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Aramaic Literature 8  The Mishnah The eleventh treatise in Mo’ed is called Katan (half-feasts). Originally it was called Mashkin, from the first word in the treatise. It deals with the middle days of Passover and Tabernacles, that is, those days between the first two and the last two days of the particular festivals. However, as […]

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Aramaic Thoughts Part 5

Aramaic Literature – Part 5 – The Mishnah Multi-Part Article We move now to the second order of the Mishnah. This second order is called Mo’ed. In the Bible, this term means “appointed time,” and appears as early as Genesis 1. There, the heavenly lights are created in part to serve “for signs, and for […]

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Structure of the 14 Books Mechon Mamre’s translation I have seen fit to divide this work into fourteen books: RaMBaM’s Complete Restatement of the Oral Law. Book 1  I include in it all the commandments that are the basic principles of the religion of Moshe [Moses] Our Teacher, which one needs to know at the outset–such as […]