Shabbat Prayers

Saturday prayers Saturday (Shabbat) morning prayer Shema, Yisra’el! YHVH ELOHAYNU YHVH echad.  U’ahavtah YHVH ELOHAYCHA, v’kole levav’cha, v’kole nefeshcah, v’kole meod’cha; v’ahav’cha l’reacha kemo’cha. Baruch atah ADONAI ELOHAYNU, melek ha’olam, asher natan lanu derek ha’teshuvah. Hear now and do, Yisra’el! YHVH our ELOHIYM, YHVH, is one.  And you shall love YHVH your ELOHIYM, with all your heart,…

Non-Shabbat Observant

The Laws of a Jew Who is Non-Shabbat Observant Regarding Wine In the previous Halachot we have discussed the enactment of our Sages that all non-Jewish wine or wine touched by a non-Jew is forbidden for consumption. There are instances where the wine will be forbidden to benefit from as well as we have discussed….