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We as Lapids need to Do More to reach out to this Generation Religious identification in the U.S. has been ​dropping​ over the last few generations. And while there are no solid numbers regarding Gen Z’s religiousness at this point, Pew Research ​found that more than a third of young Millennials in the U.S. identify as having no religion. Despite that trend, Gen Z respondents showed a belief that it’s important to be spiritually fulfilled and an interest in looking for guidance. 60% said they are searching for spirituality outside of organized religion, while 87% said that taking care of their soul is important to them.


Sefardi Beit Sefer

Chapter 3: Mishna 7: Part 1

Rebbe Chalaftah ben Dosa from Kfar Chanina says: Ten people who are sitting and involved in Torah [study] have the Divine presence residing among them, as it is written “G-d stands in a Divine gathering…”(Tehillim 82:1). What is the source that even among five people [His presence resides]? As it is written “…and He established the foundation of His group upon the earth” (Amos 9:6). What is the source that this is true even among three people? As it is written “ the presence of judges He will judge” (Tehillim 82:1). What is the source that this is true even among two? As it is written “Then those who fear G-d spoke to each other, and G-d listened and heard…” (Malachi 3:16). What is the source that this is true even of one [sitting and involved in Torah]? As it is written “In every…

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