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The Glorious Man

Daniel 10 ►Orthodox Jewish Bible1 In the shnat shlosh of Koresh (Cyrus) melech Paras (Persia) a davar (word) was revealed unto Daniel, shmo (his name) called Beltshatzar; and emes was the davar, and of a tzava gadol (great conflict, affliction); and he understood the davar, and had binah of the vision.2 In those days I […]

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Who Is Moshiach?

האשם = הרוח הקודש = תורה = ישוע = לפיד Hashem=Haruach Hakodesh=Torah=Yeshua=Lapid

Erev Yom Kippur Messiah

Yom Kippur He is here!

He is here! The King of The Universe is in the Field! We have heard the blast of the “Horns” and have been awakened to the cleaning and preparations of our hearts and minds. As the scripture says, Let this mind be in you, which was also in Messiah Yashua- Philipians 2:5 and in Psalms […]