In parshas Eikev one of the main focuses of Moses’ reproof is the sin of the Golden Calf. This represents the exact opposite of the relationship with wealth and prosperity that G-d wants in the rectified Land of Israel. The sin of the Golden Calf represents the pursuit of material prosperity and pleasure for their own sake. Putting their own strength, power and pleasure at … Continue reading WHAT DOES G-D ASK OF YOU?

The Berachot Before and After an Aliya

The Shulhan Aruch (Orah Haim 139:4; Rules that a person who is called to the Torah for an Aliya recites the Beracha, “Asher Bahar Banu” before the Torah reading, and the Beracha, “Asher Natan Lanu Torato Torat Emet” after the reading. Before reciting the first Beracha, he should open the Torah scroll and look at the Pasuk where the reading is to begin, and only … Continue reading The Berachot Before and After an Aliya


LET’S STUDY ONKELOS A Guide for Rabbis, Teachers and Torah Students to Study and Teach the Parashat Hashavua through the Eyes of its Most Important TranslatorBy Stanley M. Wagner and Israel DrazinBased on the five volume, Onkelos on the Torah (Genesis-Deuteronomy), Understanding the Bible Text, by Israel Drazin and Stanley M. Wagner, published by Gefen Publishing House, Jerusalem/New York, 2006–2010. STUDY GUIDE CHUKAT (CHAPTER 19:1–22:1) … Continue reading STUDY GUIDE CHUKAT