Torah Reading: VAYELECH: Deuteronomy 31:1-30. VEYELECH – THE TRANSMISSON OF THE TORAH With the Torah almost complete except for the concluding Song (HA’AZINU) and Moses’ Blessings (VE-ZOS HABRACHAH), it was necessary to ensure the transmission of authority from Moses to his divinely-appointed successor, Joshua and the transmission of the Torah to the nation as a whole and to all the later generations. Parshas VEYELECH describes … Continue reading TRANSMISSON OF THE TORAH

Cancellation of Debts

The Cancellation of Debts at the Conclusion of Shevi’it This year, 5775, is the Shemitta year, as we have discussed in the beginning of this year. There are therefore certain agricultural laws specific to the Land of Israel which apply during the Shemittayear. Besides for the Mitzvah of not working the land and the sanctity which rests upon the fruits of this year (only regarding … Continue reading Cancellation of Debts

Torah Portion #49 Ki Tetze

Torah Portion #49 Ki Tetze (Deuteronomy 21:10-25:19) by tlmadmin on August 13, 2013 In this Torah Portion we read about many topics concerning laws for human relations. Topics include Marriage to a captive woman, rights of the firstborn and dealing with a rebellious son. More topics discussed are regulations for sexual purity and regulations concerning worship Continue reading Torah Portion #49 Ki Tetze

Keeping to a Torah Learning Schedule

In the opening verses of Parashat Ekeb, Moshe promises that we will be rewarded “Ekeb Tishme’un” – in exchange for obeying G-d’s laws. While this is the plain meaning of the Pasuk, later scholars have uncovered for us deeper layers of meaning. One such interpretation suggests that this Pasuk alludes to the vital importance of maintaining a consistent regimen of Torah learning. The letters of … Continue reading Keeping to a Torah Learning Schedule

Laws Pertaining to Tisha Be’av

Laws Pertaining to Tisha Be’av There are five categories of abstinence which must be observed on Tisha Be’av: Eating and drinking, washing one’s self, rubbing one’s body with oils or lotions, wearing leather shoes, and marital relations. Our Sages also prohibited learning Torah on Tisha Be’av, for the words of Torah gladden the heart. The only portions of Torah that one may delve into on … Continue reading Laws Pertaining to Tisha Be’av


LET’S STUDY ONKELOS      A Guide for Rabbis, Teachers and Torah Students to Study and Teach the Parashat Hashavua through the Eyes of its Most Important Translator By Stanley M. Wagner and Israel Drazin Based on the five volume, Onkelos on the Torah (Genesis-Deuteronomy), Understanding the Bible Text , by Israel Drazin and Stanley M. Wagner, published by Gefen Publishing House,Jerusalem/New York, 2006 –  2010.STUDY GUIDE BEHA’ALOTKHA (CHAPTER 8:1) – 12:16)SUMMARY OF THE TORAH … Continue reading LET’S STUDY ONKELOS


UNIVERSAL TORAH: VAYAKHEL-PEKUDEY By Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum This week’s Torah reading is the double portion of VAYAKHEL, Exodus 35:1-38:20 & PEKUDEY 38:21-40:38. VAYAKHEL: Exodus 35:1-38:20 GATHERING OF THE PEOPLE The parshah of VAYAKHEL opens with the words: “And Moses gathered together all the Community of Israel.” (Exodus 35:1). According to our sages, Moses’ gathering of all of the Community took place on the day following … Continue reading TORAH: VAYAKHEL-PEKUDEY