Rosh Hashana- The Power of Shofar

We find an allusion to the Misva of Shofar in Parashat Nisavim, where the Torah warns, “Pen Yesh Bachem Shoresh Poreh Rosh Ve’la’ana” – “Lest there is among you a root of evil of rebellion” (Debarim 29:17). The first letters of the phrase, “Shoresh Poreh Rosh Ve’la’ana” are “Shin,” “Peh,” “Resh” and “Vav” – the […]


Through the Righteous

Hashem Does Not Bring About Failure Through the Righteous The Gemara (Chullin 7a) recounts an incident where Rabbi Pinchas ben Yair travelled to a certain hotel and the innkeeper brought some barley for the rabbi’s donkey. The donkey, however, did not want to eat. They proceeded to sift and clean the barley by removing all […]

Gemora Study Torah

Understanding Torah

Reb Yochanan Sofer writes that he remembers when he began to attend to his grandfather Reb Shimon Sofer zt”l for several hours during the day, the remaining hours that he utilized for learning were tremendously productive. In only a short period of time, he was able to understand the depths of the Gemora and the […]