Sukkah and Avraham Avinu

The Gemara relates a story that a certain elderly woman went to Rav Nachman and claimed that theReish Galusa and all the Chachamim were sitting in a stolen Sukkah. Her claim was that the servants of the Reish Galusa stole wood from her and used it to build their Sukkah. Rav Nachman, however, did not pay attention to her claim. The woman persisted with her claim and she said that a woman whose father had three hundred and eighteen servants is screaming before you and you refuse to listen to her.


Perhaps the reason the woman invoked the mention of Avraham and his three hundred and eighteen servants is because the Medrash Tanchumah states that in the merit of Avraham offering shade to his guests under the tree, his descendants merited the mitzvah of Sukkah. Avraham had many servants, yet he chose to honor his guests by serving them himself. In the merit of this deed, HaShem promised Avraham that his descendants would merit that HaShem Himself would place the Jewish People in Clouds of Glory in the Wilderness, and subsequently the Jewish People would merit the mitzvah of sitting in a Sukkah, protected by HaShem Himself.

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