Laws Pertaining to Tisha Be’av

Laws Pertaining to Tisha Be’av There are five categories of abstinence which must be observed on Tisha Be’av: Eating and drinking, washing one’s self, rubbing one’s body with oils or lotions, wearing leather shoes, and marital relations. Our Sages also prohibited learning Torah on Tisha Be’av, for the words of Torah gladden the heart. The […]

Fast of Tisha Be’av / Falls Out on Motza’ei Shabbat

Those Who are Obligated and Exempt from the Fast of Tisha Be’av and their Status when Tisha Be’av Falls Out on Motza’ei Shabbat Someone Ill with a Non-Life-Threatening Illness, An Elderly Person, and a Woman who has Recently Given Birth One who is ill (meaning when one is actually bedridden and the like, even if […]

Kinah for Tisha B’Av Revised

D’var Torah The Three Weeks Kinah for Tisha B’Av Revised By Rabbi Label Lam 1 Woe to us on this bitter day! We have what to cry about! Woe for all the heads without Tefillin After 3700 years from Avraham Avinu After having survived Holocausts and Inquisitions… Jewish boys and girls blunder In the darkness […]