ADV Parashat Pinchas

פינחס בס”ד

In ירמיהו it says ותרד פלאים concerning the חורבן, where Rashi says that all were amazed at the downfall of י”ם, and the destruction of the בהמ”ק. If someone sees פינחס in a dream, many פלאים will happen to him חודש תמוז=771=ותרד פלאים – פלא is כתר, the אלף of אנכי The Torah we have today is the Torah of ב בריאה-בראשית , where the first daf of every mesechta begins with ב. The future will be the world of א-אלף. The wordפלא also means separate. According to Rebbenu Bachya, the מכות began in Nisan, and so in Tamuz was מכת ערוב. The first time the Torah uses the word פלא is by this מכה of ערוב, where it says והפלאתי. This plague is where the separation of yidden and Egyptians really began. Also by מכת דבר referring to אב חודש, it says והפלא יה-וה. In Av was the חורבן, and the תוכחה says והפלא יה-וה את מכתך, refers to the חורבן. This separation was prevalent from מכת ערוב until the עשה פלא of יציאת מצרים. The first לוחות would have been the climax of this והפלאתי. Reuven, who represents Tamuz, had a son named פלוא. Reuven would have been set apart from his brothers, by receiving the כהונה and the מלכות, however it was a ותרד פלאים for him as well, as was the month of Tamuz. One can tell by the ירידה, the חורבן what type of עליה was supposed to be, and what will be in the future. The word פלא is also used in נדרים –אשה כי יפלאי לנדר, intimating that the speech of a yid is set apart from the speech of a goy. By his zealous act, Pinchas solidified the wall, the seperation between the yidden and the goyim. Pinchas is the נשמה of פלא.

According to some opinions, אליהו comes from גד, and some say from רחל, however the main opinion is that פינחס is אליהו. The sefer רשפי אש says that אליהו was from the לוז bone of אדם הראשון, from which every yid is resurrected. Eating a meal at מלוה מלכה is what benefits this bone. Since the לוז didn’t have any benefit from the חטא עץ הדעת, Eliyahu didn’t experience death. On מוצ”ש, the custom is to sing songs of אליהו, preparing yidden to enter into the week full of נסיונות. Similarly, we enter into the three weeks with אליהו. When we had the בהמ”ק, we had the אור הגנוז with us, but when we don’t, it leaves. There are נשמות that don’t experience חורבן, like ר”ש. There are stories of yidden that sang and danced by the kever of the רשב”י, even during the nine days. רבי שמעון בר יוחאי is a בח” of the אור הגנוז, and it says that this light will be hidden


until the future – לעתיד לבוא=553=שמעון בן יוחאי . Pinchas, by stopping the מגפה, was rewarded that he didn’t die, as we sing on מוצ”ש of Eliyahu- לא טועם טעם מיתה וקבורה.

We begin the Parsha with וידבר יה-וה אל משה לאמר .. The אור החיים asks why it says לאמר. Moshe should tell all of כלל ישראל that Hashem wants everyone to know that פינחס בן אלעזר is a son of אהרן, and inherited his מדות, and that his act of קנאית was completely לשם שמים. Also לאמר, is said by every ברית since Pinchas is אליהו, the מלאך הברית- בדמיך חיי בדמיך היי=208=פינחס. The killing of Zimri and Cosby resulted in דם of חיים, as it says ותעצר המגפה, the same word as עצרת =770=אליהו מלאך הברית. Eliyahu is hinted at the beginning of the Parsha in pasuk יג- תחת אשר קנא לאלהיו, where לאלהיו is לאליהו. Pinchas returned the מדת הדין back to its source -השיב את חמתי, and transformed the מת of חמתי into life -חי of חמתי.

The Almighty created this world with the letter ה as stated בהבראם or ב ה בראם, and the world to come, עולם הבא with the letter י. פינחס really did die!! (זוהר-צבי לצדיק). The נשמה of Pinchas left this world, due to the shock of what he had done. Because of his zealousness, and after experiencing the blood he spilt by killing Zimri and Cosby, Pinchas had a “heart attack” and died. Hashem was מחיה him and gave him a new life as אליהו הנביא. There is no שכחה in the world of Pincha- Eliyahu. Pinchas was the only only one, who remembered the Halacha of הבועל ארמית קנאין פוגעין בו . Pinchas did not forget any of the 3000 Halachas that were lost, when Moshe passed away. Because of these Halachos that went lost, is why we don’t sing and dance the day that Moshe was נפטרand we do when the רשב”י was נפטר. The רשב”י is the נשמה of כי לא תשכח מפי זרעו, connected to the creation-no שכחה – “וירא פנחס” –Pinchas was rooted in the אור הגנוז- מעשה בראשית, the first לוחות, where there is no שכחה, no forgetting- כי לא תשכח מפי זרעו=1202=הבועל ארמית קנאין פוגעין בו

and ים=1202= כי לא תשכח מפי זרעובראשית ברא אלה.

The Gemorra says that it take four jumps in heaven for אליהו to reach his mark- 4 x 52(אליהו)=208(פינחס)

We bring Eliyahu and Pinchas with us into the בין המצרים, as a very big חיזוק for us. The act of killing Zimri and Cosby was totally against the mida of פינחס. Pinchas was a peaceful yid like his


grandfather Aharon HaKohen. Many accused Pinchas of being אכזרי like his great grandfather Yisro, from his mother’s side, before he converted. This pasuk proves against these scoffers. The purpose of why we’re brought into this world, or at least one reason, is to go against our nature, for Hashem Yisborach. The צבי לצדיק says that the letter י came from the וייצר of the creation of אדם. HaKodesh Baruch Hu brought Pinchas back to life, תחיית המתים, by giving פנחס this letter י. This is higher even than the world of שמיני, where הבא עולם is ten, the כנור של עשר נימין . Every yid is a י, with עשר כוחות הנפש, — יש להם חלק לעולם הבא – ואת רוח הטומאה אעביר=970=עשרת. Many say that the yud is a י זעורי, since Pinchas remained humble, even after receiving the בריתי שלום.

What about שכר מצוה בהי עלמה ליכא? Pinchas was above this world. Pinchas, which equals 208, is eight times the name of Hashem – יה-וה 8 x 26=208, and as we said, פינחס is the eighth פרשה in BeMidbar. Pinchas becomes אליהו הנביא and is present at every ברית. The מצוה of ברית מילה was the eighth mitzvah given, six to אדם הראשון, the seventh to Noach, and the eighth of ברית מילה was given to אברהם, and the מצוה performed on the eighth day. The connection of the beginning of the Parsha to the end is now clear, the beginning talks of Pincha, the בח” of eight, and the end speaks of the חג שמיני עצרת. Why count the yidden here? The same way the yidden were counted when Moshe became the leader, now when Moshe is about to leave us, we count them again. Moshe is the פני החמה, full of light and clarity, and יהושע is פני הלבנה, and until משיח, the light is gone. However we do have Pinchas who is אליהו, a shot of light from the אור הגנוז – תשבי=712=את האור כי טוב ויבדל.

The fifth month is מנחם אב which is כנגד הוד, the mida of אהרון, whose Yahrzeit is ר”ח אב – חדש מנחם אב=453=הא ואו דלתThe Gemorra in Brachos נח, says that הוד זו בית המקדש .

The חורבן בהמ”ק was caused because of שנאת חנם, and so the גאולה will come due to אהבת חנם. Aharon is the epitome of brotherly and unconditional love. Why was Pinchas chosen to wipe out מדין? Pinchas is a descendant of יוסף, who was bought and sold by מדין, so it’s fitting that he should avenge יוסף and wipe out מדין. Another reason is that to achieve the אהבה and שלום, we must eradicate the source of the strife and מחלוקת, which is מדין, a לשון of מדון ומריבה.  


It was due to מכירת יוסף that brought us into גלות and eventually the בין ממצרים. We need to stop all מחלוקת and increase שלום in the world, and then, as the last Mishne in עדיות says, אליהו will come and usher in the גאולה, total שלום. In פרשת פינחס the ו in בריתי שלום is broken, inferring that the shalom is not complete. The בעל הטורים says that יעקוב is written with a ו in five places, and אליהו missing the ו in five places -אליה. Yaakov took the ו from אליהו as a משכון, and will return it when משיח will come. The נצחיות of Tamuz was lost with the חטא העגל, and the ביטל of the קרבן תמיד. The constant עבודה and דבקות to Hashem was interrupted. The יערת דבש says that Av corresponds to גד. Gad means mazal, as Rashi says בא גד בא מזל. Mazal is not for כלל ישראל who don’t follow the horoscope. כלל ישראל is above מזל.

Our מזל is not good. By Avraham, Hashem told him to go out of the מזל, which said that he wouldn’t have any children. After Hashem changed his name to אברהם, and שרי became שרה, their מזל changed. Even today in our dark times, where we are a like a sheep amongst many wolves, we still see miracles happen, however they are somewhat hidden. In the month of Av, we fall into mazal. טבע is for the goyim, but for us, in טבע we are the minority אתם מן המעט. The families in the Parsha number fifty seven plus eight from לוי which equals sixty five in total, or five less than the seventy nations- ה מעט. The month of תמוז is the acronym תחת מקום ו זמן. Av is מזל – טבע. The ספר יצירה says that the month of Av was created with the letter ט, the ט ימים and ט” באב, and also the mode of שמיעה. It’s written that if someone sees a ט in a dream, it’s a good sign. The Gemorra asks why, and brings two pesukim with the letter ט from איכה, showing a negative sign. The answer the Gemorra gives is that the very first time the ט is written in Chumash is in the word טוב, in the pasuk את האור כי טוב. The פנימיות of מנחם אב is very good.

The purpose of the גלות is to bring to a greater גאולה. The ילקוט שמעוני in מלאכים says that an אריה came out of his den and destroyed the בהמ”ק, which is referred to as אריה, in the month of אריה. Hashem, the אריה, will build the בהמ”ק –אריה in the month of אריה. The חורבן is a separation or נדה, also called דוה. The purpose of the separation is to bring a greater union. The goal is to transform the דוה to הוד. The צבי לצדיק says the twenty two days of the three weeks are compared to the twenty two days of י”ט, or the twenty


two days from ר”ה to ש”ע. Rosh Hashana is יום הזכרון, a tikun of the שכחה that came about on י”ז בתמוז- ( שבירת הלוחות). ר”ה is א תשרי and on יז תמוז we received the עשרת הדברות, which began with א –אנכי יה-וה אלקיך . שמיני עצרת is the י”ט that separates us from the goyim. ש”ע is only for us, as opposed to the seven days of Sukkos, when we bring seventy קרבנות for the seventy nations. We sacrifice פר אחד איל אחד on ש”ע, demonstrating the unity of the yidden with the Almighty. Shemini Atzeres is the eighth, נצחי- a tikun for ט באב, when we lost this נצחיות. On ט באב, because of the חורבן, the yidden were scattered amongst the nations.

Pinchas is the eighth Parsha and פינחס =8x 26, eight times Hashem’s name. The eighth Parsha in every sefer of חומש is connected to the number eight. In בראשית, the eighth Parsha is וישלח which speaks of the eight kings of Edom who ruled before the yidden ever had a king. In שמות, the eighth Parsha is תצוה which speaks of the eight types of clothing that the כהן גדול wore. In ויקרא, the eighth Parsha is אמור which speaks of a קרבן being excepted only after the animal is eight days old. Also the Parsha has שמיני עצרת in it. In במדבר, the eighth Parsha is פינחס which equals eight times 26 -8 x יה-וה=208. There is also the topic of the sacrifices brought on ש”ע. In Av, we enter into the month of Gad, גד = 7, where the world of טבע is a world of seven, and we read Parshas Pinchas which is connected to the world of eight. The yidden are above time and space. ט באב is the scattering, the פרידה, and שמיני עצרת is the gathering -עצרת— The goal is to transform ט באב intoש”ע – ואסף נדחי ישראל=760=עצרת=760=אליהו מלאך הברית

Pinchas made a wall of separation between כלל ישראל and the nations with the מעשה of הבועל ארמית קנאין פוגעין בו. On מוצ”ש we stress the הבדלה of yidden and the nations אליהו=52=ויבדל. The מצוה of הבדלה is hinted in the ויבדל in מעשה בראשית.When we tamper with the הבדלה between yidden and the goyim, we tamper with light and darkness, and with Shabbos and the week days. Unity is accomplished only when the barriers are strong. When this wall is breeched, the goyim attack. The פסוק says in שה”ש – אם חומה היא נבנה עליה טירת כסף ואם דלת היא נצור עליה לוח ארז where רשי says that when the אמונה וירא of כלל ישראל is strong against the nations, so that they don’t enter,- no intermarriage, then the city of י”ם will be fortified -טירת כסף. But if the door is open,


we experience the rotting of the לוח ארז, and we lose theבהמ”ק . Pinchas fortified this wall, and also was מיחס the families of כלל ישראל. After the מעשה in שטים, many goyim claimed that the yidden were not of pure descent. Hashem therefore here, put his name attached to the שבטים- הראובני הפלאי הזרחי ….demonstrating and testifying to the purity of the Yiddish lineage-

שבטי יה עדות לישראל=1387=ויהי אחרי המגפה ויאמר יה-וה אל משה ואל אלעזר.

Hashem is testifying to the purity of כלל ישראל davka here in Parshas Pinchas, since it was Pinchas that separated the yidden from the goyim. On יז בתמוז, the wall of י”ם was breeched, the wall that was solidified by Pinchas. This is similar to Chanuka, when the Greeks breeched the בהמ”ק in thirteen places, and the חשמוניים solidified this breech. Chanuka is a light of לעתיד לבאו, and is also the י”ט of eight. The יונים wanted us toלהשכיח תורתך , the tikun being the olive oil which is a segula for זכרון. The Greeks also made a decree against ברית מילה. They also tried to abolish שבת and ר”ח, and both are read here in Parshas Pinchas. Even after all the terrible sins, Hashem has an unconditional love for כלל ישראל. This is an uplifting Parsha. We take אליהו with us into the three weeks, which are really high days, but are now hidden. Even ט באב today is called a moed- מלך המשיח=453=חדש מנחם אב. The ניצוץ of משיח is concealed in גלות. Av is called מנחם אב, and מנחם is the name of משיח, because he will comfort the yidden. Hashem is always with us even in the darkness – חודש חמישי is חודש משיחי.

It’s written in איכה –כל רודפיה השיגו בן המצרים, that whoever is רודף יה, whoever searches for Hashem, during these three weeks, could reach very high heights. At this time Hashem is hidden, however the main purpose is for the search. The game of hide and seek, has the purpose to find the one that’s hiding. Hashem’s desire is for the yidden to search Him out, especially during these weeks, and the prize is great. The month of Tamuz was supposed to be on top, if we would have received the first לוחות, corresponding to Reuven, who had the בכור but lost it (for now). ראובן is first mentioned in Parshas ויגש as בכור יעקב, then in וארא, which was the beginning of the גאולה, as בכר ישראל w/o the ו, and then here in Parshas פינחס as בכור ישראל in its fullness. פינחס is the גאולה בשלמות, and when אליהו will usher in the קץ הימים, Reuven will be reinstated as the בכור, and the month of תמוז will have its tikun –אליהו התשבי=769=בכור ישראל . Reuven shows exemplary character when he saves Yosef. The tikun of Tamuz was on ש”ע and ש”ת in the


month of תשרי, the month of אפרים. On ש”ע we read זאת הברכה, in which Moshe asks Hashem that Reuven should have a tikun -יחי ראובן ואל ימות. Every yid was supposed to experience נצחיות, with the לוחות הראשונות, but Tamuz fell underתחת מקום ו זמן , and we were subject to the world of seven, the world of physics. Moshe asks from Hashem that Tamuz will again regain its נצחיות.

We read on שבת פינחס the sixth chapter of פרקי אבות, which corresponds to the sixth millennium from the years 5000-6000. We end this perek with יה-וה ימלוך לעולם ועד, which refers to the third בהמ”ק. In פרק ו:ב, it says שאין לך בן חורים אלה מי שעוסק בתורה. The words on the first Luchos were engraved on tablets חרות על הלוחות, which it says on this אל תקרא חרות אלה חרת. In the time of גאולה, we will experience full and complete freedom חרות במילוי – ובא לציון גואל ולשבי פשע ביעקב נאם יה-וה=1334=חת ריש תיו.

Pinchas was on this level, and was thus זוכה that ש”ע is written in its Parsha, extending into חנוכה, the י”ט of eight, and the future light. Both ש”ע and חנוכה represent יוסף הצדיק.

We also read in Parshas פינחס the קרבן תמיד, which we read every day and which represents נצחיות. Today we have tefilla in place of the קרבנות, which on one level is greater, since every yid could daven – תפלה=515=להקריב לי במועדו. We lost this נצחיות on יז בתמוז or טוב תמוז, with the בטל התמיד, and so we read of the קרבן תמיד in Parshas פינחס, who merited this, since he was consistent -נצח, and never forgot. Pinchas killed Billam who wanted intermarriage with the yidden. Billam had דעת עליון, an illusion of the real דעת, however Pinchas -Eliyahu had true דעת –גילוי as it says אם אין דעת הבדלה מנין. In the הפטרה of Parshas Pinchas it says קנא קנאתי –

קנא קנאתי=712=תשבי=712=8 פעמים חנוכה=712=את האור כי טוב ויבדל Eliyahu is the זכור לטוב. When פרשת פינחס does not fall in the three weeks, we read the הפטרה of אליהו הנביא, whereas if it falls during the three weeks, we read דברי ירמיהו, the נביא of the חורבן בהמ”ק.

The זוהר הקדוש says that the נשמות of נדב ואביהוא fused together into Pinchas, before the act of הבועל ארמית….as it says פינחס בן אלעזר who were בן אהרן הכהן, that is- Nadav and Avihu. In Parshas י:א שמיני, it says that נדב ואביהו brought an אש זרה that אשר לא צוה אתם.

The Gemorra says that מצות בטלות לעתיד לבאו. This is difficult to


understand, since the ninth of the שלש עשר עיקרים is שזאת התורה לא תהא מחלפת ולא תהא תורה אחרת, and so how could all the mitzvos be nullified? The תולדות יעקב יוסף says that the mitzvos won’t be בטל, but the צויים, the command to perform them will. Every yid will do all the mitzvos on their own, as the knowledge of Hashem will be so revealed. This is in the world of the future, where Pinchas is found. Also פינחס was not commanded to do his zealous act of הבועל ארמית קנאין פוגעין בו, since he was already living in the future, when there will be no need for צויים. This Halacha is higher than צויים. Before אליהו rose up to the heavens, Elisha, his student asked from him נא פי שנים ברוחך אלי ויהי. How can anyone give twice of himself? The answer is that the נשמות of נדב ואביהוא had entered him, and this is the נא פי שנים ברוחך –נא is נדב אביהוא.

Parshas פינחס has in it the מוספים of all theימים טובים . The קריאה is מעורר the זמן, and so we are visited by all י”ט. The happiness of י”ט is the way we enter into the saddest time of the year, the שלש שבועות. This is very encouraging for us, that we can מהפך these days into days of י”ט, and that this will take place very soon- נגילה ונשמחה בך –בך =22. These 22 days will the highest י”ט in the future. The very last sin of כלל ישראל before entering into א”י was בעל פעור. This is a משל to the end of times, which is now. פעור is the letters פרוע, being revealed, and also עורף, the back of the neck. The fiftieth level of טומאה of our generation is the idol of everything goes, with no בושה, and this results in Hashem turning his back -עורף toward us- אמריקה=356=פעור.

The בעל פעור could be זהומת or the opposite – המלך המשיח=458=זהומת=458=בעל פעור. The yidden were all supposed to be כהנים, but lost this, due to the פחז, impetuous behaviour of the עגל- as it says השור אוכל עשב The word עשב is either the ר”ת –שבעה עשר בתמוז or ערב שבת במנחה –This is when the two major sins took place- the חטא העגל and the חטא עץ הדעת. However we have it in our power to make a ונהפוך הוא, and raise up these two times.

Reuven lost his כהונה due to his פחז, whereas פינחס became a כהן due to his פחז. We must learn from the מסירת נפש of פינחס and use the trait of פחז only in קדושה, and make the proper boundaries which are in line with Hashem’s הבדלה.