“The Blessing of the Years”

Sefardi Beit Sefer

Tonight (Thursday night), during Arvit prayers of the Seventh of Marcheshvan, we shall begin to request rain in the Amida prayer (in the Land of Israel; the law for those outside of Israel will be discussed further). Let us therefore review some of these pertinent laws.

The Enactment of the Sages to Request Rain
Our Sages enacted that one must request dew and rain from Hashem during the rainy season in the “Blessing of the Years” found in the Amida prayer (ninth blessing of the Amida). In Israel, we begin requesting rain from the night of the Seventh of Marcheshvan.

“The Blessing of the Years” is a blessing which includes mankind’s collective need to be showered with abundance from Heaven. Included in this blessing is a prayer for one’s livelihood and that blessing rest in all that we do.

In Israel, we must always begin requesting rain on the Seventh…

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