“The Way of G-d”

Sefardi Beit Sefer

Part 1: “The Fundamental Principles of Reality” 

Ch. 4: “Human Responsibility”

Paragraph 7

There are two sorts of activities over-all

1: the ones you do because God Himself rules that you must, which encompasses all of His mitzvahs; and the ones you do for one personal reason or another, which are  the things you do for your own material benefit

2. As we’d already explained, you engage in the mitzvahs in order to follow G-d’s charges and fulfill His will. You do that, incidentally, on two levels at the same time when you fulfill a mitzvah: first, by doing the specific thing He asked you to do just then

3; and secondly, by perfecting  yourself in the process in the way that only that mitzvah can enable you to

4. as G-d wants you to so as to benefit from His benevolence 

5.When it comes to…

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