Always being Observed

The Gemara cites a dispute regarding a rabbinic prohibition that was instituted because performing the act may give the impression that one is violating a biblical prohibition. One opinion maintains that such an act is even prohibited in private quarters. One reason offered for this stringency is because a person performing the act in private quarters may be observed unknowingly. Alternatively, we are concerned that if he performs this act in private, he may come to perform the act in public. In the beginning of Shulchan Aruch, the Rema quotes the Rambam in Moreh Nevuchim, the Guide to the Perplexed (3:52), who writes that ones actions in his private quarters are not the same as when he is before a king. Yet, a person should realize that he is before the King of kings, and HaShem observes all his actions, as it is said can a man hide in concealments and I will not see him, says HaShem When a person is cognizant that HaShem is constantly observing his actions, then he will fear HaShem and humble himself before Him, and he will be constantly ashamed before HaShem. Thus, besides the Halacha of not performing an act which may give the appearance of a wrongdoing, one should be meticulous in all his actions, because HaShem is always observing him

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