Prepare Yourselves Before G-d, of Israel

Question: Is there a reason why Yeshiva students customarily pray only while wearing a nice suit jacket and not just while in their shirtsleeves? Answer: Maran Ha’Shulchan Aruch (Chapter 98, Section 4) writes: “Prayer is in the place of sacrifices; thus, one must be careful that one’s prayer resembles an offering through concentration and not letting any foreign thoughts intrude into one’s prayer just as … Continue reading Prepare Yourselves Before G-d, of Israel

“Chadash” As It Applies Nowadays

“Chadash” As It Applies Nowadays-The Opinion of the Sha’agat Aryeh In the previous Halacha we have explained that any byproduct of the five grains produced before the Pesach holiday are forbidden for consumption until the Seventeenth of Nissan (the Eighteenth of Nissan outside of Israel). This grain is referred to as “Chadash”. Grain which the Pesach holiday has “passed over” is called “Yashan”. Maran Ha’Shulchan … Continue reading “Chadash” As It Applies Nowadays

Yevamos 5-15

Daf Digest wishes you a wonderful Sukkos! Yevamos 5 Yevamos 6 Yevamos 7 Yevamos 8 Yevamos 9 Yevamos 10 Yevamos 11 Yevamos 12 Yevamos 13 Yevamos 14 Yevamos 15 Daf Yomi Digest is compiled by members of the Ruben Shas Kollel, edited by Rabbi Ben-Zion Rand. Halachah Highlights is not intended to be relied upon for halacha l’maase. It is intended for interest and information. … Continue reading Yevamos 5-15