Parsha – Tazria – defamation

From a Daily Halacha

Written in the case: “A man that will his flesh or skin psoriasis or macula, and was skin of his flesh the plague of leprosy, and brought to Aaron the priest or to one of his sons the priests.” (Leviticus M b).That is, a person who saw firsthand touched all he had come to the priest, instructed how to act. Rebutino Midrash said, “because they heard Israeli affair lesions were afraid (afraid), Moses said to them, Do not Ttirau pagans, but you eat and drink and be merry, says “many pains evil, and trusting in God grace Isobvenhu.” (Psalm attention, j). has to explain the words of the Midrash that: Our Sages Tractate Berachot (g.) “pangs Mmrkin man’s sins,” that is, undergo suffering Mmrkin sins, as a surgeon the patient, despite the tough medicine the patient, it is to his advantage, so mental illness, pangs Hema surgery which is healing the soul. intention and this verse in Psalms, “many afflictions evil”, he does not understand lesions are advantageously, but “confident her kindness Isobvenhu “trusting in God, know that signaling will no evil, and pangs rotate it a kindness.this is the intention of study, because they heard Israeli affair lesions, were afraid lest come to them and regret them, Moses said to them, these are the wicked, pangs Hema them Just like a pain, but you, eat and drink and rejoice that you have them love, because they’d make you just favor. taste that comes on the person or his leprosy, is due to the libel, and as said mask Erchin (Tz.): “seven text of his speech lesions come”, and one of them – “slander.” Some think that the libel is just a lie, such as the plot for his friend accusations that it and publish it. But they were wrong, that it is not “slander” but “defamation” while Defamation is when the number of the truth about his friend, yet utterly forbidden. , and three damaged sin defamation narrator, the listener, who told about.  them told him damaged as they put the bad, and the narrator and the listener are punished for their sin spoken defamation. figures on Gaon Chofetz Chaim (in his famous essay is all about the laws of defamation), when he turned three, threw a party at his house, and wondered about associates, why does his party that big, at the age of ninety.Replied that always concern is that if fire from the world without longevity, people sing behind it “requires a fine not preached” (which only requires, but does not meet the sermon), for it is written, “Who the man who desires life like days to see good , Hold thy tongue from evil, “that is, a person keeps his mouth, bad language, winner longevity. So when earned longevity, a party and glad that he meets the verse, and sing God forbid him and his book. most important thing that makes a person speak defamation of his friend, is because seeing lesions friend and does not see lesions himself as funds, sees only the hunchback friend, and does not know who is the subject of a hump on his back. Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berdichev used to say that man was created with two eyes, so that in one will look at the shortcomings of his and the other on the merits of his friend, but people tend contrary, in one Looking at their virtues, and the other on the shortcomings of their friends …. how big cough tongue, Go and learn what they said in Midrash Tehillim (Psalm XXXIX), “said Ashmar ways of sin with my tongue”, was made ​​king of Persia was dying and becoming very thin, doctors told him there is no hope for you to bring a lioness milk and dairy drink and heal, sent from King Solomon, son of David, Solomon sent immediately and called Benaiah the son of Jehoiada, told him how we found a lioness milk? Said Benaiah, give me ten goats, went to it and the servants of the king lion’s den, and there was one lioness nurse her cubs, Sunday stood afar and threw her one Monday a little closer and threw another, and each day, the end of the ten days we come closer to her, until he was playing with it, and took dairy and went on his way, and let the milk doctor king, while on his way, he saw in his dream the limbs Many with each other, legs say no all the organs like us, if we did not had no body can get the milk, responded hands and said , do not like us, that if we were not Mmshmshin could not bring the milk, the eyes said, we top the all, if we did not show him the way, was not done anything. Heart answered and said, I’m over you, if I did not give advice, not Hoaltm nothing. Replied tongue and said, I favor you, if you do not speak What would you do? Answer all the organs and responded language, how fear not resemble us, and sitting place of darkness and gloom, and you do not even like other organs bone! They said tongue, now say that I control you! when he woke up, he kept his dream to himself and walked away, went to the king, and said, here’s the next one we asked you milk and drink!Immediately foam king commanded it and hang it, that’s how underrated King, (who brought him a dog’s milk, instead of milk lioness). While waiting for his death, dreamed again, and his limbs trembling, told them the language, did not I told you today that you really, if I am saving you thank me I control you? She said yes!When he awoke, he quickly hang him, an answering machine to the king, brought him to the king, telling him what your decree dependent? Told him, because you brought me milk bitch. Said to him, being kept reading Levia bitchy, and that milk lioness. Took him to the King, drink and cured, and dismissed him peace. Said her organs, now we thank you, that controls all the organs, and that King Solomon said (Proverbs R u) “Death and life are in the tongue.”Blessed is the man who does not speak words of defamation.

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