conquest of the land. […]