Sefardi Beit Sefer

Synopsis of  Lech-Lecha

First Reading

After humanity’s dispersion from the Tower of Babel, the original traditions of morality and monotheism were only preserved by select individuals. Responding to Abraham’s efforts to restore the world’s monotheism, G-d informs him that he has been selected to found the chosen people and instructs him to settle in the Promised Land.

Reaching the True Self

G-d said to Abraham, “go…”

 Genesis: 21:1-13

Although Abraham’s accomplishments in spreading Divine consciousness so far had been impressive, they had been limited by the fact that he was speaking only from his personal convictions and reasoning.

 All this changed when G-d spoke to Abraham. His first words to him were literally “Go, to you,” meaning “Go to your true, higher self, the self you could never reach on your own.” Through these words, G-d made Abraham into a person who could progress beyond his own abilities.


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