Teaching Torah to a Child

The Gemara states that when a child knows how to talk, his father teaches him Torah and the recitation of Shema.

The Gemara states that Torah means that the father should teach him the verse that states Torah tzivah lanu Moshe morashah Kehillas Yaakov, the Torah that Moshe commanded us is the heritage of the Congregation of Yaakov.

There is an allusion to this teaching in the context of the verses themselves. Prior to this verse it is said af choveiv amim kol kedoshav beyadecho veheim tuko leraglecho yisa midabrosecho, indeed, You loved the tribes greatly, all its holy ones were in Your hands; for they planted themselves at Your feet, bearing the yoke of Your utterances. Rashi explains that the wordmidabrosecho, Your utterances, is derived from the word dibbur, speech. Thus, the verse can be interpreted as follows: midabrosecho, when the child begins to speak, teach him the verse ofTorah tzivah lanu Moshe morashah Kehillas Yaakov.

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